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hi!  my name is mike laberge (with a capital 'b')   i chose 'LaBrat' because of the stealth brain surgery i discovered when my hair fell out - the 'operation' occurred in the ewan cameron time frame and vicinity   i learned sometime after registering that a martyr and pioneer of our plight used to be known as 'labrat'   no capital, to be sure, but still...had i known this i would have chosen differently out of respect for the deceased    my mother was unusually unwell and tried to perform post-natal abortion on me a number of times   (i will only report incidents which can be verified by credible witnesses)   my dad was a scrupulous and reputable journalist (back before the 'strange-embedded-fellows' school of laying copy) - for example he stopped receiving national news-magazine editor awards the year he declined an invitation for cdn press to the lyndon johnson oval office   once he told me that while i was a baby, he had come home one night and found a bullet stuck in the door right in front of my crib    mummy dearest told him she thought she'd heard an "intruder" down the hall   i had no doubts about this outrageous tale, and not only because of the unique bonding experience i'd shared with one sister:  she still remembers (i was 5, she then 3) being threatened with death for asking "but why, mummy?" when i was told that i would, barring quite specific concessions, be shot on the spot   my super mom then began loading the modified f.n. desert action 'semi-automatic' (flash-muzzle, recoil pad, and a trick clip function converting it to fully-automatic as required - normally for seasonal game, although one gendarme sorta got in her way once, for an awkward moment or two...)   listen to me:  these are people who can do no wrong, no matter who gets hurt   did anybody call children's aid about my scars?   my dad joked, not seeing the full humour of it, that as a child i was a "regular" at the emergency ward  (well, i was always adventurous - she told me my first word was "NO!")   apparently i was a "solemn" kid   or did anyone express concern or even curiousity at my brother the serial underage runaway ('calgary or bust') getting carted of to a mental institution (4 yrs of drugs, shock 'therapy', sexual molestation...) for threatening to go ballistic if the police didn't come and stop her?   when i was still an infant i was more than once strangled to sleep so the neighbours wouldn't hear me cry and think she was a bad mother  - and my younger sister became good at repairing drywall to hide bullet marks so no one else would get involved and/or hurt   there is a scar on my elbow - "baby's first skin graft!"   ok, so it doesn't hurt anymore now...but the point is that it was never even an issue   and the injury that sent me to the ottawa riverside hospital, which did not accept emergency cases btw, for the illegal and unnecessary lobotomy (for a "broken cheekbone"?!), was no accident, i discovered later (at her funeral, by 'coincidence')   some very serious people who in my view seem to know what they're talking about have confirmed that i am one of those lucky ones inescapably destined for live incineration through ritual sacrifice (hence the title above) - that would certainly, if true, hide any evidence inside MY skull and bones   (for what it's worth, my dad was over-ruled by one sibling, and "brow-beaten on his death-bed" in front of and according to another, regarding his well-known desire to be cremated)   i do not believe that this long streak of fortune (i'm now 60) is accidental and have noticed some striking features in my personal biography indicating an occluded connection with the satanic occultists hoagland and bara cite describe as running this ugly show   let's look at the freemasons, for eg:  their symbol has an 'a' (the pyramid or 'pointers') and a 'g' (the apron)   the (capital) 'a' can be inverted ('v'), doubled ('m'), or both ('w') for a total of 5 secret coded letters   look at george washington, abe lincoln etc for an inkling - or winston churchill, adolf hitler, mussolini, de gaulle, etc - there does seem to be an historically significant trend (alexander the great, ghengis, attilla, augustus all the way forward to g bush, a merkle, v putin...)   and let's take a quick glance at 'communism' - here we see a chairman mao, karl marx, vladimir lenin - hmm...precursor beatles reunion: lenin and (joe) macarthy!   one fine day i chanced to notice that my life-long leftie dad had a 'canadian amalgamation of aeronautic and mechanical engineers' badge tucked away with his journalism awards   (it's pretty cool, actually - the words form a skull and bones even when you turn it upside down)   imagine my surprise to learn that he was nasa's 'shop steward'!    with an iq of 182 it's quite possible he may have been deployed (used) in ways he would not even be aware of   during the war they had him on amphetamines for 3 months straight   he never had any more luck than i had with finding medical records - there are zero records associated with my surgical scars (see 'photo's)   i later realized that every single one of the ladies i'd been associated with for any length of time (as in, for a number of years) bore one of those initials (except for the one outright named after one of these shadowy groups) - and i have travelled the world   my 4 siblings all have them too   the odds of this occurring by chance are about as astronomical as carl sagan's insanely ridiculous response to the arecibo message reply   these odds (and their implications) made me a little nervous, actually, even though regular scary things like bears, ufo's (i have photo's) and stalkers do not    so, i promptly, and maybe a little defensively, hid behind the exception to the rule: the 'mainstay', one miss 'x.y.z.'   but then my dad himself pointed out that her first name was actually a short form (a 'nick'name) for 1 of the 5   the astute reader will have discerned that my unwitting involvement with such covert groups extends even further than i seem to be willing to elaborate - this is only for fear of imperilling (possibly innocent) others   it's not like it could get much worse for me of course - i'm fair-skinned, and quite prone to sunburn!   'peace!'

