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Who on here hears voices ? how do you now what it is how to you discern? Do you thin its a mental ilnness/ spiritual or technology based ? Is it possible to be a mixture?

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I dont know why you bother

deca any imaginary justification for the offensive reduction which you claim is how you see the question ("technology or spiritual/mental illness" - as though they are synonymous) is belied by the word 'mixture'

'take two':  'spiritual' and 'mental illness' are being classed together as alternatives to the 'technological-only' explanation of the phenomenon - not as euphemisms for the same thing     -  and pretending otherwise is impolite and ("again") disrespectful, as you know already

what makes you think we're going to believe you about leaving the thread alone this time?   as for "jumping on the bandwagon", we all have our own views    i suggest you try learing how to accommodate yourself to that reality    our various sentiments and impressions don't all have to be the same, either  (see your bogus face-saving/ass-covering robotic "robot" copout above, top of page)

we don't suddenly develop them because of one article we read, and we're not going to drop them because of any lies you tell us    the 'bandwagon' metaphor is insulting and seems to indicate your frustration with the flow of info getting way from your relentless busy mind-control manipulative machinations   

                        perhaps that is because ours is not all based on a bogus thesis, like yours is  

hwever, if he does mean it this time, and IS really going to leave us alone to voice our views without the 'thought police' to hold our hands, then let me express my heartfelt gratitude to sue for this miracle!

Suddenly all become alien and spiritual, are you so easy to manipulate. First lobotomy, implants, than possibility for aliens, spirits... why dont you wake up in the morning and go to work, part time or volunteer instead pushing same stupid subjects for months. You have to get out this subject off your mind, stop the self conversation. REPROGRAM.

more insults followed by the smile   what - you enjoy being small minded?    stop the presses!   fool gnome, you have already cast your 'tech-only' vote - more than once   thanks for contributing    beyond the dubious value of these witticisms,  i wonder the same thing about you:  "I don't know why you bother"   unless it's just to bother people...

What presses, what vote. I may be small minded but have some mind.
i only try to help, its anoying how people are provoked to be drag in stupid conversations they dont want to do.
Nothing wrong with the smile :) Not worried from the aliens, or their tesla technology.

I dont believe its spirits or aliens. As a Christian, i was taught that akiens dont exist. And that they were in fct just demons creating theory to distract from belief in god. The bible lays down the Creation process. The spirit realm was created first, then physical. I the spirit realm, different levels of angels were created, but in the physical realm, the only crearures made before man were animals. During the entire bible, all attention is given to humans. Tbere is no mention in any way of any other physical life than what is on Earth.
So, i am often intrigued by Christians who believe in Aliens. It is interesting that Sue knows that there is no evidence of alien technology. This shows that her belief in Aliens is drawn on the same kind of faith that god believers have. It is a way to explain the unexplainable.
Although I am not a Christian, i do believe that there is life beyond us.BUT, i see absolutely no evidence that any other intelligent life knows that we exist, or is in any way involved with us. Ive researched the theory of aliens and personally find it no more credible than bigfoot.
Just because we dont know for sure what human created tech is used, does not mean that it must therefore be alien in nature. There are many things that many humans dont know anything about. Imagine showing a IPhone to a lost jungle tribe. They would certainly believe it was created by god! Having no foundation for technological understanding their only choice in explaining the IPhone becomes god.
Some have pointed to ancient stories to claim proof of aliens.But what ancient stories are on to believe? Tbese kinds of ideas are very subjective. If everyone believex what they 'feel' is true, there will be many different and often opposing theories going around because everyone feels differently.
The idea that creatures used some kind of technology to fly down to earth was not introduced until humans created technology themselves. This is quite telling. It is also telling that human stories and ideas of alien technology has advanced with technology actually created by humans.
So, it is appearant that modern belief in Aliens technology is a direct result of human knowledge of what humanity created. Ike Sue said, and as my research has shown me, there is no evidence of alien technology. But, there is Plenty of technological advancements made by humans. Therefore it is my opinion that we are being assaulted by human made technology. And, as humans, we can 'crack the code', and find success in understanding modern sciences.

nobody dragged sue, jordan, fin, jinoe, rob, myself or anyone into this or any conversation     that is an unfair premise to even consider, in light of the real truth:  nobody has managed to stop us having it! 

