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BBC-The electromagnetic spectrum

The electromagnetic spectrum activity

Infrared, x-rays, visible light... where do they all fit in the electromagnetic spectrum? Find out in this activity.


What is electromagnetic energy?

Electromagnetic energy consists of waves of electric and magnetic energy radiating through space, and travelling at the speed of light. The area where these waves are found is called an electromagnetic field. The main source of electromagnetic energy is the sun, but man-made sources account for large amounts of the electromagnetic radiation in our day-to-day environment. Items such as hairdryers, electrical ovens, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, stereos, wireless phones and computers produce electromagnetic fields of varying intensities.

2.  How is electromagnetic energy measured?

Electromagnetic energy is measured in units of wavelength and frequency. The wavelength is the distance that a wave travels in one cycle and is measured in metres. The frequency is measured by the number of cycles per second and the unit of measurement is the Hertz (Hz). One cycle per second equals one Hertz. One kilohertz (kHz) is 1,000 Hz; one megahertz (MHz) is one million Hz; one gigahertz is one billion Hz. The frequency of a wave is inversely related to its length - at 50 Hz the wavelengths are 6,000 Km, and at 100 MHz they are 3 metres. Electromagnetic fields are arranged according to their frequencies in an orderly fashion in what is known as the electromagnetic spectrum.

3.  What is radiofrequency radiation?

Radiofrequency (RF) fields are part of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. The EM spectrum is divided into ionizing and non-ionizing bands based on how the wave interacts with biological tissue.

The non-ionizing portion, usually in the frequency range up to 300 GHz, doesn't affect biological tissue and includes the extremely low frequency (ELF) band, radio waves and microwaves in the radiofrequency communication band, and infrared and visible light. The RF part of the spectrum is usually defined as being between 30 kHz and 300 GHz. RF radiation is mainly used in telecommunications. Mobile phones employ frequencies in the range of 800 MHz to 2GHz. Other uses of RF energy include microwave ovens and medical treatments.

The ionizing portion of the EM spectrum (made up of ultraviolet light, gamma rays and X-rays that have very short wavelengths, very high frequencies, and very high intensities) does affect biological tissue. Mobile phones do not operate in this spectrum. For more on this, see "Primer".

More questions and answers


The Parliamentary Assembly, Council of Europe

Doc. 12608 . 6 May 2011

The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment

Committee on the Environment, Agriculture and Local and Regional Affairs

Rapporteur: Mr Jean HUSS, Luxembourg, Socialist Group


Challenge of Exotic Weapons / Foriegn Affairs / Canada

Enquiries Service
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
125 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1A 0G2

1-800-267-8376 (toll-free in Canada)
613-944-4000 (in the National Capital Region and outside Canada)
613-944-9136 (TTY)

Gerry Duffett
Toronto / Ontario / Canada


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Hi Robin Yan,

I posted this "Long Term Side Effect Of Radiation".

I also think that selenium overdose is administered among TIs by drugging their food, drinks or injection.

And symptoms of selenium overdose include peripheral numbness, liver damage, garlicky breath, hair loss.   The limit is 400 microgram per day (FDA - is that true or b.s. again by govt ?).

According to one article (I have to re-search the article again) writen by a TI, its for enhancing V2K effect in the subject.


And Chemtrails encompass magnesium, and what else also serve similar purpose, source : LABVIRUS.  (too many about Chemtrails) ( 


And these are the only articiles I found so far (including the frequency and its effect, my previous posting). I am looking for more supporting facts or hopefully certified medical reports on anything relevant. 

Robin, Soleilmavis,

I just saw one article concerning long term exposure to radiation experiment on rat brain.


Biochemical Changes in Rat Brain Exposed to Low Level Microwave Radiation

here's some more.  I think its quite commonly accepted if you just google search for this aspect of study.






Is wi-fi radiation killing off trees? Study blames computer signals for dying leaves


The dead bodies of Iraqi became smaller, without bullets or sharpnel in the bodies, limbs lost.

Witnesses said they heard no noise of explosion or gunshots.   Which means its DEWs deployed in Iraqi wars.


IRAQ  &  MICROWAVE WEAPONS (3)      Principals of Remote Sensing         How does light work.   Rayethons - Silent Guardian     Electron Beam - Search       Photon Beam - Search            Electron Arc  Beam - Search      Microwave - Wiki

Theramagnetic Pulser

All new health concept

rejuvenates and revitalizes


The Theramagnetic Pulse Generator produces low power magnetic pulses that can be selected between 10 and 1000 repetitions per second. Each pulse contains 2 millijoules of magnetic energy appearing to have a remarkable healing effect on many ailments and afflictions. Currently magnets are sold for health applications and are accepted by the medical profession.

