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i lookedseems like one group has more than ten memberstwo groups have five or morethe rest are one group member groups.  okay.the counterculture was squashed by the same entities and agendas that…Continue

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Comment by Marty on March 30, 2015 at 3:36am
Comment by mikal haley on March 15, 2010 at 6:05am
wow, lou, German jews at your baptist church.
i pity my former fiance. her whole family had to hide their jewishness and change their names because...ugh, pennsylvania...

(it didn't work out and this is MY generation (X) i am talking about)

the way that you describe your personal attacker as if you have someone who KNOWS YOU and is personally attacking you. i have one just like that.

pardon my french but i KNOW THE FUCKER and I know what he's all about.

he's disgusting, he's weak and he's greedy. he's a SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST, and he owns a lot of property.

for him i invented a new word "telepathetic". a total loser who has to attack in that sinister psychic way because -- otherwise he's a coward.

you said "I really WANT to believe this kind of Crime is a counter culture; and it is NOT the will of the majority that we be used."

were the Nazis a counterculture in their time, in the Germany and Austria that spawned them? It was the same Germany that 500 years previously had been in charge of the famous 1066 invasion of Britain. I have heard it expressed that there is just something wrong with Germany.

the term i use here 'counterculture' had as its celebrities
allen ginzberg
timothy leary
Hippies in general.

the programme in the United States that was created to sabotage this movement -- that included empowerment movements for native and african americans -- was and remains called COINTELPRO.

COINTELPRO, the counter intelligence progamme was created to sabotage any movements of American youth culture towards actual liberty, personal freedom and empowerment. It was and remains as fascist as Nazi Germany was, which should be a wake up call for any United States citizen and the world. In short, this is not a charade. You don't even have to participate in this group any more if you don't choose i started it for people who had more of an interest in counterculture than merely fleeting or curious.

Comment by SheriGrutz on January 29, 2010 at 2:10am
The advancement of the ideal has always resonated strongly with people, from the americas to hitler to microchipping babies for safety reasons, people will sacrifice anything for the greater good that they feel would prevail. Slavery was argued as being immoral and against God's law by such great people as William Lloyd Garrison but equality is a harder thing when people don't seem similar and aren't given ways to be similar, or the tools to reach that place. You see things like enlightened racism with The Cosby Show or maybe even with Obama when whites see blacks as being like them, its a real catch because we want to perserve people's race and culture and yet have no discrimination or disparity, which is what Martin Luther King Jr. wanted was to be judged by the content of your character. Its important to reach a place where we are allowed to be different from the norm in society and let your true colors show, push the envelope and open the boundaries. If you listen the the republicans these days they always stress "the individual." I do believe they are trying to take over this thing about being unique and answering only to your higher power. They may succeed too if Obama doesn't hone in on it.
Comment by mikal haley on January 28, 2010 at 3:37am
I show two white Americans fighting because one is a bald Ku Klux Klan supporter -- also caled a Nazi Skinhead -- and another is a white American who is AGAINST him. The idea is that the emergence of the late 1960s countercultures showed that something that Gov't hated had emerged...

that being the idea that people were truly equal. people of different skin colors, people of different social classes due to economic inequality.

the counterculture that made people like bell hooks and allen ginzburg FAMOUS had an idea of--

...the equality of people, of the familyhood of the human species...


it is actually fascism, though, as fascist as Hitler's regime was in Germany.

I have watched people pretend to have populist and humane agendas, yet still kowtow to the fascist police state. I will see it more as such is the level of current awareness ALLOWED BY THINGS LIKE HIPAS.

...there were in government at he time of the Civil Rights Movememt /"Summer of Love"
people who were fourth gen. descendants of those who had rode out into the plains to hunt and murder entire tribes of native americans. when the "flower children" appeared...


WHICH IS -- to make a condensed statement -- "unsustainable."

