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i was one of the moderators of usamicrowavemurder.
so i was trying to do some arith. and i picked up 
an old calculator that was sitting around.  as i used it,
i noticed the logo of the manufacturer.  ah. Texas Instruments.
they were one of the predicted leaders in the personal computing races
between companies of the 1980s.  back then, using the TI-99 4-A (pictured)
i thought that such would evolve into one of the premier computers of the future.
i also thought that Tandy's TRS-80 would go on evolving. instead, it's the trash of the eighties.
it's disgusting really.  all the synthetic telepathy and its connection to global military schemes.
the things that are going on especially in the Ukraine and Iraq  -
they are simple political tricks which people would figure out IF THE SECRET GOVERNMENT AGENDA
was not to use synthetic telepathy to decieve people about the nature of their own thoughts.
Dick Cheney owns Halliburton, now, and Halliburton ABSORBED Texas Industries a few years ago...
Texas Instruments was founded by Cecil H. GreenJ. Erik JonssonEugene McDermott
and Patrick E. Haggerty in 1951. McDermott was one of the original founders of Geophysical Service in 1930. 
McDermott, Green, and Jonsson were GSI employees who purchased the company in 1941. In November, 1945, Patrick Haggerty was hired as general manager of the Laboratory and Manufacturing (L&M) division. By 1951, 
the L&M division, with its defense contracts, was growing faster than GSI's Geophysical division. The company was reorganized and initially renamed General Instruments Inc. Because there already existed a firm named 
General Instrument, the company was renamed Texas Instruments that same year. From 1956 to 1961, Fred Agnich of Dallas, later a Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives, was the Texas Instruments president. Geophysical Service, Inc., became a subsidiary of Texas Instruments; 
early in 1988 most of GSI was sold to the Halliburton Company.
and i come here YEAR after YEAR and you people insist on calling yourselves "T. I."s...
and i look at the calculator because i'm needing to figure out some arithmetic...and it's a TI-503SV manufactured in 2003...
i have never been involved in using the terminology of movements that have not produced the effects that they seek, especially
when they play right into the hands of those who conspire against them...and someone who calls themselves a 'TI' will probably
want to call me a "perp" because that's the terminology you USE, right?  and year after YEAR goes by.  
i remember when one of the members of usamicrowavemurder -- now defunct from lack of funding -- DIED and people talked
about it online.  died.  
i never got to meet the person but i remember their saddened talk about Satanic Abuse survival in Europe.
and are you gonna go on calling yourselves TI and sending the same damn petitions right to the people and organizations who 
WANT you and everyone else on Earth to be hypnotized and neutralized into never effectively defying New World Orders?
yeah, you probably will.  and this is the tragedy of it all.  because if you KEEP ON doing the same stuff that has not worked
after all this information -- well, that's what "hypnotized" means! 
it doesn't mean you are a ROBOT -- robots are made, not born -- it means you are hypnotized to fail,
mentally enslaved, and so whatever steps you take in the name of Resistance will work right into their mass-hypnosis agenda.
like you calling yourself a "TI" -- which is the name of a computer.  that Richard "Halliburton/NWO" Cheney OWNS.  Completely.
  At least that's the legality of it.  have you wondered why all these years of calling yourselves 'TI' have produced no results?
are you prepared to keep on doing it until it works, or you die trying?

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beautiful post   't. i.'for 't. i.'s - i should have known it was this same bunch of dick's pulling our cheneys

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