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i am posting 2 articles -the artile titled'my notes and photos of how scalar alters your dna'are some of the notes i made to myself as i was working with a recording made in a silent room, much in the same way the ghost hunters try and record ghost voices they call evp recordings.

while the subject of genetics can be quite complicated I will try and simplify it so everyone can understand the mechanical aspects of the diseases and symptoms caused by the scalar weapons.



Do you remember as a child being given a game where you try and put various shaped objects in the matching shaped holes.  You couldn’t fit a square piece in a round hole or a diamond piece in a star shape hole. This is  basically how our biological system works. 

When our body needs either more or less of a substance,[diabetes is an easy one to think of, when you have a high or low blood sugar level] the organ that regulates that substance sends a chemical message into the blood stream. The surface of our cells have what are called receptor sites that these chemicals fit into and lets
call the shape specific to make it easy to understand.

That released chemical then circulates in the blood until it comes to the matching shaped slot in the cell surface.


The 2 main elements involved within the cell are the DNA and the RNA.

The dna is at the center of the cell and has the blueprints for everything the body is made of.

The rna is the messenger that reads the chemical message once it fits in the slot and then goes to the dna and has the dna make a copy of only that 1 particular protein the chemical messenger is asking for. It then goes back to the cell surface and releases that little piece of blueprint into the blood stream. That small piec of blueprint then tells the rest of the body exactly which protein it needs to build. This is the system that keeps our body running perfectly.

When Hitler wanted to create his super soldier Dr Josef Mengele he found a way to intercept the rna after it has the correct piece of blueprint and is on its way to give it to the cell surface to be released. He intercepted it and chemically changed the blueprint so that it no longer had the correct set of instructions that the body originally ordered. After this it was allowed to continue on its way to the cell surface but it delivered an altered blueprint for proteins and the body was then instructed to create something it had never needed to begin with.


These blueprints can also be altered by harmonies in the same way. The photos in ‘my photos’ are of harmonies that are sent out by the scalar waves at a sound level that the ear cannot hear, like a dog whistle/subliminal tape or something along that order. It causes the wrong blueprint to be delivered and the body then builds something other than what it originally needed and asked for. This causes diabetes, cancer and numerous other diseases. 

The pictures in ‘my photos are of the same recording but at different levels as I increased the sound and then each time I did that I also reduced the noise which is just the hissing scratchy sound that covers up the voices of the weapon handlers talking with each other or of the subliminal messages they are sending you. I have
more info on this in an earlier article or you can write me for more technical details.


Please go to LAST PAGE OF "Replies to this Discussion" to read NEWEST Information

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Patricio J. Ayala  

8:48pm Oct 19

Now two TI's have tested the Defender from the American company QuWave positive. The Defender (under Special Function Models) works with scalar waves. That is crucial evidence that the Mind Control torturers are also working with scalar waves. Officially scalar waves are denied by physicists, but in secret they are used, f ex in the HAARP facility.


Notice that Magnus speaks a much better English (he was educated at Harvard) than in his first interview, were he speaks a "jammed" English.


The implants are today of nano size given in vaccinations and other medicine, so there is little hope to remove them. Therefore the jamming method with a scalar wave device is currently the only hope.


Look even to the articles "100 years Scalar Waves Conspiracy" and the most important message in "Our Body works with Scalar Waves".


The Defender is a major brake through in the fight to liberate TI's.

Psionics Radionics Library   (technical stuffs)

Dedicated Specialized function Products

Specially Tuned to achieve Specific Resultsnew special function products

QuWave Specialized ProductsQuWave Divine held in hand

These products are specially tuned versions of QuWave products. Tuned to special frequencies to achieve a dedicated function and specific results. This is based on a more powerful hardware platform to generate stronger Scalar Wave Fields.

The principle behind these products is to deliver low frequency Solfeggio Frequency Waves directly to your body by introducing them with Scalar Waves so they act faster and more powerfully within your system.

The Scalar Waves open your brain paths so that the Solfeggio Waves can enter directly into your brain receptors to perform their influences.

Multiple Solfeggio Frequencies delivered with a Quantum Scalar Wave Bio-Field

These special function models are available to achieve the following results:

QuWave Products with Special Frequencies
Tuned to Produce Specific Results


“Opens Doors to Other Dimensions”


“Relaxes and Heals the Brain, Body, and Spirit”


"Helps fight addictive behavior”


"Defense for Psychotronic Waves & Psychic Attacks"


“Helps fight food cravings”





Scalar Technology and what they aren't telling us ...
A little over half-way down the article:
Apr 22, 2012:
James Clerk Maxwell's equations were derived from a deep set of observations on the works of Michael Faraday. Specifically Faraday's work with electricity conducted through liquid mercury.
There were a complex set toroidal and rotational field conditions derived from those observations.
To simplify for engineers, so the complex '20 equations in 20 unknowns' would not have to be solved, Heaviside removed the small bits that described some of the 'outier' field considerations.
Heaviside removed the inherent asymmetry and the resonance of elasticity that Maxwell found in the complex 3d and temporal field considerations. This, so engineers could work the math for solids, specifically motor design.
Then Lorentz modified for complete symmetry, via financing by JP Morgan (replaced all USA texts at his expense). Seriously. Look it up.
Einstein failed when he proposed the symmetry, this ... due to working with Heaviside's modifications, not Maxwell's original works.
There you have it. ....")

Prof. Meyl detected DNA-Wave and Scalar Wave Biology

2012-05-07 23:23

I consider Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl to be the new Tesla of our time. In his first interview for White TV he gave an overview of all his huge research on potential vortexes, magnetic scalar waves, the unified field theory and the existence of the aether.

Now he is explaining his research in biology. He detected that our whole body works with scalar waves, that the DNA transports information and energy with a magnetic scalar wave,

The distribution of the electric field (E) and of the magnetic flux density (B) in the double helix v=speed of the DNA wave (140,000 km/s) c=speed of light (= 300,000 km/s) (= speed of the vortex) (from The International CCN Society 2011)

that the nerves transport scalar waves,

that the nodes Ranvier detected indicate a standing, longitudinal wave = scalar wave and that bio resonance medicine and homeopathy use scalar waves.

This interview is extremely important for doctors, because Meyl has found the missing links in how the human body is functioning. But it is also important for teachers to understand, why the kids have ADHD and difficulties to learn.

Electro smog is explained and how we can get rid of it. Victims of tinnitus and mind control can learn a lot, why they are suffering and how they could improve their situation.

Watch even these articles on scalar waves: 100 years Scalar Wave Conspiracy, Our Body works with Scalar Waves, Scalar Weapons on 9/11?, Table Top Defender from QuWave shelter for TI's,

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