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occasionally, I enjoyed being a particpant in the old mindcontrolresearchforum @ yahoogroups.

here is a selection from that old group...

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CIA and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths communicated with me by artificially projecting dreams into my chipped brain in REM Sleep, since approximately 2004 quite frequently once or twice a week on the average. I listed some of those dreams and their meanings/interpretations etc. If you find it hard to believe this technology exists, please read the following excerpt from the “Mind Invasive Technology column” written by Psychologist Ms. Carole Smith and ask yourself how advanced CIA technology would be compared to the technology explained by Neuro-Engineer Dr. John Norseen given the FACT, CIA has been secretly working on Mind Control Technology with MKULTRA program since 1960s with billions of dollars of black budget every year.


[By a process of deciphering the brain’s electrical activity, electromagnetic pulsations would trigger the release of the brain’s own transmitters to fight off disease, enhance learning, or alter the mind’s visual images, creating a ‘synthetic reality’. By this process of BioFusion, (Lockheed Martin, 2000) information is placed in a database, and a composite model of the brain is created. By viewing a brain scan recorded by (functional) magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) machine, scientists can tell what the person was doing at the time of recording – say reading or writing, or recognise emotions from love to hate.“If this research pans out”, says Dr. Norseen, “you can begin to manipulate what someone is thinking even before they know it.”]

None of the following dreams are coincidences or happened/occurred naturally and they happened over the course of the last 10 years from approximately 2004. “CIA and NSA terrorists can access my brain any time, any where regardless of my physical location”. I remember most if not all of the dreams when I wake up and can make sense out of them. After I wake up, in cases of my mind focused on other things and I didn’t remember the dream, CIA and NSA Psychopaths reminded me about the previous night’s dreams by flashing a video image clip of the dream into my mind during day time. Then when I rewind, recall and think about that early morning REM sleep dream, CIA and NSA Psychopaths again read the brain thought processes that occurred in my brain to validate and improve their mind control technologies. I would also like to reiterate one more time for the public that all my thoughts were “merely casual random thoughts” and NOT fantasies. The dreams you have been personally experiencing may NOT be occurring naturally but being projected into your brain by the CIA and NSA Psychopaths.

I provided the actual html links to the CIA and NSA Psychopaths’ posts on google groups AND also the actual content of their posts on this website so you don’t have to look for the actual posts.

As I am preparing material for this section and website in mid to late 2014, CIA and NSA Psychopaths were still projecting dreams into my brain in REM Sleep once or twice a week but I am NOT including all the dreams here because I will never be able to finish the website and the dream projection will obviously NEVER END.

I always valued and protected my privacy like a freak but since 2001/2002 I had NO physical privacy and mental privacy since the CIA and NSA Psychopathssecretly chipped my brain and have been watching me with illegal video surveillance devices and reading every thought. You can imagine the “immense mental torture” I suffered for the last 14 years, this complete loss of privacy has caused.


I went back to India for good in 2004 even though I am a US Citizen, because I couldn’t take the 24X7 tortures by the CIA and NSA Psychopaths.

On June 11th, 2005 in India at around 4 AM I dreamt about “my head” being used as a “football” in a “soccer game” between two teams of red and blue. While still asleep in bed, I turned left on my side and used my right hand to keep my head hit by a soccer player from going out of bounds. A few seconds later I turned on my right side and used my left hand this time to keep my head inbounds on the other side of the field. I woke up for a couple of minutes, thought about the “scary dream” and went back to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I found CIA and NSA Psychopaths posted a message on sci.anthropology (which I was reading at that time) with Subject “Which Skulls can be used for playing football ??” as shown in the highlighted/circled text below to inform me that they “remotely projected that scary dream into my brain”. This CLEARLY proves they can access my chipped brain with Satellites even when I am 8000 miles away from US borders.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that the guy who posted this message with fake name“Tristan Beeline” is a CIA and NSA Psychopath.