 those who feel that technology is the only alternative are not being 'described' for not sharing other views    but those not sharing the 'tech-only' option (don't forget about that 'optional' part:  you cannot remove the question mark from the blog title by sheer force/repetition) have been patronized, psycho-analyzed, and subjected to other such condescending conceits from, in a couple of notable cases,  characters who don't even understand the narrow "snippet" of the side they think they're 'defending'                                                               (by being offensive)


        the really annoying part is that full name here is not even included in that 'lot', as deca call us 

i'm glad you're not worried about that stuff, full name   nobody is trying to scare anyone here (at least, on this blog)   but there does seem to be some widely-recognized and more than a little 'spookey' stuff going on around here that many will understandably will find disturbing - even those without a guilty conscience

as for 'reprogram', the self-actualizing automaton must progress at its own pace:  " you are now entering cyberia:  get with the pogrom!"    perhaps these negativists can learn to 'snippet in the bud'!

Evidence is kinda important.  There Is No evidence of Aliens. Ive researched multiple claims made by members recently and the claims are not supported by evidence in any way.

Being held to belief in Aliens is a matter of faith, as is spiritual involvement. We cannot offer authorities 'faith' as Evidence of anything But Subjective belief. We need real technology to battle the technology used on us. With all the statements by authorities in the past concerning the desire to create mind read/control technology,  and with all the funds these people have, and all the patents created that shows interest in the field. ......

Im simply not understanding why some are so quick to dismiss human created technology for somethinf based on faith.

try selling 'mind-reading satellites' to the general public based on something better than 'faith' in harvardwood lol      "evidence is kinda important"? - that kind can get you put away for good!

that is, try selling that story/demonstrating that evidence IF you truly do not comprehend the significance of the fact that most of these 'alternatives' soleilmavis herself recommends investigating precede known fledgling human dabbling in technology-as-we-don't-understand-it (but like to think we do)

just want to point something out ...I not trying to convince people that every person that's claimed/reported  heard a voice in there head ...that voice is due to being attacked by man made technology......far from it ....there could be various reasons and possibility's for that   .....

but TI`s report very simliar symptoms which can include hearing a voice in there head ...but there very distinct characteristics to that ....and also the "psychology" of what's heard....

that distinguishes what TI`s claim of a  V2K type man made technology (which is admitted they have the capability to do ) from others who claim they heard dead people (spirits talking to them )  ,ET, demons , entity's etc ....thou as most victims are unwitting when they are first attacked can be deceived , but after a while most victims start to notice the contradictions and many other symptoms and start to realise they are under some-type of psychological/mind control attack.

thou you would think on a dedicated website exposing these type of weapons members would know what type of attack/cause of the voice was coming from as why else join this site ????


your buddy deepthought is as big a proponent of noninvasive satellite based technology being usec against us as Duncan. You are 'picking and choosing' your targets. Again, you show a bouble standard. Just as you do when condemning Duncans suggezted 'blocker'. I notice how positive you respond to some extremely questionable suggestions by peacepink members who you wish to befriend, but Duncan is painted as different by you.

LaBrat said:

try selling 'mind-reading satellites' to the general public based on something better than 'faith' in harvardwood lol      "evidence is kinda important"? - that kind can get you put away for good!

 - that is, try selling that story/demonstrating that evidence IF you truly do not comprehend the significance of the fact that most of these 'alternatives' soleilmavis herself recommends investigating precede known fledgling human dabbling in technology-as-we-don't-understand-it (but like to think we do)

ha ha!    we didn't really think deca would leave us alone "this time" to share our own unsupervised views - but now he wants us to take him by the hand and walk him through why we think the way we do?

deca, did you 'not' get the point sue made?  when you keep mindlessly parroting the mantra (i euphemize at both ends) "world-wide campaign" you do NOT know where that mind control comes from, who provided it, or really runs the tech and rules the operation    but we do have the evidence of tesla's own account!        

and you exhibit symptoms of delusion by insisting that the god helmet has made you any better informed

you also do not seem to get the point of milab's name, teo's milab discussion, or soleilmavis posting of tom bearden   since you don't 'get' any of it, and have "lost interest in the thread", then 'do yourself' a favour as you suggested earlier, and focus on reading the ones you agree with - not repressing the others

dotty what a typically asinine thing to say    you were away (ANOTHER suspension? lol!) for the part where deca got called out on these same too-obvious and irrelevant ad hominems      that just looks slow now - we're all 'sensitized' and 'hyper-vigilant'!   also, just because deep thought is listed among my friends and has posted my comment while blocking all yours everywhere doesn't make me a blind follower, you know!   

don't be jealous - it's just because i don't call him "psychotically incoherent" for not agreeing like you do!

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