Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Evidence Ive collected about my perps: ( I hope this can help me, or anyone in the Boston area)

1. I am experiencing it all, mind reading, limb movement, forced speech , voice to skull. In conjunction with verbal assualt, fights, ect, you know the routine . Also police participation, and nightly break ins. I own almost nothing at this point.

I believe my stalking started around 1999, around the time I was an EXTRA (note, not an acting part, but a background person for 75 bucks a day, like working for a labor temp agency). I am not an actress by any means, but this attracted unwanted attention. Around this time I began noticing break ins to my apt. I found various things ruined over the yrs, not knowing why. It escalated greatly in 2004 after finding a hidden camera in my apt, among some other scams I was exposed to, but didnt want to know about. I cant post the whole story on here, its too long.  Anyhow, I am suffering horribly still, its now June 2011 and it is not letting up> The electronic has reached an all time high and my limbs are being violently jerked around all day and forced speech most of the day as well (we murdered you, and animals murdered you come out of my mouth for hours every day) Eyelids forced open, ect --this is torture. It leaves me mostly bedridden and exhuasted. But life goes on , and I have to leave the house with the forced speech and all. Ive mostly managed to avoid old friends, as Ive moved to another city.I dont know how I will explain this. My parents heard some garbled speech on the phone and think Ive had a stroke. ( I didnt, yet anyway)

The perps on the voice to skull are WELL below average intelligence, repeat themselves for months on end, stupid and non-sensical serial killer type things are said. I dont believe its a government experiment, but some psycho-perverts who enjoy it, and its being covered up so that people think its the government and they "cant be stopped"--they can, but no one will help me. From what Ive learned, they are in a building, (they have talked about this) know lots of people from Everett, Ma, say things consistent with "baby booomer" aged and old fashioned people, yet are extremely peverted and sexist. Lots of what they say is non-sensical. They told me the forced speech is my "birthday present" and like "to say "Happy birthday" periodically and "do you like your present?" over the voice to skull. One of them was talking about his "son named Cliff" I dont know who these people are, but they are very stupid, extremely rage filled, and scream "S*** my ****!!!!!" all day and night.

Im assuming they are very short men, bald, with large noses. Most of the in-person perps look this way.My chin has now developed a large wrinkle that is inconsistent with the rest of my face from the forced jaw rotation all day and night, and its extremely painful. Three other perps names are "Leblanc"-who uses alias's, Morello, a landlord, and Dave, a small hispanic or party hispanic man. I dont know the names of the other perps, or the people on the v2k, but they are very knowledgeable about nothing at all, besides people in Everett and perverted things. If anyone can identify these people please do so, it could save my life, or the life of others in the Boston area. I want my brain back and I dont think that is too much to ask.


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Good quality thermal camara shows from where they are shooting extreme heat

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"In my case, it is not only Facebook, but also Youtube, Google, instagram, twitter, and other social media that are also involved in internet electronic abuse and harassment, and stalking!  I saw a camera in front of my face in Youtube shooting…"
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"Thanks Vaibhav for the information!  Where will I install Matlab software?"
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"Only thing can stop mind harrassing speaker is another speaker What you need is images and voices. you can put voice and images in 10 hz frequency with the help of 2.4 ghz frequency modulation. You just have to install Matlab software. And then…"
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"How do you stop your neighbors, the perps, from reading your mind and seeing you in your home and all your activities, and knowing what  you are going and planning to do everyday, and all your future moves?  They abort them before you can…"
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Information Concerning the Manufactured Pandemic which would be made Permanent. if we allow them to do so.

INFORMATION CONCERNING THE MANUFACTURED PANDEMIC AND ACCOMPANYING VACCINES.The vaccines are not fully tested.They are not peer reviewed.There are no clinical trials.They have been rushed to market,They are sterilizing men and they are rendering women infertile.There is Zero corporate legal liability.They are potentially DNA altering.They destroy the human immune system.They are not legally a vaccine. They are an injection.They enable experimental genetic engineering.The vaccines are not a cure…See More
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