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Stein & Stein Inc / Lawyers / Janine Houard / CIA's MK ULTRA / CKUT

Stein & Stein Inc / Lawyers / Janine Houard / CIA's MK ULTRA / CKUT

Alan Stein is a lawyer representing Janine Houard, a Montreal victim of the CIA's MK Ultra experiments in the 1960s.
He is seeking a class action lawsuit against the Government of Canada for victims.
He joined Joe Broadhurst on CKUT's Friday Morning After to discuss the latest developments of the lawsuit.




Date: 2007-04-12


CKUT / Montreal


Stein & Stein Inc. / CIA's MKULTRA / Montreal / Canada

Stein & Stein Inc.
4101 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3Z 1A7
Tel: 514 866 9806
Fax: 514 875 8218


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Gerry Duffett

3358-A McCowan Rd
Scarborough Ontario
Canada M1V 5P5,,












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ICC is now investigating into one murder case in Canada although without lawyers. Most lawyers will not get themselves involved in some special cases.

Re.our case, we need lawyers. But, if any lawyers will not appear due to some "reasons", no problem. We still can lay charge against them with special court and ICC.



Dear all:


We have enough evidence. We have done a lot uptill now to persuade them to stop. We have to move on to next "stop". But, now perps and torturers are trying their best to destory our communication, such as emails, our common channels like Our emails can be easily hacked. But, we will try our best to protect our "channels" from attacking and hacking.




I want to sue too. I want out of this project called Gangstalking.

What should I do. Give me a way out.

People around me are hurting me. 

The Perps are afraid I will escape them.

People are joining them and playing victims. 

When I'm the real victem.

They can help but being mean. 

I'm in trouble. 

A quick escape is necessary.

They are feeling themselves in a big way.

Who can you trust?

People talk ill about me. They are ready to walk away in anger. 

Calling me evil putting the blame on me. I NEED understanding nobody will give it to me. Their life is OK. They want me to suffer without any escape or rest.

The Perps got ellays. You're disillusioned they say, you're paranoid. The walls are closing in on me.

The gap is get bigger, normal people don't understand or love me.

You're crazy that's all they say. We have no love for you.

Their peanut brain won't make them think normal.

Bully's everywhere. There's no reason to hold my breath.

Someone wants to have me incarcerated.

She hates me.

Well Bye bye now,

Angeline Klas

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