Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Evidence Ive collected about my perps: ( I hope this can help me, or anyone in the Boston area)

1. I am experiencing it all, mind reading, limb movement, forced speech , voice to skull. In conjunction with verbal assualt, fights, ect, you know the routine . Also police participation, and nightly break ins. I own almost nothing at this point.

I believe my stalking started around 1999, around the time I was an EXTRA (note, not an acting part, but a background person for 75 bucks a day, like working for a labor temp agency). I am not an actress by any means, but this attracted unwanted attention. Around this time I began noticing break ins to my apt. I found various things ruined over the yrs, not knowing why. It escalated greatly in 2004 after finding a hidden camera in my apt, among some other scams I was exposed to, but didnt want to know about. I cant post the whole story on here, its too long.  Anyhow, I am suffering horribly still, its now June 2011 and it is not letting up> The electronic has reached an all time high and my limbs are being violently jerked around all day and forced speech most of the day as well (we murdered you, and animals murdered you come out of my mouth for hours every day) Eyelids forced open, ect --this is torture. It leaves me mostly bedridden and exhuasted. But life goes on , and I have to leave the house with the forced speech and all. Ive mostly managed to avoid old friends, as Ive moved to another city.I dont know how I will explain this. My parents heard some garbled speech on the phone and think Ive had a stroke. ( I didnt, yet anyway)

The perps on the voice to skull are WELL below average intelligence, repeat themselves for months on end, stupid and non-sensical serial killer type things are said. I dont believe its a government experiment, but some psycho-perverts who enjoy it, and its being covered up so that people think its the government and they "cant be stopped"--they can, but no one will help me. From what Ive learned, they are in a building, (they have talked about this) know lots of people from Everett, Ma, say things consistent with "baby booomer" aged and old fashioned people, yet are extremely peverted and sexist. Lots of what they say is non-sensical. They told me the forced speech is my "birthday present" and like "to say "Happy birthday" periodically and "do you like your present?" over the voice to skull. One of them was talking about his "son named Cliff" I dont know who these people are, but they are very stupid, extremely rage filled, and scream "S*** my ****!!!!!" all day and night.

Im assuming they are very short men, bald, with large noses. Most of the in-person perps look this way.My chin has now developed a large wrinkle that is inconsistent with the rest of my face from the forced jaw rotation all day and night, and its extremely painful. Three other perps names are "Leblanc"-who uses alias's, Morello, a landlord, and Dave, a small hispanic or party hispanic man. I dont know the names of the other perps, or the people on the v2k, but they are very knowledgeable about nothing at all, besides people in Everett and perverted things. If anyone can identify these people please do so, it could save my life, or the life of others in the Boston area. I want my brain back and I dont think that is too much to ask.


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Also they are altering my posts as I type them, (for example mis-spelling words, and putting caps where they dont belong, ect) to make me seem "ditzy" and also as a projection of their own stupidity. So please ignore the above typos. Thanks.
Id like to add more clues to my perps, if anyone can help me find them. In addition to what Ive written above, they also have a local Boston accent, yet they love to use the word "EXACTLY"--as in "You would be EXACTLY right!"--this a strange thing they like to scream on the voice to skull, and they also speak with improper diction- think "Regis Philbin", crossed with a lunatic. Also lots of non-sensical terms, like "Lots of people are sleeping in your Facebook picture"--statements like that which are bizarre and non-sensical.

Miss Sickofit, the name they tell you is just bull. Its done remotely, mostly probably from a computor program or artificial intelligence if you wish. They do the same to me, they also continue with their same repetive shit that makes no sense at all, and like you I surely think they are lower than lowest, equal with the dirt in the cloaks... (the ones behind it all) And what really is upsetting is, that if they can make body parts move on its own, produce sounds that is not heard by the ear and so on, this tech could really help people that are disable, and since the tech has been around for a while know, it´s a shame they continue their games instead of getting to work and help people that needs it. But, just remember, most likely they are not the ones they would like you to belive. If they say its the next door people or anything like that, its just part of the game, to make you get in trouble, blaiming the wrong guy. They are evil devils./Annie

I agree with Annie, all they can tell you by synthetic telepathy is lies, false hopes, false promises, threats, death threats, mockeries, insults, non-senses, mumblings, suggestions, triggers...coulpled sometimes with induced negative feelings like anger, fear.....and different hard attacks.

I think they nearly never say the many criminals would tell you their real names?!!

But as mind control has different kinds, levels and steps, I just cna talk about what I'm going through: synthetic telepathy, forced speech, motor control, controlled dreams, electronic dissolution of memory and the list is long......sleep deprivation, induced sleep, forced memory blanking....

And what I ve experiencing since 1986 teached me that they never say the TRUTH! Always lying...Always...And they never stop lying. They will say all except the thruth, thats what I think.

I just want to add that yes they are perverts, stupids and evils because of the dirty job they do and because they do it in a repetitive manner to break our defense and resistance. And as they use most of time on me Brain Computer Interface, this stupid machine repeat and repeat the same shit in relation of the situation I am, moment of the day or night, places, what I m doing....and perps can reprogram of course this shit machine that never sleep and never been tired.

