Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

PRIORITIES- public awareness about mind control “emf/ DEWs (directed energy weapons

Y1). Lets not argue about the Physics particularly if you know nothing about Physics (as Vaibhav post

2). Mind control via electromagnetic wave exists and one can’t break up any signal by absorbtion (as Vaibhav claimed 

*** the point is- public awareness about these so that the powers above/ governments  regulate these to stop the abuses 

PS: the particular waveform that I’m referring to is the one that was used by US military during the Gulf War commonly referred to as “Lilly wave/ pulses” that can read minds plus V2K

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They always say, “it was just a joke.”

The location of this terrorist cell is 84-86 Astor street Newark NJ

any party who has money and a vested interest can purchase these "emf mind control technologies and there've been patents taken out on the most portentous one, Lilly wave/ pulses.. 

I have evidence of two terrorist locations. I took my photo inside my home at 266 spring valley avenue. My upswipe reveals that my iPhones security features were jeopardized.

It is my belief that these terrorist are tampering with SAR Settings. Specific absorption rate
Persons of interests

My next investigation, if money permits, will be about Florida sink holes conspiracy

possibly correct.. these abuses are very hard to prove with most victims being ridiculed...

BUT- the United Nations recognises the problem and are calling for input for there next annual meeting

After I was exposed at 84-86 Astor street, I had to run for my life but it didn’t stop my investigation.

I took pictures of this car in Ridgefield NJ. This is a totaled car which doesn’t belong here. Then I noticed the dispatched date and realized it was around the same time a terrorist attack took place in Manhattan. I reported this to all the courts and law enforcement but they refused to acknowledge. Instead they emitted me to the hospital to hide the truth.
This is also irrefutable evidence of an illegal occupancy underground. I reported to Hackensack police and Advance housing but they keep sending me to the hospital.
This is how I deal with frequencies
My residence was at 544 Glen ave. The whole entire time I was recording, I was inside my home at 544.

This location has underground tunnels connecting homes across and next to it

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