Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I know Sofia was a member of your site and she committed suicide on August 12, 2011. She was listening to recordings all the time and I think she reinforced her mind control by listening to and believing what those recordings were telling her. No one else could make out what the recordings were saying.  They told her to come home and the more she listened, the sadder she became, the crazier she seemed and the more discontent she became with life.


Sofia believed she was a targeted individual. She thought she was NOT mind controlled. But to everyone else it was quite evident that she was the one most likely mind controlled and whatever was happening to her was making her more and more crazy, out of touch with reality every day. 


She was brilliant, had a super high IQ and she fooled all of us, acted very happy and laughed and smiled all the time. So we were all shocked when she took her life. 


I just wanted to warn all your members to the dangers of listening to recordings. This is the second person I know who listened to the voices, some, they said, were angels or ETs calling them "home".  Both women killed themselves with an overdose of prescription medicines.  One of these suicides was 4 years ago.  They both hoarded meds until they had enough to follow the voices and take their own lives.


Protect yourself with prayer and meditation.  Ask your higher selves, soul families and council of elders to protect you and keep you aligned with love, goodness, light. 


Blessings and Love to you all,

Kira ~



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Thank God!

Thanks, Sharon

Shoham said:

It doesn't take a chip for them to make you itchy. I get that all the time. i have a couple blisters right near the hair follicles on one of my fingers right now that are itchy. sometimes on my feet or ankles, always near a cut that had nearly healed.


Too often I have an itch directly underneath me while I'm almost asleep, or on the far side of my back that can only be reached with the hand that isn't free, etc, so that i have to roll over to get to it.


That's not a chip.

Sharon Pirchalski said:


I won't because I would then feel like the coward and just be making everyone else happy. I'm not sure if my daughter is chipped. She gets the itching and scratches til she bleeds. I....

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