Another thing I'd like to say is that is that perps mostly looks for primary reactions which they'd use as triggers.

And as mind control is based on trauma they dont need the good things from us. They dont want the best of us. They want the worse of us, the bad from us. And they will work for it non-stop until we ll give it to them, 24/7/365...And for that they do harassment, tortures, rapes....all day and night....asleep and awake....So they do all the evil they can to push us to the dark side....always...and evil and stupidity go together....Thats why perps seems to be so stupids but they are not, they just pursue a goal,to  alter our behavior in a negative way for mind control, it s that simply for me! it s their job to be evil and stupid to us... and to reach this they have to break us down, 7/24!!!

So we would have reactions to they tortures... especially negative reactions, that s what they want want from us! And in those primary negative reactions there are words, words from us in relation with our feelings, sufferings, anger, rage, violence, distress, depression, hopelessness....and some words would be used as triggers they ll use....triggers which would be repeated, exagerated 24/7...but they wont stop as we give them our own triggers....otherwise we ll get used to.....they ll continue their non-stop harassment and tortures to get more evilness and more new triggers....then they just have to put triggers with induced bad feelings and play with it....sometimes they just say non-senses or even mumbling or whatever negatives things to get these triggers and cause a deeper negative mental state....and also to create new triggers. Suggestions they do also are used for this purpose too.

All this is just based on my experiencing.

What can I do against this?

My best to stay on the good side and keep calm the best I can.

It s very hard but it s my way, like they are on their way...their way to Hell for such evilness they spread in us, WE have to keep on our good way...our way to Heaven...for those who belive in God.

So as I cant sue them as I dont know my perps I just bear my suffering and do my best not going mad and do my best to keep calm....and the main thing that help me to do that is to ignore as much as I can. Its that simply....but not easy, of course. But God helps me for that and give me the strengh and patience and love......and so on, thanks God!








They didnt tell me their names. They are on the voice to skull 24/7, and they talk about things amongst each other. "Cliff" is a name I wasnt supposed to hear when I was half asleep. They were talking amongst each other and one quietly said "Cliff's son" to which I woke up, and they starting hushing each other and began insulting me. They then tried to cover it up by saying other names to confuse me, and burn me every time I mention "Cliff"-whoever this person is. They are so used to being on the v2k that they forget they are on it at times. If you listen closely, you can get clues as to who it may be. Mine also have a local accent and sound exactly like a landlord who stalked me, they know everything there is to know about people in Everett, Ma.. One more comment, the people on my v2k are live people yelling in a chorus into a microphone, not a recording. They dont get bored repeating themselves either.

Maybe Miss, it happens to get from them some clues if you listen closely but that s what they want!

They want you to focus on them, to listen closely! And the more you focus on them and listen closely to them the deepiest they can enter into you and listen to you too!....and the more they can access to all of you....consciousness and with all of you....and especially get more mix their induced thoughts with your thoughts so it would be always not easy to make the part between what is yours and what is theirs.

I prefer to ignore them, it make ma keep calm and it doesn't preventme to get clues from them as they harass me and torture me 24/7!!!

Hassan, very wise words. Indeed its true they do not want the good from us and wants reactions. I, as you know, go through almost exactly the same pattern as you. Right now, I am in the deepest valley, and have been so for a month, it´s getting worse and worse, and when I think it cant be worse than this, it´s getting even worse...When you do not get any sleep, its hard staying calm, I breakdown every single day. They only let me sleep for one hour the last couple of days, if getting any sleep, they wake me up hour by hour, so I do not get any deeper sleep. How can you fight this thing then, when lack of sleep and are most perceptive to their triggers? I don´t know, but I might be very weak, but its impossible living with this shit. And just like you, I try not listening to their mumbo jumbo talk, what´s the purpose? They, even if remotely done by computor, someone has to read it off now and then and make adjustments, can go home to their families, celebrating the weekend and enjoy life, while they know that their work is killing people in the meantime... How is that possible, how can any person with normal intelligence manage to look their family in the eyes after that?


Miss Sickofit, when they play the "Oh, did she hear what we said" its just them playing their games, and it was meant for you to hear from the beginning, its just lies all of it, and like Hassan says, false hope, false names etc. I do not even listen to their bull anymore.

Take care,/Annie

Thanks Annie, you too.

It s worse and worse for me too Annie....I m under constant attacks, especially  on my memory and mind and I m like "an empty mind" (a zombie)....have difficulties to think.....and as you they wake me up nearly every 1h30 or 2, during these hours of sleeping: controlled dreams, electronic dissolution of memory, sex rape are done a lot these last months.


As I m unemployed I sleep a little on day about sleeping I have the same behavior, I dont mind, I dont care, I IGNORE the problem...but for those who work its a serious issue. Do you work Annie?


Yes Annie, how they can even watch themselves in the mirror ....and what do they see or think when they do so?

