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Victims Online shop Some victims have their paypal accounts already for business or donation. We also welcome victims to give their paypal accounts here. (1) Paypal account: FFCHS An organization in USA which has been working hard to fight against Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons abuse and torture. Any of your donation will be much appreciated. (2) Paypal account: Beth Buchanan (Canada Victim) She is Homeless. She wishes any possible donation to support her lives and her work against torture and abuse of Mind control and Directed Energy Weapons. (3) Paypal account: Don Donald Friedman (USA Victim) He requires your money support with his lawsuit againt mind control torture and abuse. Please send whatever you can. "Thanks for all of your assistance in the past and I will continue to try my best to resolve these issues in our favor." (4) Paypal account: Soleilmavis has built an online shop network for all victims Everyone can sale their products on this site. Please give your paypal account by comment to this discussion. Your paypal account will be added to this listing.

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