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look at this little gem I found watching the cointelpro videos ...

Reporters eventually figured out that these documents were the underpinning of COINTELPRO.


One document described how the agency wanted to “enhance paranoia and let the people know the FBI was behind every mailbox,” Medsger said in an interview Tuesday.

that's what a lot of these "gangstalking" only websites do .... "enhance" the paranoia of a victim and make the victim believe there is a "perp" behind every mailbox ....

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yep it may as well be


Hey is this the new entertainment tandem labrat-deca? I noticed David of tomorrow is missing for few days... :)
I have taken on a second job. And i spend much time at the gym.
I have been looking over things posted. Im interested in specific types of information right now. When i replace my laptop, I'll be posting blogs again.

Hey is this the new entertainment tandem labrat-deca? I noticed David of tomorrow is missing for few days... :)

a casual glance reveals that Big Lebowski has indeed proved what he says he has:

or do you thing just whining /moaning and pointing a finger of blame ...saying they are not doing this or that going to some how get this stopped?

I establish that Duncan is providing useless, expensive, dangerous, unproven, pseudoscientific BS advice to the TI community and I predictably receive a classic "ad-hominum" attack. This to try and divert attention away from my points.

deca said:

"er I think I would have to strongly disagree with your statement...

you not proved nothing , you pick up on one or two points blow them way out of context relevance and then used them to discredit all the good work that hes done over the you might fool  yourself or labrat ...but anybody else would just listen or read the  guy themselves and make their own mind just playing on peoples fears/paranoia/ignorance" 

could deca provide us with an example of a single point that BL had blown "way out of context"?

but there can be no question, as the next comment (p.49) demonstrates, that duncan is indeed providing useless, dangerous advice which - if not intended to kill or seriously injure us - certainly appears to be designed to make participants who attempt this folly appear to be suicidally insane:

"Are you seriously telling me you'd daub your walls and ceilings with "wiggling" mylar sheets charged to 10,000 volts? Haha! More fool you! The mindless devotion of shills.

"Duncan claims his mylar system and it's "strong electric field" are able to jam radar. Are you able to provide one shred of scientific evidence to support this claim? The claim that electromagnetic waves can be jammed by an electric field?"

i've shopped around some but have yet to find any evidence that duncan's 'new physics' is real - deca, do you suppose that this could be the reason duncan still refuses to provide evidence for the alleged dissertation which would substantiate these wild hypotheses - because it couldn't possibly exist?

"sheqelgrubber is just the new alias of the banned member labrat neglected to address the point while making this irrelevant excuse - is it because you can't?  in case you forgot, it was "can you provide a single example to support your accusation that big lebowski has blown anything out of context?"    your ad hominem attack (accusing me of being labrat) is obviously just an evasive change of subject, so it is pretty clear that you are making up this "context" silliness

deca said:

"sheqelgrubber is just the new alias of the banned member labrat"

was your accusation against BL as false as it would appear. or is there anything to support it?

Sometimes in e-mail now, whenever i'm e-mailing someone, it seems like i'm talking to two different people.

This is the silliest blog I've seen here yet - the whole point of the FBI memo was to enhance paranoia by making targets aware that there really is a "perp behind every mailbox"!   You appear to be attempting to misrepresent this to imply that this is 'not' really the case. The Zersetzung (or 'Stasi') program has been successfully integrated into so-called National Security, and technically legalized in post-911 legislation.

Next you'll be asserting that gang-stalking isn't even 'real'! 

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