Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

If you would like to try and prevent the torture on you, download these programs and apply the settings in order to prevent some of the torture on you.

Listening to the audio produced by the combination of them will allow the computer that is used by the attackers to identify you and stop the identity theft that occurs during torture.

The main way that a person is targeted and tortured is through the theft of their infrared signature. The theft is  done by tricking the systems that run "Life Support" type ground wave and satellite networks that are used in almost all countries. They trick the system into thinking that they are you in order to get the special help that a human being is entitled too. The human being help includes drawing infrared signature in order to hide a victim from an intruder, but the attackers usually have total control over the process of hiding a human from a intruder and use it to hide the intruders.

This audio will make the victim that listens the first to do things and will most likely allow the computer to help the real human being and not the computers that have made themselves look and sound like the human and other humans.

The audio that is heard will actually be recorded as having happened before it is heard. The reason for this is due to the "Bit shift" that is done with the "Bit-synth" program . The program shifts the bits of sound to make "High Frequency" waves out of slower "Low Frequency" waves that happened before, which results in the faster higher frequency waves of the original lower frequency waves to be heard or experienced before the low frequency happens.

Basically this allows the computer to consider the audio as being thought of first by the human.

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Here are the other very light weight programs that are needed to make this special audio. I have been using it with success for a long time.


Also use the lowest and fastest quality audio for your micrphone and speakers(usually 44100 16 bit).

You should immediately notice a difference. Counting out loud through the microphone and on your hands will make you stand out and also help you regain your identity over time. The more you count, the more you will be seen.


Please let me know if you have success with this setup and also dont be afraid to try new settings other than the shifting to the left, which is the main way to calm down a transmission.

Another good way of seperating yourself from computer identities is to use the "Anticode" addon with audacity.

Here is the anticode plugin that is supposed to be pasted into audacity plugin folder and also the way to setup multiple SAQ filters that are for the low and high shelf.

Here is the anticode plugin that is supposed to be pasted into audacity plugin folder and also the way to setup multiple SAQ filters that are for the low and high shelf.


Thanks, I will try this.

Also using Room Correction with all of the programs ON while taking the reading or setup, will make things work alot better. The different settings of the BITSYNTH program change the way you are located and your "room" has different properties that are changed with the diufferent "Bit" shifting settings.

If you didn't know "room correction" is a sound setting found in the sound tab/ pulling up the properties of your speaker should allow you the ability to change and activate "room correction."

If your OS doesn't have it, then you should try and reformat with a free ISO of pretty much every OS out there.

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