Ask yourself this simple question. Why would any human being “even think about” using human skulls for playing football ? You should be able to easily conclude this message was meant for me from the CIA and NSA Psychopaths since you cannot attribute my dream and this message to coincidences. Moreover this is the ONLY message Tristan Beeline ever posted on internet.

If you don’t believe this Satellite Mind Reading technology exists, please read “The Menace of Satellite Surveillance” by John Fleming and “Deep_Thought” in the Mind Control Technology Links Section.

Which skulls can be used for playing football ??? Human Skulls ?


On the early hours of September 11th, 2006, CIA and NSA Terrorists projected a dream into my Brain in REM sleep in which I saw myself watching TV on a 42 inch flat panel TV in my living room.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Terrorists emailed me an advertisement for a 42 inch flat panel TV which I found in my email in box in the morning. Unfortunately I don’t have that email to upload here.


While driving to Las Vegas from San Jose to play in WSOP Main Event in 2008, I “wondered” in my mind if the CIA and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths installed any secret video devices in my SUV and if they can see what I see from my drivers seat vantage point.

The next day morning in the early hours in Rio Casino, CIA and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths “projected a dream into my mind” in REM Sleep, which showed me driving and every one in front running helter skelter, secretly informing me that they indeed can see what I see from the drivers seat.


On December 1st, 2011, I turned towards the illegal surveillance devices in my apartment and threatened the CIA and NSA Psychopaths that if they don’t stop torturing me, I will go to Chinese and Russian embassies and disclose to them all the knowledge I have about CIA and NSA Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons Technologies and request money and political asylum in return.

CIA and NSA Psychopaths reacted and threatened me by projecting a dream into my brain in the early hours of December 2nd, 2011 that they will spread virus or reformat my brain (turn me insane) and make me forget who I am, like Jason Bourne Character. In the dream, I make a phone call to Russian Embassy from a pay phone, but I forget my name and couldn’t tell them anything, and then hang up and I call my mother but again my brain gets stuck and I forget my own name and couldn’t say anything.


In 2009, CIA and NSA Psychopaths projected a dream into my brain in which I fly like a Superman, like I explained below.

I stand in a completely empty residential street in the night time. Slowly, I levitate up into the air, and gradually gain more height to the point of two stories high. At that point, my body moves into a horizontal position with my hands stretched wide at 90 degrees angle to my body and I fly slowly over houses and two-story buildings and trees, and then slowly descend like a Superman. While I was up in the air, I levitate and fly at will and use my hands to change direction to the left or right, just like a bird or an airplane. On a different occasion, I flew very fast over farms and trees like a Superman.

They projected similar dream into my brain on June 23rd, 2013 when I was in Butner, North Carolina, in which I flew like a Superman and at times dogs running towards me to attack me and I slowly levitate off the ground out of their reach just when they are about to lunge at my body.

I really felt extremely good as if I was really flying like a Superman when CIA and NSA Projected these dreams as explained above.


A couple of days later, CIA and NSA Psychopaths being the sadists and pervertscouldn’t stomach that I felt good with the Superman dream, and projected the following scary dream into my Brain in REM Sleep.

I lie naked on a rectangular metal table with my arms and legs tied to the four corners of the table in a slightly lit room. Two Caucasians in their 30’s wearing black suits standing on each side of the table. Another Caucasian walks up to the table with an approximately twenty five pound rock in his hands, holds it high directly above my penis and drops it on my penis and I scream like hell.


On December 3rd, 2010 CIA and NSA Psychopaths projected a dream with recycled bits and pieces a lot of things from my past life. When I woke up the next day I wondered in my mind what the heck were those “broken pieces of private thoughts and memories that were completely unrelated” that happened in my life in the past.

CIA and NSA Illuminati Psychopaths “read my private thoughts” and “remotely programmed” another chipped victim Bob Dunlap to post this message with subject “Fractal Brains Fractal Thoughts” on mindcontrolresearchforum yahoo support group the next day on December 5th, 2010 to secretly inform me that they projected and recycled those “fractal thoughts and memories” from my life’s past. You can see the attached JPEG of his post on mindcontrolresearchforum.

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