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TI's I am going to give you the heads up on something, I was on to the Brits about it and I should share it with you also, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH TARGETING BY THE WAY, )))The Iraqi Dinar((( it is the currency of Iraq (some will tell you that this is the biggest scam ever, it isn't , IMO) I own 20 Million Dinar , about $20.000 worth , view this very short video and when you are done view this one

Now I will tell you what the bad points with this investment is, that the Iraqis have been saying all along that they intend on LOP-ping the Dinar (not raising the exchange rate) all a LOP is , if you have a 1000 Dinar note in front of you , you just delete the three zeros from the NOTE itself and from that point on we will all call it a 1 Dinar note , everyone will know that it is still a 1000 note but for convenience we will just call it a 1 Dinar note and will print new notes with three zeros deleted , get it? . Now all they have to do in order to LOP is to get inflation under control , it doesn't cost them much of anything to LOP , only getting inflation under control , and it has been under control for ten of more years now, the general consensus is that if they really did intend on a LOP then they would have done it 2 , 5 , 7 , 9 years ago , why drag their feet?. 

Now if they were to tell the World that they are going to raise the value of the Dinar then everyone and their mother would be buying it up , and as a result they would have to print even more , and inflation would rise , the last thing that they would ever do is to tell the World that they were going to raise the exchange rate (all the talk about LOP). And as of now you can only exchange your Dinar INSIDE IRAQ not outside , you can buy Dinar on the internet but you can only sell it for Dollar in Iraq, the people that you can buy it off will buy it back from you but only for a third or so of what you would have paid for it, outside of that no one will touch it , no BANKS outside of Iraq (as of now that is) , are you SCARED? this is how they want you to feel.

I do not have to tell you about Iraq's natural resources , most of their debt has been wiped clean , forgiven by the World , all but Kuwait , they owe some money over the invasion but not much of anything at all. Iraq was never broke, all of their wealth was impounded as it were when Iraq was invaded , but the new Iraq has gotten all of that back.

Now I don't know all the answers ,this was not my profession, and there is a question that I have asked and never got a GOOD answer to ,Russia also has natural resources coming out of their ears and they LOP-ed 3 zeros from their currency (just like Iraq), no one can give me a good answer of what makes the Iraq situation different to the Russian one, why will Iraq revalue when Russia LOP-ed ,I really don't know, maybe because of Iraqi debt , maybe because they have loads of US Dollar , buckets of Gold, I don't know .

It HAS BEEN SAID, that when Saddam invaded Kuwait the value of Kuwait's currency dropped to nothing (which would have to be true) ,some seen the writing on the wall and bought bucket loads and when Saddam was ran out the value of Kuwait's currency skyrocketed again and some became millionaires overnight. Now there are a lot contradictory statements about this , Kuwait printed a new currency because Iraq had stolen so much of the old (I assume before the value was raised) , this is used as an argument ,some claim that all real records of this were wiped and hidden from the public, I really don't know 100%.

There are things that I have noticed in the Dinar community , (just like there are things that I have noticed the TI community) you learn to spot the shills the PERPS as it were. On the one hand you have Dinar dealers that are trying to make as much profit as they can before Iraq finally does something with their currency (LOP or RV's), so they spread lies and rumors (to up sales).

Then on the other hand you see the shills and the people that bash all day every day on the forums and videos, and at least I myself wonder are the rumors and lies coming from the powers that be to discourage investors (gamblers) ,to burn them out, to get them to sell off all their Dinar, I have seen a lot of leading figures in the community selling off and advising others to do the same , and I always think to myself hmm I am not convinced that you are what you claim to be so I am going to hold on to my Dinar thank you very much.

You will see a lot about this being a scam on the net, but you will see a lot about TI's being described as being delusional on the net too, and we all know the truth about that, Wikipedia does not say very good things about it , but it doesn't say great things about electronic harassment or TI's either, so do not be put off by the negatives online.

We all know that the Iraq war was not about weapons of mass destruction , but more so the Petrodollar and Saddam starting to sell his oil in EURO (which was a game changer).
It is being said that CIA types and US soldiers in Iraq purchased as much Dinar as they could in the opening years , it is said that it went around like wildfire be buy up as much as they could, and from what I am hearing they did.

I am trying to give you both sides of this , it is not a sure thing , but nothing is , if everyone new what the next big thing was going to be then everyone would get rich , it is the curve ball that most never see coming that is the money maker, most people that hear Iraq the last thing that they will think about is opportunity (most people). There is a lot of disinformation in the Dinar community , but there is a lot of disinformation in the TI community too, so try to see passed it.

Now I do not deal with individuals with destructive mental conditions, deliberate ,fake , argumentative types,
 if such a character was to ask me a question I shall be ignoring that individual, regardless of the question, or complement by the way (PSYCHO).

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By the way I should have mentioned that before sanctions ,wars and insurgencies 1 Dinar was worth $3.50 , but now you can buy 1.000.000 Dinar for around $1000 , there are some that believe that this is about to change. If you think that you want to buy some then Google it and you will find dealers ,or you can buy small amounts on EBAY.

Good luck TI's.

Hi again TI's

Just a quick update on this my investment (gamble) , my perps are pressuring me to get rid of it all , they are knocking the crap out of me with DEW's, it had gotten so bad that I signed myself into the nuthouse to make sure that I couldn't bend to their will, (even if I wanted to), I am out again as you can see , but my perps are not giving up on this thing , the only question is do they know something that I do not (is it about to pop) , or are they just using it as an exercise , and if it is number two then why now I have had it for ten years.

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