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Hey everyone,

2 days ago a had some diligence to do and briefly entered a mall to check something with the Wifi. I sit in front of a donuts shop and checked Google maps, then when I stand up I see this individual shoulder surfing my phone behind me. I was leaving the mall, then turned the camera on and came back to see what would happen, if this person was just passing and left or something like that. Wrong!

After I started walking back, I found this person again, checking his phone and repeatedly checking people faces, until he saw me then he stared to a different place. So as I recorded a video, here you have the face of a perp.

I don't usually post this kind of content and some situations aren't clear enough, however, this was.


Alternative link in case the first one is lost:

I was also stalked by another moron in my way back (the street), so I entered a store and the guy looked back and entered another store. This isn't new but the harassment changed, as usually I'd only see overly aware security guards roaming around me, situations that I recorded a couple of times.  This is what I call "harassment by proxy" as the perp give fake reports of a individual so he's considered a person of interest (criminal), so people with a legit authority would actively stalk or harass a target.

Question to the group: have you recently experienced an increased stalking or number of perps?
Edit: Added the harassment by proxy clarification.

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I want to add to this post that more encounter with perps involve them having their phones in clear view, as in looking for something. This might be gaslightning because they try very hard, in a way that they make it too evident.

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What UN Human Rights Chief said. What they are doing. Please send for me too important.

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Soleilmavis' Letter to President Joe Biden

The United States got a new president: Joe Biden, but all the victims, who had been working hard to urge the governments to investigate the secret abuse and torture with electromagnetic mind control technologies for the past twenty years, need to continue hard. The following open letter used to write to President Barack Obama and Donald Trump, and it is now to President Joe Biden.President Joe BidenThe White House1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC 20500 Dear President Joe Biden,I am…See More



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