Hassan, I know you have been under this for a long time, and it still gets worse and worse...,are they finding different parts/"aspects" to torture or does the intense of it get worse? I cant imagine this getting any worse for me anymore, I am almost "boiled", they burn me so severe, maybe I am on their "speed" torture, going through the phases very quickly, I dont know.  I have only been in it for a bit over a year now....Do you get the severe burnmarks/heatingmarks aswell? I am not allowed to sleep during daytime either, they wont let me most of the time...if they do, they heat me up, so its impossible to sleep. Its classical torture when they wake you up every second hour..

To answer your question what I think they see, I think they see the shit and the rats in the cloaks.They for sure have learning troubles, as they do it over and over again, year after year...I would like to believe in karma, and that they will suffer in the end. But, the karma thing doesn´t really seem logical when it comes to the fact that almost always the most vunerable people are picked as victims, often already in a difficult situation. Here in Sweden, they for instace pick a lot of immigrants, that maybe already are in a fragile position, language difficulties, lack of money etc. They come here maybe to find peace from war and so on, and are instead risking to be targeted, its a shame. Take care/Annie

What becomes worse to me is that they do the electronic dissolution of memory a lot! Much more than before! Before, they did it from time to time. Now they do it nearly every day and night. They do this especially while sleeping. And also controlled dreams and rape…also while sleeping.

I feel like they search for deprogramming me with this horrible electronic dissolution of memory, when they do this, I have big difficulties to simply think or be, I feel like a zombie, nearly thinking nothing the most part of the day and I get problems to remember, especially on short memory.

It s like I feel I m half erased, a part of me is still and another is slowly erased day by day.

I have another example to express that horrible feeling, yesterday, Friday I felt like I was on Friday of the last week, like no time have passed! Nothing! Not realise that time is going! Like I didn't live that time!

What a strange and terrific feeling!

Besides this, I feel like they also search for reprogramming me as a robot slave  under control, thinking nearly nothing, recieving induced thoughts and feelings that I m like a robot while they control my limbs but I ll fight until death for my freedom.They ll never succeed, praise to God, thanks God.

I don’t get the severe burnmarks/heatingmarks but sometimes my eyes burn and become red with big rings under my eyes.

I sleep 1H30 to 2h also on day, sometimes just one hour.

I  think there are different kind of mind control and that there are different stages on mind control process.

I dont think they would make their nasty evil job with high speed.

I think while they are killing us everyday and night they also collect at the same time any informations on us, on every little aspects of our life, of our consciousness and subconsciousness also, our sleeps, dreams, phantasms, biological, physical and psychological abilities, our personnality, our memories, intelligence, memory and creativity, thoughts, feelings, emotions, what we like and what we dont or hate, our reactions to harassment and torture.s...they want datas for their brain machine interface...and to collect all these datas of the victims, it takes years, several years…

Unfortunately they collect all these infos on us while they search for destroying us. They dont let us develop our qualities, good parts of us, they dont let us even live simply our lives.And they are very much interested by the bad part of us, doing everything to break us down and develop the bad side of our personnality by harassing us and torturing us non-stop.

I think there are stages, maybe you are now at the point they torture you to break you down so you ll become more and more isolated and alone.

If they could break us mentally and physically to the point we couldn't work (severe injuries and illness due to tortures of mindcontrol), to the point we live completely alone, nearly without going out from our house except to pay bills and buy food or other needs (hospital, administrations), without any relationship(family or friends) it would be much more easier to them to frame us, to control us because we would have a very limited life, that's why it s very very important to keep the job we get, even if it s very hard as they targeted us also at work, it s important to keep our friends also whatever happens. So if they succeed to isolate their victim, everything would be easier to them because there would be less changings in victim’s life, days would become nearly always the same, nothing would really change, and they ll get less datas to enter into their brain computer interface....without major changings or new programs to do….mind control would be more and more easier.

Besides all this they experiment also their technology and tortures of mind control.

So there are many reasons and motivations for them to do their dirty job the way they do.

lol surely they may see shit as they see their faces in the mirror...but imagine they like shit lol ! They like what they do and what they are!! Omg! LOL

Annie I read your blog about targeted immigrants and I liked it!

Annie what do they do to you that becomes worse and worse?

I find it very bizarre they would want to read the mind of a complete stranger, after all, cant they read anyone's mind? Woudnt you prefer to read the mind of say , a potential employer or people you actually know? This leads me to believe they are more pathetic than ever imagined as people in real life. Pathetic, psychopathic nutcases now have access to these machines and I find that very ironic and quite the paradox. Especially ironic is how stupid my perps are on the v2k, they are extremely stupid people, yet have access to these types of high tech devices. They speak in a very shallow, childish, repetitive sing-song chorus of lunacy, and if you or I did half of these things, would be put in jail. If someone were making bombs in their home, you bet they would be kicking the door in to get at them and arrest them, but use one of these and nothing happens??? People need to open their eyes, because this is going to get worse and my opinon.
Also: waterboarding is considered "torture"---and that is done to terror suspects. What about us?

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