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Buddhism does not SPEAKS OF BLACK ELEPHANTS! We have an elephant and "focus" on the great room AWARENESS! At the time of the Nazi regime cruel and bloody experiments with people of all ages were performed ..

The ladies and gentlemen who performed the supervision of these investigations "abductees" in concentration camps were saved and "wash them" face to keep experimenting with people in other countries and protected by governments form.

global events for papers grounded in suffering and sorrow too many people marked by hatred.

This today no one remembers that not interested.
A film about paperclip project would help us understand how science has used prisoners in concentration camps to be used as human guinea pigs.

In Catalonia people are too busy with Buddhist meditation and letting the universe take over the human karma.

Perhaps in other regions of the world people are more receptive to public denunciation.
I am a "victim" of ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT telemetry psychotronic and I are used to remotely psychiatric research.

TEDDIES CONCERN without shame.

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 I like your comment about the  history of bio medical experimentation by the government and private corporations being very cruel.  Factually, medical experimentation throughout history has a very cruel, exploitative, and sadistic side to it--which few in power admit to and/or care about.  Unfortunately, human guinea pigs are considered non citizens by most governments and laws such as the Nuremberg Code are not enforced because of corporations ability to corrupt and bribe government officials to look the other way to human suffering of captive human guinea pigs. On my site, I mention  some of the studies completed without fairness for human guinea pigs such as Tuskegee, Project Paperclip, Duplessis orphans, Project Artirchoke, the ACHES radiation experiments, Guatamalean survivors, Mkultra, and more.  Many are discussed in more detail in Wikpedia, and other Web pages if you want more information.  I joined this group to learn more.  I have one question what does Teddy represent? 


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Overview Jews Behind Targeted Individual Program

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