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This is my original post about what they've done to me:

And these are the sick sorts of things they say to me via v2k, could someone tell me if any of it is anything like what they say to you? And this is why I want to call the FBI:

Just protect your nephew some more, just keep on typing, scared the fucking planet myself, Jesus fucking Christ, we’re not that stupid, Jesus fucking Christ, you don’t listen very well, do you? Jesus Christ, we are sick of you, babies are shooting people’s children, Jesus fucking Christ, obviously we’re lying, Jesus fucking Christ, you’re not that stupid, obviously we are liars, we are not shooting people’s children, we are not going to let anything happen to people’s children, okay? We are not doing anything to anyone, okay then? Jesus fucking Christ, I’m telling you, we’re not doing anything wrong, Oh Jesus Christ, we’re sick of this shit, protect your nephew some more from the evil organization being a piece of shit, well to tell you the truth, we’ve been lying, it’s not really happening, yeah well whatever, do whatever you want, we don’t give a fuck anymore, yes we took your life insurance, yes there certainly is a chip in your arm, we are evil okay? Jesus fucking Christ we’re idiots, we’ve been idiots this whole time, yes everything we’ve done to you was all staged, Jesus fucking Christ, you are not all that stupid, are you? We hate your fucking guts, protect your children some more, well let’s see, how about keep your fucking mouth shut? Jesus fucking Christ, go the fuck to bed. Well then. Obviously we are idiots, it’s been our fault entirely, we’re idiots okay? Alright then. It really doesn’t matter what you say, we’re not gonna stop fucking with you, Jesus fucking Christ, obviously nothing’s gonna happen, face the music, nothing’s gonna happen to Mackenzie, we’re idiots, okay? Alright then. You’re not stupid anymore. We don’t like that you’re not stupid anymore. Selfish. Piece of shit. Protect your loved ones. It’s been happening, no, it really hasn’t been happening, Kenzie will never face the music, it’s been happening, it’s really not happening, the truth is, it’s really not the truth, I really hate your guts for writing what we’ve said down, it certainly fucking will be proof for the FBI, just protect your nephew some more, it’s obviously nothing he did, it’s nothing any of you did, you’re just a random target, just protect your family, Jesus fucking Christ we hate your fucking guts, it’s been our fault entirely, people are not really shooting their own children, Jesus fucking Christ, there’s really no sense in typing what we say down because there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s been our fault entirely, it’s really not happening though believe it or not, Jesus fucking Christ, there’s nothing we can do to any person okay? Protect your nephew, Sabrina, it’s been our fault entirely, it’s really not your fault for what we’ve done to you guys, just protect your children, it’s been our fault entirely our fault, I really don’t blame you for writing what we say down, kids are really shooting people’s children, obviously we are lying, just protect your nephew some more, he doesn’t hate you, he hates our evil organization, he really really doesn’t hate you, it’s been our fault entirely, Jesus Christ we hate your fucking guts, yes we understand we targeted you ourselves, you’re not the evil queen, it’s been our faults, the evil queen doesn’t hate you okay? I really don’t hate you, the evil queen doesn’t hate you okay? He really doesn’t hate you, he hates the evil organization, everyone hates the evil organization, yes we understand we’ve done lots of evil things to you, he really doesn’t blame you for hating the evil organization, it’s been happening, it’s not really happening, thank you for protecting children, just protect your children some more, it’s been happening, go to sleep, just protect your children, it’s not really gonna happen, he really doesn’t hate you, it’s been happening, it’s not really happening, fuck you, it really hasn’t been happening, Jesus fucking Christ, obviously people are gonna know you’re not crazy, yes well we’ve manipulated every person around you, everyone hates you, no, no one hates you, nobody really hates you, it’s just that we’ve been evil to you guys, just protect your nephew some more, just go to sleep it’s been happening, no it really hasn’t, just protect your nephew some more, Kenzie doesn’t have to face the music, honestly, look, we are not going to fuck with anyone’s children, we’re really fucking not, Jesus fucking Christ we hate you, it’s not really happening, there’s no need to type what we say down, yes well we understand why you would want to protect children, your fucking cigarettes are shooting people’s children, no, obviously not, obviously it’s a lie, we’re really not that stupid, we wouldn’t really do that, you’re a fucking cunt, obviously it’s not anything you’re doing, no we really fucking wouldn’t do that, we wouldn’t do that to any children, the world doesn’t hate you, piece of shit, it’s really not true, Jesus fucking Christ, we’ve been telling you it’s not true, it’s too late for the evil organization

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Sorry for the swearing by the way... just what they've been saying to me. What they've been doing to us is quite extreme...

Wow , they take the lords name in vain don't they. I have had very little V2K, they do it to me when I am falling asleep or just as I am waking up , never really when I am fully awake. But they say things like "We are going to push you over the edge" or we are going to kill the dog , or we are going to kill your whole family , or we are going to kill you. They said something to me last week but I can't remember what it was as I was just waking up. Thank God they don't do it to me 24/7 I wouldn't be able to cope , you are very brave , try to keep it together Sabrina , try to think positive. But I  know that is easy for me to say, they are not yapping away to me all day everyday.

