Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

in some aspects.. We may be targets for a reason. Maybe some of us are perverted, or might be following the wrong religion. Are against gay marriage? or we might be racist..

Maybe some of us are lazy, or make excuses to often.. 

For me, I will admit, I wasn't the greatest saint. I indulged in porn quite often. I also wanted to fight crime. Maybe I shouldn't want to fight crime because it is part of our economy. I know one thing for sure, I gave up porn because overall it doesn't help our situation, it does bad stimulation to our brain. Something I don't want.

Maybe its time for us to change our bad habits, and do thorough investigation in our religions.. maybe

then we will be part of normal society again.

Just my two cents...

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There is a lot of research and testing that is being conducted on us and they don't want to admit it, so they target us and discredit us.

Sue--in my experience, I've had "handlers" who were real people, but manipulated the AI by using commands and manipulating its ability to mimic, and override voice patterns. It seemed like it was going 24/7, but they could jump in at any time to add things to it. Other people seem to just have the AI going all the time. (after reading some other users torture journals). But, yeah, there are definitely others who are stalked by different means.

you can not be serious?

what's the right religion then? which are the wrong one's?

man, you need to sit yourself down and have a serious word with yourself there.....

I can only speak for myself. My analysis of the mechanisms of implementation of these crimes, from keen personal observation of circumstances around my own extreme torture and abuse; statements by other abused members of our community, and from research, is that the implementations did not just occur happenstance. A great deal of design and planning, taking possibly years, and most likely pre-tested with simulation scenarios,  must have occurred long before the implementation programs began.

The most important aspect around which the design and planning must have revolved, is the element of secrecy. The crimes, because of the vulgar way in which they insult and inflict pain upon the human body; violate  human rights; destroy families;  completely obstruct legal pathways of seeking redress; drive individuals into economic destitution; send others into mental institutions where they languish until they die; assassinate characters and social image etc, could not possibly be done in the open in a democracy. In order to keep the crimes secret, they had to put into place several layers in that category (secrecy) alone.


One layer comprises of illegally classifying the crimes in order to place them officially out of reach of congress' eyes and ears, giving legal representatives an excuse not to address them, and thus ensuring that the victim can never get redress. This classification is done not because there is any intrinsic national security value in these criminal activities per se - for torture has never, is not, and will never be a national asset worthy of protection - but it is done in order to prevent public and embarassment and dishonour that would surely ensue with exposure when the world learns that free democracies actually torture their citizens as a matter of routine, until they go insane; comitt suicide or die, in what constitutes the ultimate denial of freedoms and protections of government to a citizen or resident . This is despite the fact that the classification manual prohibits classification of activities or information purely for purposes of avoiding embarassment.

The second layer consists of contracting out the abuses to military, security and intelligence contractors, and to possibly using states as proxies. These contractors consist of local companies as well as companies owned by a few former security, intelligence and military  persons from former pariah regimes, such as a few former apartheid South African persons (in Iraq in the past and now possibly in Britain, USA etc);  a few members of the former Stasi of former East Germany; etc, etc. The choice makes sense. They have expertise in this kind of work and their hands have layers of caked blood to prove it. They need no training. By law, mainly pushed by the agencies they work for, they cannot be prosecuted, even if they kill innocent Americans. Or debase the image of the nation. For their part, the contractors have nothing to lose; they have already lost control of their brutal regimes, ironically, with the help of their employers who now use them to implement these crimes. But the foreign contractors have the last laugh. Never happy with losing at the hands of their employers in the first place, they have nothing to lose if they can help soil their image, sabotage their democracies and eventually rot their societies from within. It's called revenge, and they lived by it before they fell.

To further muddy the waters, deliberate confusions are carefully engineered and injected among the  targeted community members. This appears to be accomplished in various ways:

- This tactic is the most damaging to the psyche of a TI in my opinion. It is used to project the guilt of the perpetrator of the crime onto the victim. If the victim ACCEPTS the persuation that his or her actions are responsible the abuse, he/she therefore, by implication, JUSTIFIES his own abuse by finding an explanation for it. This is very dangerous. Targeted individuals are no saints yet many have committed NO CRIMES. Those that may perceive in restrospect, some behaviours that they indulged in in the past and which they deem "bad", such as watching "" as someone pointed out here, have committed nothing to rises to the level of being subjected to this level of debasing abuse. There are laws under which,  even for some who may feel they did something wrong, someone may be charged. Nothing justifies torture. Nothing.

Based on this analysis of my observations and research, I refuse to own someone else's crime by furnishing them with a justification for visiting it upon my being. This post will be extended. I wrote it as an insuppresible urge to respond on the fly after reading  "Targeting may be a good thing!". Normally, I think before I write anything but I just had to say something right away... Best to you all.

Thanks Pat, very true observations.

Touching your conscience and instilling guilt to the point where we utterly doubt our past existence is all part of the mental shakedown. You feeling worthless is their end game. Don't fall for it. Humans are not perfect so be yourself. Induced dreams of your whole past life can accelerate this self doubt. Know your evil enemy. Take control. .... 'em. This is torture what we endure as TI's and our reactions and.symptoms will all be analised and used to control or kill. In war or not.

Well its this.. Can you see this V2k being of use to us? If we were a president it could be a secret way to be guided to a bunker in a war. Or if we are an actor, when we forget our lines. BOOM. Now the problem here is they got bored with that and sold it to the wrong people, now these people use it to harass us daily.

 I don't believe 24hr targeting by the general public or psychotronic attacks, is the solution to correct bad behavior.  There might be some merits as Tis are constantly being monitored, some will try to give up any unmoral stuff. But by trying to do so, they are only made to suffer more and also develop other psychological disorders. If they really want to help the population, they should be researching on voluntary genetic manipulation to cure disease and any bad addictions. All they want is to weaponize every technology they come across and use it for evil.  You are here today because many other Ti have suffered much more, spoken out against it and have eased the burden for us today. The merits you are claiming is an illusion.

Medical science and industry are also exploiting TI's by gleening the effects of our brains and bodies being overdosed by frequencies. Many of us are wired 24/7, have mobile phone type implants illegally inserted and connected 24/7. How harmful are cellphones or any radio frequencies long term. How much will it cost health services in the future. My mother did not give birth to a guinea pig. But that is what I am now......and the cellphone and electronic industry can also see how humans can be harmed. We are dying and nobody asked our permission.
we are classed as animal experiments. I have skin cancer. Do not forget the mind manipulation and the practice of showing you physically and through v2k that you have no free thought or will. We know everything now so let's quickly help the newcomers to this because the initial stages can break your mind.

Youre right Monica and they are giving disease to many people electronically and they are also witholding cures from us. They are poisoning our foods, water, using bioweapons. They have an array of ways to fast and slow kill us. 50 years ago cancer was very uncommon, now every few people develops it. Its a gross injustice to the quality of our lives and loved ones.

I think that some perps may use our shortcomings as excuses to do what they do. Some torture for pleasure. Some for experimentation. The reasons vary as much as people vary. The fact is they have the power to do it. There have always been those who use their position to dominate their fellow humans. When one kind of injustice is overcome, another one raises its head. When it comes to wether we deserve torture or not, others are right when they say that nothing we could do would justify what we go through.

Is this safe? Are there any health risks to this?

jinoe schmoe said:

i took velostat which is in cell phones number pads, and put them in a hat, with some metal tape and the voices barely/rarely connect to me, and act like they just confirm yes or no answers to questions.  your perps are merely an bio reactive system that is pre-programmed and realtime uploaded by real perps who dont even talk to you.  but i believe steer the direction of the next attack perhaps?

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