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Are psychotropic drugs considered mind control or can some be helpful?...Raven

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In most cases, the effects of voices will not abate without proper use of anti-psychotic medication, which means, don't stop and start it, but stay on it for long term, and in my case, I have absolutely no voices anymore by being on them. I'm still tortured to near death, but the big thing gone are the voices. What happens to me is that I don't rise to the occasion of torment, so, if they are doing something unforeseen to my mind, I'm not really aware of it. This brings me great peace and helps me to focus of my kids, my job, my home. Best wishes.

most of the MK-Ultra doctors were ALSO involved in deciding what the original DSM said what were symptoms of mental illness.

for a second, think as if you were
one of them - if you were planning to make people insane with your experiments
you would want to have a convenient label to lay on them, so that
when they said "i can hear the government in my fillings" or "i am being manipulated by mind control satellites"

they would just be written off as stupid and/or insane.

think on this, as well" remember Zoloft?
Zoloft inhibited natural enzymes that the brain produces. when people fell off their dosages -- as always happens with people taking meds -- the enzymes surged and they would do violent psychotic crimes. that would NOT have occurred had they NOT taken the drug.

there is no way that any highprofile doctor DOES NOT KNOW about all these secret programs.

Not a conspiracy theory: evidence of conspiracy.

i have proof that i will return and post.
Psychotropic drugs.ha! I really will not be the position to comment professionally on this subject but what I believe is that, a drug, no matter what or how High and Low it's Intensity and importance is should not be taken if not prescribed.
I hardly take drugs as ordinary as pain killer
I have a humble upbringing from mum alone and had no opportunity to do drugs (Good for me)
On a general look, if the drug is prescribed to control your mind, then it will - I wonder why I would want to take one - except some alcohol, just some, lol
I am pretty much going through what Carol was going through. Whenever i ended up in a Psychiatric ward for some ridiculous reason, I was usually given high doses of Psychotropic drugs (usually two or three) at a time. This usually just slows me down and makes me drowsy. I would rather be fully energized and coherent so I can think clearly.

I found out that I was being Remote Neurally Monitored which explains how the perps can see images that pass through my brain (audio/visual cortex). Another TI told me that images can actually being sent to your brain while meditating or sleeping through Remote Neural Monitoring.

Best thing for me so far is taking medication when needed, not every day. Eat healthy, takes vitamins, and try and stay active. Stay in touch with other TIs and people in your church.

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