Thank you. So, now they have this new tactic where they turn me into my ex's nephew. They literally give me his personality, his emotions, his thoughts. So not only do I have my own problems on my mind, I get to deal with his too. And they think it's hilarious. They didn't exactly turn me into an idiot but they think he is I guess, I don't know. But I'm thinking from this experience that he is really, really not happy about what they've done to me. Anyway can you imagine what it's like to have to listen to their crap and also be two people at once? Oh it's weird. I can't even go anywhere, really. They make everyone treat me like I'm an alien or something. What they have done to me is extreme and they keep telling me that I and ex's nephew need to die because they have been killing children. Ummmm, we disagree and hopefully they'd know better than to actually do that. They just know how to get to me, we have kids and they know it and they know that to threaten kids is obviously one of my weaknesses. I know that's how they work, they literally try to use every single one of your weaknesses against you but what they have done to me, it's gone too far. The other day they convinced me that there was a bomb in either my house or one of my vehicles, and they keep trying to make me think they've put someone I love in my basement and if I try to save them the whole house is going to blow. You want to talk about extreme, these ones really really are. Starting to think maybe I should just kill myself, I don't know how to get rid of them and their crap has gone way, way too far in my life. Didn't it throw me off to become my ex's nephew. It makes no sense. None of what they do makes any sense and they chose someone who, of course, cares a lot about everyone which is why I haven't actually killed myself. But yes I've thought about it multiple times, who wouldn't in this sort of situation. I fight that thought pretty much every day. The more they tell me I need to die the more I get really frustrated. And so does the personality of my ex's nephew that they've put into me. I don't understand it. Obviously my loved ones do not really want me to die. But they have to act normal. At least the ones I live with. I can't actually leave the house very much and certainly can't really see anyone else that I care about. So what did they do, "Wouldn't it be hilarious to turn her into the nephew and really laugh our asses off as we threaten children?" They're sick.

Thinking positive makes them become more annoying. Trying to do anything a normal person would do to try to cope, obviously that makes them more annoying, too. I think they get bored with their own little game and think of new ways to try to make me miserable. Can you imagine, I can't even do something like read a book. There's no sense in trying. I get to listen to "Kids are dying, you wanna read a book we're gonna make you even more miserable to try, nope you didn't do a thing to deserve this but we don't care, you want to live your normal life we're gonna make it impossible to do that, have fun being your own nephew, we think it's hilarious." They never shut up. I have begun to sleep as much of my days away as possible because they really, really never shut up. And they put these terrible nightmares into my head that gives me panic attacks, that's always fun for them, anyway. My father said the word bomb yesterday, after that little scare of theirs a few days ago that caused me to have a panic attack. They have put me through so much that I may as well have been through a war. A mental torment war. I have PTSD just like I've been through a war. That's for sure. And it's only been six or so months since they started all of this.

Yeah I can't believe how brave I really am. And I still have my mind? It amazes me. Their bull has been beyond extreme.

This what they do to me also.

They recruit look -a- likes of the men I love.

The man turns up driving around with his new flame.

He tell me he's with his parents.

The Gangstalkers were lying.

He's not with someone they say.

The next day the Gangstalkers start over.

He's with someone he's not with someone.

I don't really pay good attention on the street, sometimes I hear people with the same voice I know. I never really know if it was really that person.

Believe it or not.

Yes, no, yes, no, that's how they act.

I hope someone does the same to them.

They always know the story better than me.

It's not true.

You're to blame. You're wrong not you're wrong.

The Perp holds a big political speech about how he's wrong but then ends his speech with we are not gonna change we are not gonna stop.

They call me names.

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

That's very strange. That's exactly what they do to me as well, constantly play the yes, no, yes, no game. They'll say everyone hates you, then, nobody even hates you, they just hate us for doing this to you. And they do this with every single sick thing they say to me, to try to leave me in the dark and try to convince me that no one cares about me for what they have done and that everyone wants me to die, obviously their goal is for me to kill myself, so therefore I refuse to. Lately, even though I'm pretty much always stuck in my house and don't see ANYONE except for my father, his girlfriend and my brother, I've been trying to ignore the constant v2k, ignore it as much as possible and just go about being a normal person. Today was one of the first days I've really been in a decent mood and haven't let them get to me too much. Their goal is for me to be constantly miserable. No matter what I try to do, they try to make me miserable for doing it. It's been six months since I've really been able to see anyone I care about except for those I live with, and I've barely had a social life except for talking to some people on the internet. If they don't soon stop, I guess I'll be lonely and isolated in my house for a good long time. They cause the people I go around to either treat me strangely, or make fun of me (if I don't know them). I did go see my ex and one of his nephews a couple of months ago, they acted completely normal for the most part, except I could tell that my ex was miserable, probably because he knows what's going on with me even though no one can talk about it with me (being subliminally controlled, I think). And his nephew acted as though he had a bit of a temper about something and the psychos wanted me to believe it was about me, but now that I know everything they say has been lies, and now that I think about it I'm guessing he had a temper about what's going on with me. I know my loved ones know what's going on and that they aren't able to talk with me about it or help me. That has got to be hard on them as well, and extremely frustrating. I know it is for me to know that there's no sense in even trying to talk about it with them. I tried. It didn't work. All I heard was, "That sounds like a conspiracy theory," from my brother, "Maybe you have schizophrenia?" from my mother, and "Where would you get crazy ideas like that?" from my father, who all definitely know what has been happening to me. Of course they wouldn't lie to me like that, unless they were being forced to lie about it.

Actually, they do that to me as well. "We know it's all our fault for everything, and we're getting sick of you so we're going to stop soon," and then, "No, you're the whole problem, it's all your fault and we're never going to stop."

HELP PLEASE! My girlfriend is going through this.. and it's terrifying. I can relate to mostly all of the comments above. They are always lying to her and shaming her. She at her breaking point... I don't want to lose her.. please any advice would be greatly appreciated. It's been a whole year now.

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