Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Consider the following theories concerning the technological sources of the problem.

Modern technology.


Parasitic mind control.

Telepathic portions of people's brain.

Non-technological invisible species(non-technological 'evil spirits').


Ancient technology.

Applying Occam's razor, which is a bit simplistic but useful. Reasoning...

The voices being described by paranoid schizophrenics attack in too similar of a fashion, voices growing up isolated from each other would tend to take to very different forms of behavior. That eliminates schizophrenia by Occam's razor, or reduces the probability of it using a more complex model. I'm for just eliminating it for now to keep it simple.

I've certainly witnessed what very much appears to be thought recording technology.  It appears to record thoughts accurately, like audio recording equipment, not like a live musician that can't quite play a song the same way every time. You may have witnessed the same type of 'triggers' and 'auto-responders'. That eliminates parasitic mind control, telepathic portion's of people's brains, and non-technological species.

The symptom's of paranoid schizophrenia predate the electronics era and you see the same form of similar attack, that eliminates modern technology by Occam's Razor! There no doubt is at least some technology that is modern if using a more complex model, but reasoning on. It does imply that at least some of the technology is ancient.

I don't trust the Christian God as he seems to demonize the innocent within other religions and within the secular community. It can be hard to argue against creationists given the complete fail in the psychiatric community. Given the demonization and other facts I remain in favor of evolution.

That leaves ancient technology by Occam's razor and reasoning.

Please do not take your frustrations out on the innocent within the spiritual community. There may be ethical sources of technology as well, e.g. ancient soul saving technology sources. Likely alien, you can search for alien, news, and telepathy on YouTube. It is the abuser of technology that is responsible. It should be noted that there have traditionally been good and evil entities in this 'sphere'. Some may be able to help.

There is reason to believe that there may well be spiritual technology, and that some of it may be alien technology. The accounts of men seeing visions are old. Assuming that there is such technology, those ancient no doubt have seen the truth of the sane forms of natural law. The sane and the moral will naturally ally against evil so that they don't have to live in the midst of evil. Those evil should quit so that they don't have to live amongst each other. A rise of evil is of no benefit to anyone. Those evil should be stopped from advancing technologically so that they don't become a further threat. Abusers of power should be stopped before they become a further risk. You can't conquer or control the universe. The universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old according to the latest scientific approximations. The stars in the sky are suns and galaxies full of thousands of suns. Those ancient likely have the best technology. Hopefully those ancient will assist in arming those with moral, sane intentions. Morality has to be defined as not all of those who believe that they are moral are of sane morality. Hopefully those ancient will assist in applying weapons restrictions to those evil, and sanctions to those societies that are truly run through with evil. Those ancient no doubt do not wish to see serious evils on this planet advance technologically. If those ancient are moral and have the best technology then it is arguable that those evil are young and are doomed to be brought to justice.

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On the modern tech side there is documentation for MKUltra, devices implanted, patents etc. On the ancient tech side the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia predate the electronics era and the attacks are too similar to be from within the victims minds, voices growing up isolated from each other would tend to learn very different forms of behavior. My case would most likely be due to very high tech modern nanotechnology, or ancient technology. No signs of implants, access to multiple parts of the mind. I suffer the usual insults voices urging suicide etc. Typical paranoid schizophrenia symptoms. The attacks have lessened and I seem to be a part of a more moral telepathic/spiritual network. By spiritual I mean ancient technology is likely being used, I don't believe in true magic.

look there is plenty of people the report hearing voices ...its quite common ....there is also people with mental illness that hear voices  ....we are nothing to do with that .....and yes that's happen ever since man walk the earth 

TI`s are victims  that have man made technology being illegally and unethically used/abused on them ....thats what we are exposing ....we are not try to explain every account of hearing a voice in your head since time began ...gee

ps plus its not just "hearing a voice " there is a list of symptoms and a pattern to it

ignore him, warren    our resident 'debunker' tried to write off roswell as "nasa space monkeys crashing weather balloons - they must have broken the speed of light to have landed a full year before they even 'took off' (in 1948!)

who's trying to make a monkey out of us - could it be...intelligent designer genes?

deca said:

Roswell is complete bullshite .....these are your crashed aliens .........Monkeys and apes in space

The United States launched flights containing primate cargo primarily between 1948-1961


Animals had been used in aeronautic exploration since 1783 when the Montgolfier brothers sent a sheep, a duck and a rooster aloft in a hot air balloon (the duck serving as the experimental control). The limited supply of captured German V-2 rockets led to the U.S. use of high-altitude balloon launches carrying fruit flies, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, frogs, goldfish and monkeys to heights of up to 144,000 feet (44,000 m).[1] These high-altitude balloon flights from 1947 to 1960 tested radiation exposure, physiological response, life support and recovery systems. The U.S. high-altitude manned balloon flights occurred in the same time frame, one of which also carried fruit flies.

Able on display at the National Air and Space museum

er what were the rosswell claim  witnesses "alien " sightings  ...seeing a 3foot humanoid like  figure .....

Who is it censoring posts on this site? Someone is doing it but they never stand up and take responsibility for does anyone know who the site's censor is?

TheAsian1948, please do not threadjack. Search for a prior thread on the topic. If none, create a new thread. Otherwise, members will not be able to search for your off topics.

Censorship in Peacepink has already been discussed:
Almost always, I cannot edit a comment.

I only said it here because this is where most of the comments were, will refrain from doing so in the future.

energyweaponsatme said:

TheAsian1948, please do not threadjack. Search for a prior thread on the topic. If none, create a new thread. Otherwise, members will not be able to search for your off topics.

Censorship in Peacepink has already been discussed:

TheAsian1948, I apologize. I have not been reading this post. I saw your comment in 'Latest Activity.' You were correct to ask about censor here since this is where it occured. 

My advice to create a new post on censorship would make it searchable. Thanks for doing so. My comment in your new post was censored from 'Latest Activity.' Thus, I am reposting it here. We will see if this time it is included in 'Latest Activity.'

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