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I was a PhD student of CMERI Durgapur. In October, 2019 I had mid-semester exams, during which some scientists started joking about my behaviour, later I was followed in a train by four other research scholars while travelling back home. Later during a seminar during November, 2019, I was indirectly shamed by some employees. Soon that day during the night I started hearing voices which I initially thought was from speakers installed in my room. I was frightened and used to lock my door during sleep. Later I understood that some video related to me had spread of which I had no knowledge. I later understood that I was being used as a communication device by people who had installed some kind of chips/thermo-electric strands in my back/head/ears/buttocks. Presently I have become a victim of extreme Gang-stalking and Remote Neural Monitoring based mind control. I request thorough question of all employees, cameraman CMERI, and JRFs to bust this espionage racket.

I wish to make a public awareness campaign about Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Hypnosis, & other mind control technologies that have been experimented on me during my Ph.D. studies. I have documented this spy technology which can send what a person is seeing through his eyes to a remote operator along with his other senses by brain nano-chipping and using RFID.

Please go through the Patents slides in the attachment:

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Mark Iannicelli posted a status
"By the way hugs and kisses to you Ms. Ning."
35 minutes ago
Mark Iannicelli posted a status
"If targeted individuals are going to be safe they need to do hospital operating and recovery room protection guarding each other."
37 minutes ago
Mark Iannicelli posted a status
"Targeted Individuals are vulnerable in United States installations like USA embassies, military bases and FEMA camps of the USA"
40 minutes ago
Mark Iannicelli posted a status
"Targeted individuals in the U.S.A. are vulnerable sleeping, in an operating room having surgery, jail , prison, mental health facilities"
43 minutes ago
Mark Iannicelli posted a status
"I returned and I am in the Milwaukee Wisconsin area. It is important that targeted individuals create safety support groups."
47 minutes ago
Mark Iannicelli posted a status
"Norwegian countries like Sweden, Finland , Norway and Denmark will go against targeted individuals and allow the American perks to gangstalk"
49 minutes ago
Mark Iannicelli posted a status
"Sweden govt. does gangstalking and regards the U.S.A. as a safe country and has an illusion that every citizen is treated fair and humane."
52 minutes ago
Mark Iannicelli posted a status
"I was in Sweden forpolitical asylum from the United States. American perps gave gangstalking phone aps to refugees + money to harass me.."
56 minutes ago



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