The fascists like Richard M. Nixon and others who appeared in the 1960s
made the americans who claimed to be for those democratic values of the 1700s OBVIOUSLY APPEAR AS LIARS...


as people here know MKULTRA nd the "DSM" appeared in the same year -- 1952

prudent research will reveal that he MKULTRA scientists and the scientists who put together the first diagnostic official manual of illnesess -- THE SAME DOCTORS.

ILLNESSES were actually being CREATED by American doctors.
the whole goal was in short -- to cover up Nazi sympathies among the Bosses of the American system at that time. It sort of worked.

there has been a stalemate in American countercultural activism since then.

a lot of times people DRESS AS IF they identified with counterculture -- but are fascist in inner mentality, identifying with the police state mentality more than those who actively seek to create freedom.

that was what COINTELPRO created... geting people to impersonate those (of us) who sought equality love and infiltrate "scenes" and movements and undermine everything.

now, to soleil personally -- as you know, Cathy O' Brien and Mark Phillips have spread the DETAILS of operations meant to create hypnotized "human tools" of fascism.
Comment by mikal haley on January 28, 2010 at 2:16am
to Sol's question:

A stratum of American and western European culture that began in the mid-1960s. Its adherents, mostly white, young, and middle class, adopted a lifestyle that embraced personal freedom while rejecting the ethics of capitalism, conformity, and repressive sexual mores. The mainstream media sometimes referred to members of the counterculture as "hippies," "freaks," or "flower children."

The counterculture was no more a "culture" than the diverse antiwar movement was a "movement." Rather, the term was applied by social critics attempting to characterize the widespread rebellion of many western youths against the values and behaviors espoused by their parents. However, many young people adopted certain counterculture trappings, such as those involving music, fashion, slang, or recreational drugs, without necessarily abandoning their middle-class mores. Various factors nurtured the counterculture, including the postwar growth of the American middle class (whose "materialism" the counterculture disdained), wide availability of "the pill" for reliable contraception (thus reducing one risk of sexual experimentation), the increasing popularity of hallucinogenic drugs like LSD (which encouraged introspection and alienation from "straight" culture), and the Vietnam War (which convinced many young people that America had lost its soul).

The counterculture's deepest roots lay in the "Beat Generation" of the 1950s, a relatively small group of nonconformist intellectuals who chafed under the rigid orthodoxy of the era. Beat writers like Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, and Allen Ginsberg espoused unconventional behavior and individual rebellion, often fueled by espresso, marijuana, and mescaline.

Just as New York City's Greenwich Village became identified with the "beatniks," the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco developed into a mecca for the counterculture. A poor area of the city, its cheap rentals attracted many who valued community over luxury. In time the "Haight's" reputation drew still more youths curious about the emerging lifestyle. Some left the urban areas behind to form rural communes loosely modeled on utopian communities of the past, but few of these proved to be self-sustaining.


Gitlin, Todd. The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage. New York: Bantam Books, 1993.

Miller, Timothy. The Hippies and American Values. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press, 1991.

—J. Justin Gustainis


there was GREAT EVIL in the United States during the late 1960s (there still is) - AND what it definitely tended to do was bad.

a lot of the stopping of counterculture intellectualism was because
the United States government had a treasonous secret having to do with Industrialists who took the side of Hitler during the second world war.

Many Americans died in that war -- so American industrialists who were selling steel and munitions to the ENEMIES of the Allied Powers would have been VERY UNPOPULAR.
Brainwashing technologies made it possible for the treasoners and Nazi sympathisers to "breathe easier" -- and allowed the BUsh family to rise to political and military-industrial prominence. (as in: had there BEEN no MKULTRA in 1952-- Prescott and George Herbert Walker Bush probably would have ended their lives behind bars...and George W. Bush may have never ever been involved in politics.)

That's how serious this whole area of enquiry is. People who don't know that they are brainwashed cannot question their own intentions because THEY HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED. (i restrain from using guter language here.)
Comment by Soleilmavis on January 19, 2010 at 1:50am
dear mikal, What do you want people to discuss in this group?
Comment by SheriGrutz on January 19, 2010 at 1:39am
Comment by mikal haley on January 19, 2010 at 12:47am


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