Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

This is pretty much what I see everyday while taking a walk in Santa Maria, California.  A lot of cars have their brights on during the day and follow me even behind shopping centers.

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those sentiments come and they go. knowing that threre is a good change they're only temporary,...helps weather the storm. Go outside,...feel the sun on your face. listen to the birds dip your hands in the pool,...find what ever it is that makes your heart beat slow and lets you relax. find a secret park where you can be alone and walk without having to worry.
I wish I could wave a magic wand and make everything better. If I could do that for you I would.
Hope Smith said:
I am so sad. I have been a victim of electronic harassment for more than 5 years now. I know what it's like to followed. I hate hate crimes. I don't understand. I'm scared. I'm alone. I won't commit suicide (I am a Christian) but sometimes I don't want to be in this world anymore.

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"2 itkäkauaista vihaista lintua pullahti järveen kallion takaa."
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"Eilen aamulla sielläjärvellä oli ihan sairas meno. En kerro tässä, mutta kahden joutsen ja hyvin ison pitkäkaulaisen linnin avulla. Alkoi, kun menin järveen ja loppui, kun nousin rannalle.-ja…"
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"MINÄ EN HÄIRITSE SAATI TAPA JOUTSENIA. En ihmettele, vaikka uskontohulluilla sun muilla stalkkereilla olisi sellainen lavastus mielessä."
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"Minulle jäi joutsenkuulustelusta haku päälle muistiosastoon.Tuomiopasuuna kysyi olenko nähnyt joutsenia Paalijärven tiellä. Luulin, että oli kyse siitä aamusta. En ollut. Olivat kuulemma löytyneet…"
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Jeremy C A Paul left a comment for davidfulton3
"Yes David.. I've known the details of the two directors who'd sought advocay from a vigilante group who have access and use these remote mind control techs... for decades - JUST GET A GUN AND THE ANSWERS AND JUSTICE, MYSELF... FUCK…"
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