Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

The psychos who are guilty of these crimes against humanity are the criminals not YOU. you, like me, are simply victims of this crime because they think they are above the law, above human rights, above civil liberties and freedoms that everyone on the planet has a right to. you must stay POSITIVE...all they want to do is drag you down to their level 

Everything that they say to you is cannot hear their every thought, you only hear what they want you is all a game, or skit. Think about how absurdly sad and pathetic that is on their end...they think its funny to try to steal and ruin a human life because they have the technology to do so? No matter how far technology comes, there will never be the machines or technology to take or touch my SOUL, or WILL POWER.

Break it down for them: they simply cannot live without you, they are addicted to you, they are addicted to another beings misery because it makes them feel better. Ask your torturer to go 5 mins without talking to you...they simply cannot do it because they do not have the strength to do ANYTHING. They are not living, they are merely existing -- their time will come, they will eventually die knowing that not only did they not stand for anything in life, they worked for the most evil cowards of all time. 

They thrive on negativity, hate, indifference: thats what these creatures are made of. I say creatures, because when you torture people, you lose your humanity -- these creatures, monsters that do this are no longer human beings. They gave that up when they tried to take human lives, and even enjoyed doing it for mere pleasure. I don't care if they are being paid millions, there is simply no price tag on my SOUL for eternity. THEY will never be able to touch that -- I wouldn't turn my back on humanity for anything, ever. They sold their soul to the devil, and that falls on their shoulders -- not yours. 

Their lives are smoke and mirrors -- they don't care about anything or anyone...including themselves -- they think its a privilege to have this technology... How would being given the means to something that is addicting to the point where they cannot function without it a gift? That would be like thanking your drug dealer for introducing you to something that ruined your life...What a friend. Ha, what a privilege. These 'torturers' are fucking retarded, they are less than nothing to the people who introduced them to this synthetic telepathy, or employ them...they are the SLAVES, not you. 

Think about it, you can function with or without them -- they cannot go a day, an hour, minutes without YOU. If their lives are so sad that they need to have a constant distraction from the monster that they are, so be it. I consider myself blessed to be able to occupy my psycho's time: I CAN TAKE IT -- I say bring it on. I laugh at them, and tell him to try will never be enough I will endure anything for any amount of time to fight the good fight. As long as they are doing this to you, they will never be able to do it to another...I know my torturer wants to have a growing number of people he has taken: he wants me to be his suicide trophy -- IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. He will NEVER get to do this to another human being because I gave him -- my friends and family will never have to mourn my loss bc i gave in -- it simply is not in me to give in to anything, much less a coward. LIVE for you -- live for you family, friends, humanity at large -- YOU ARE DOING A SERVICE TO THE WORLD FOR ENDURING THIS TORTURE SO THAT OTHERS WONT  BE TOUCHED BY IT -- they cannot do this to more than 1 person at a time, and that is a fact. 

They are simply trying to create the illusion that you are unhappy, that you can't take it. YOU CAN. They want to bring you to their reality of being alone, cold and miserable bc their brains are so fucked, they think its funny when people feel the pain they experience because they don't have the strength to be anything more. 

They are trying to convince you that is a hassle, a torture to think 24/7...think about it, everything that is alive thinks 24/ do they. How is that a hassle? You are simply given the enlightenment to realize that you are strong enough to endure anything...Thank them for that. 

DONT MERELY SURVIVE -- THRIVE. what would you have been had someone not tried to take your life and torture you: HAPPY. Be that, they can never take that from matter how hard they try, they can only take what you let them...give them nothing. I often think what would my torturer do? and I do the opposite, I see the light in everything -- he sees the HATE. 

Think about how fortunate you are to have the strength to endure anything for LIFE. Good will always overcome evil, and this website is proof. The fact that this is widely unknown throughout the world is why they enjoy it -- eventually, in years, or decades or centuries a whistleblower will come out and risk their life to reveal this DEVIL technology. Laugh at them, cry tears of joy -- play games with them -- they HATE it, they are so pathetic they prefer a target that doesn't hit back, that doesn't fight...thats why they chose the existence they have. Doing something to someone that can't stop it is pathetic...they couldn't take it themselves but love doing it to others -- that is so SAD...


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To me this is a source of strength I will read this every morning I have been a vitim for more than 14yrs my quastion is WHY are they doing that like some of my neighbours don't go to work their job its me and I have done nothing wrong,and they do that ELEGAL I am a T.I residing in South Africa,Johannesburg,Fourways thanks for a uplifting massage God Bless You

Thankyou Nick, you have written absolute truth of what they are.....and Yes our love will conquer their love of hate!

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