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Just wanted to alert everyone, but I guess you already know that a group of scam artists use sites like this to try to scam others into giving out account details, etc and eventually they'll try to get you to part with your money. I've been getting messages from a couple who've asked me to write directly to their email addresses as they found it difficult to express themselves on a public website. The names are cherish herman and sophie reyer.

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Thanks for the heads up TI.

If you can provide scammers profile link in this website, the managers can suspend them from our site. 

Do a peacepink search for "ARIAN DUPON" on that page they are spamming loads of people , I suspect they are the scammers you are talking about. For some reason I am unable to paste the page here so you will have to search it here on the site.


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"Look at Indian temples Egyptian temples you will see green blue people. It wasnt paint. Chemistry! Mind control chemistry. No lies."
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"Change chemistry through mind control. Ancient East Indians changed their skin color with this. Aliens. Garbage manufactured. Green Aliens n"
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"Give someone cancer, many diseases through mind control changing the brain and chemistry. Garbage"
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"Remote control heart attacks. Cause diseases through your brain frequencies. Garbage. No words. A idiot pressing buttons with no brain"
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"Give access to a computer system to brain damaged people. Nice USA. Seriously. Idiot gets mad about how pathetic is own life is and assaults"
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"In Texas Austin I welcome peacepink, I hope they will not share common goals with rico stasi. we really need a strong legal support team or many groups of these in texas, if the blue-states will not do anything legally about this encroachment then…"
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