Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

 The Mystery Weopon that attack our Diplomats in Cuba and China and killed them on Russia year's ago was designed by the Military and CIA long long time ago and top Scientist around the world lied about the Bio effects of microwaves to Heart Brain Blood and Nervous system and called if Non Lethal. And they knew about the Weoponized Mycoplasma and Viruses called weoponized Bovine Parosites Mutated with the Vinsa virus from Biological Warfare that started in 1942 that was based on Electricity and Microwaves Radiation being Irraicated that multiplyes weoponized mycoplasma at a Rapid rate and causes Cancers and diseases. Barry Trower 5G videos he explains that the 5G is a Stealth Weopon close to the Microwave Generators machines that sends V2K voice to skull. Barry also stated that the 5G would not only effect humans but all life forms. Top scientists knew decades ago that Microwaves controll the Super Bugs via weoponized Bovine Parosites Mutated with the Vinsa virus that causes Fibromyalgia syndrome and Chronic Fituge Immune Disfuntional Syndrome and most all other diseases and cancers. Being sick cripple and disable for thirty five years and Microwaved the entire time. I moved back home in 2011 after the police talked my wife into evicted me for three years. Built a Faraday cage and bought the Ultimate Ground Shield all grounded outside to a ground rod. I cured what they created in a laboratory in six months and could swim two hours backstroking non stop and never get tired and working out at planet fitness five days a week. It was the Microwave Warfare that crippled and disabled me by multiplying the weoponized mycoplasma and the Microwave Warfare also multiplyed the wide spread Pain all over the body 20 fold. All Humanity has this inside their DNA and Cells and my research documents that I will post also. CIA Military and Merrick Sharp and Dome Pharmaceutical invented this and admitted to making this in a laboratory and Arosal spraying in Crystalline Form starting in 1942. Merrick Sharp and Dome Pharmaceutical stated in the 1990s that all North America and most of the world has this inside their DNA and Cells waiting to be activated by Vaccines or Microwaves . But he did not say that Microwaves Controlled the Super Bugs but Barry Trower did in the 5G videos. It's always been a money maker using Microwave warfare and chemical Warfare and Germ warfare and Radio Microwaves and Hologram signals Warfare and a very secretive Genocide Program also. Take the weoponized Bovine Parosites Mutated with the Vinsa virus to the 10th to the 10th Power and it became AIDS Virus that would give you cancers in five years. Today they can give you cancers while you are sitting in your recliner chair watching TV in a few months. Thanks and God Bless.

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More files, i guess not the Deep State and Cartals want let me finish uploading my Declassified military documents on the Bio effects of Non Lethal Weopons it's not the Microwaves via Data Brain collection and sending your every though to the Computer room in the basement of the police department and then to the FBI that is Deadly. It's the Biological Warfare diseases that they they can give you cancers and diseases using Microwave monitoring and torchering. 


Files used for mind control.


More documents on the Mystery Weopon.


more documents on Microwave Warfare.


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