These magnets only produce a very weak stationary field and cannot reach to the depths in tissues to be as effective as the pulsed devices. The pulser is non invasive but is not yet FDA

tested. We now offer the device as a fully functional product that in not housed, but is suitable for experimental testing.

THMAG1 Plans (By Download - $3.00)...........$6.00

THMAG1K Kit...$19.95 THMAG10 - Ready to use.......$34.95

Information Unlimited, PO Box 716, Amherst, NH 03031 Orders only 1 800 221 1705



EMP/HERF Shock Pulse Generators

Shock wave generators are capable of producing focused acoustic or electromagnetic energy that can break up objects such as kidney stones and other similar materials. EMP generators  can produce pulses of electromagnetic energy that can destroy the  sensitive electronics in computers and microprocessors. Destabilized LCR circuits can produce multi megawatt pulses by using an explosive wire disruptive switch. These high power pulses can be coupled into antennas, conic sections, horns etc for very directional effects. Research is currently being undertaken to disable vehicles thus avoiding dangerous high speed chases. The trick is to generate a high enough power pulse to fry the electronic control processor modules. This could be a lot simpler  if the vehicle was covered in plastic or fiber glass rather than metal. The shielding of the metal body offers a challenge to the researcher to develop a practical system. A system could be built that could do this but would be costly, large and produce collateral damage to friendly targets.  Devices described are intended for experienced researchers and qualified personnel who are aware of all hazards and liabilities in use of this equipment

EMP1   - Plans/Data (By Download - $10.00



Low Power Pulse Gun

Low powered hand held pulse gun generates EMP electromagnetic pulses capable of de-programming and disrupting microprocessor circuitry. Gun is built in a pistol configuration where the 8 “AA" batteries are housed in the butt section along with the push button trigger switch.  Directional device has adjustable pulse rate control and a built in emitter for close proximity applications. Specialized circuitry use our ultra-low inductance high energy density capacitors with self-triggering gap switch. Charging circuit uses our loss-less inductive charging and eliminates the losses associated with simple resistive methods. Pulse energy is approximately 1 Joule with a rep rate up to 30 pps. Charging voltage is over 5kv with a peak current of nearly 1000 amps now equal to a 5 megawatt pulse of power.  Output terminals may be adapted for a wave guide for more precise applications or connection to an external antenna where you can experiment with maximizing "E" or "M" field for certain applications. Unit can be built in a military gray PVC enclosure measuring 10 to 12 inches.  *Assembled units are sold only to qualified personal who submit their order on a company letter head. 


- Plans (By  Download - $7.00

EMPGUN1K    Kit/Plans....$199.50


High Power Pulse Generator / Gun

This is an advanced and highly dangerous project!

Assembled pulse wave generators in choice of 12 vdc or 115 vac. Pulse  rate up to 20 per minute - Requires emitter antenna and waveguide parallel  terminated transmission line (not included).  Attention to those wanting to build their own EMP Pulse Gun  We now have assembly schematics, instruction booklet, 20 colored photos  of construction, and other data for those wanting to build a medium- to  high-power pulse source. Plans show using the latest fast-discharge 100kV  Maxwell high energy density capacitor capable of 1200 joules energy  storage. This energy is switched using the latest triggered spark  switching technology providing very steep rise times at multi-gigawatt  peak powers. Included data shows Current controlled programmable charger,  Trigger circuitry, Discharge circuit and all other necessary data.  Antennas and wave guides are shown.  EMP400IUINS   - EMP400IU Assembly Data, Schematics, Full Color Photos and Instruction  Booklet (By  Download - $5.00

Bioelectromagnetism  (This is evidence that Radiomagnetics (Radio's) can assault Biological System's, Intentionally or otherwise  connecting via Magnetism in Bio Cell Magnetics.)
bioradionics     This is a field all by itself. 
The Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health / United States
These people look at radiation exposure from a ......"worker health" perspective
They may have some insight on how to approach "electromagnetic radiation exposure" from a ......"weapons" perspective

Possibly some helpful ......"health information"
Possibly some helpful and affordable ......"detection information"
Live and life-size 3D TelePresence holograms can now interact with their remote audiences
International Research and Development in Biosensing    (Pdf download attached)


Automated Three-Dimensional Microbial Sensing and Recognition Using Digital Holography and Statistical Sampling

Telepresence gaining momentum
Strange Telepresence Medical Stuff/Descriptions

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