Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

bI think this has been spoken about before but I cant remember. I understand how I get the 'live tv' harassment but I cant for the life of me understand how they do it on pre-programmed television. Any ideas?

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Nope, i havent tried it. However, its concept is known to "play" with automatic brain processes (such as reading before one can name the colour the name is written in). However, i am no expert in the area and answering your question is difficult. Logicaly, i personaly think that you are right since NLP is about connecting and disconnecting and what the perps do in our brains is mostly a "work" of disconnecting and missconnecting creating an effect of disorientation which i assume that it is the foggy/dizzyness you are mentioning.

Doing NLP exercises as such, but again i haven't done it so this is purely speculation on my knowledge about NLP, could have reconnected certain dots that were responsible for your bad being because this what NLP does after all.

Some claim, and i agree, that when NLP is used properly (meaning for a greater good unlike the NSA does),  contains healing power close to spirituality, that would be the "higher thinking" part you mentioned.

I do firmly believe that you just made the experience yourself.

Thankyou everyone, from your responses I am gathering that its basically trick technology. Well I never would have known! It feels so real with me hearing my own thoughts played back to me. I hate to say "wow" but the technology they are using is tricking me to the max and yes! I also get the synchronized happenings. I always put what is beyond me down to black magic, maybe I'm wrong and it is all technologically induced.

 Hi Sue..i think most off it is technologically induced...

Thanks Tim! 

Maybe demons or angels sending Sue to the light and into freedom?

They program us with television
They even call ''t.v. programs''
The brain is put under hypnosis, that's why after a while of watching t.v., the person ''have left the building'' they literally are under an hypnotic trance
Good thing to not listen to t.v. very often
I have many proofs of what I just said above

I do not know about t.v. harassment per se but if you are hypnotized by it, then it means that they can plant any suggestions and thoughts in your mind (without you knowing it) just like an hypnotist.  They do use many mind control techniques with television btw.

Yeh good point Marty....break the box!

I'm not going to pretend, I do not have a television since at least 10 years now but very scarcely I watch t.v. just to have an idea of the shit they are selling us.  As long as it is not an addiction, t.v. is like alcohol it must be taken with moderation but I don't need one to get that information.

Simon Pegg's Mystery Present - Trick of the Mind

It's a complex explanation, but mine is true. It's your God. Look at the lips. It appears as though they're SAYiNG it. because you have your own divine language. God uses this to PROTECT you. and as a tool to speak to you. Ignore or beg. It was written he done this since Babel.

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