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Comment by Sue on August 5, 2014 at 3:42pm

Geez Labrat, sorry to hear about your mum and various associations. If it makes you feel any better lve been targeted since birth by relatives and associations, dont know if there any occult ties but quite possible. I believe your mum could have been a victim of mind control. Whatever the case its the strong who survive these circumstances so you must be a tough nut. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by LaBrat on August 5, 2014 at 5:06pm

hmm:  you may be right about the m-c   at the wedding (their one family 'chat') her family told my dad that she'd held the world record for longest-surviving incubator bay, (detroit 1933) - delivered after two months but kept in the box for almost two years   i've since been 'corrected' by busy-bodies that this would factually anachronistic - but perhaps she was 'treated' at the same kind of facility that did my stealth lobotomy   or 'fixed' my brother   my sister has a book describing this start to life as notoriously poor preparation for parenthood - no one to hold her and sing when she cried, for eg. which would explain a lot of my treatment   since her irish-catholic immigrant dad became editor of the cdn. parliamentary minutes (hansard), i'd have to say now that it does all begin to look a bit unusual...supposedly we're distant cousins of mulroney (neither side is boasting about it) so maybe it's a reptilian blood-line thing lol   hey do you know how 'mulroney' is pronounced in his home-town of baie-comeaux?  "mal runee" - that means badly run!   hey cuz - can you free trade our economy back, please?

Comment by LaBrat on August 6, 2014 at 2:22pm

i alluded to old-style integrity in journalism above, and mentioned the president johnson example   but here is a much better one, and not very far away from the theme of the old Hollywood classic 'roman holiday' that my dad loved so much   the night before the government of canada was about to release to budget, conservative prime minister john diefenbaker's closest friend passed away   my dad was a wise reporter who, breaking with tradition, conducted most of his interviews by phone, saving hours of travel   in dief's distress he accidentally let slip the vast import of 'tomorrow's headlines' regarding the economy   now my dad actually ran for the (socialist) ndp in 1963, and well knew that we only enjoyed benefits such as mother's allowance and old age pensions because tommy douglas formed a coalition with the minority gov't based on very human concessions   but he was what we used to call a 'professional' back in the days when you could say the word with pride   he didn't make a million dollars that night through 'insider trading'   he didn't bring the government down either, which the reporting of such a crucial slip might well have done   he completed the interview, thanked the prime minister offering condolences for his loss - and that was that   never had much trouble getting interviews after that, of course...

Comment by David ofTomorrow just now
Delete Comment

Hey Sue! Did you remember this post??? Reread it, then the comments. You'll notice that twice Brat says he had a the following posts he then denies it, but only after i loibted out what the side effects were. It seems tgst hecwanted to be asscociated with the lobotomy but not the side effects so he dropped them both.
I know you dont want to be involved but, he is a compuldive liar. I am uncovering many simikar things,. His motive fir bashing Deca and i are not.based on trolling or perphood. Thosecare lies. Please becaware tgst anything you hear from this member is likely untrue.
"for example your 'no-exit ad-hominem' diagnosis where, either i am disabled for having a lobotomy, or for believing i have one (my delgado surgery achieved neither)" 
Here is another quote from tbat page where he does admit to brain damage, but denies the lobotomy that he twice on this fireside post said hd had.
" Reply by LaBrat on September 19, 2014 at 4:38pm
where does it say brain damage inflicted by a lobotomy? misrepresenting is still lying - you've been told that often enough it can't be another 'mistake': can you make one true statement, just to show you're not a defective lie-bot?

David ofTomorrow said:
LaBrat said:
well i DID post a photo of a brain surgery for which there are no medical records and I DID send you a message asking for directions with this evidence and it's NOT like i've been glossing over the technical difficulties of forwarding material myself due to the brain-damage and surgery-induced 20 percentile in mechanical aptitude i scored after the injury no response so far consider the request recinded btw in other news, i don't follow the "you what?" thing i do believe i successfully conveyed the gist of big 'l's clearly worded thoughts which you seemed to be having difficulty addressing directly it appears that i then offered suggestions so that your actions would not be misrepresented in a bad light by doubters if i take any of that back, how will you then be able to thank me? speaking of which, evidently you have not been paying attention to the several excellent references cited by the big lebowski pity, since some of them were intended for your personal and professional edification on your own blogs"

Comment by David ofTomorrow just now
Delete Comment

If hes willing to lie about something as fundamentally important as a lobotomy to you Sue, who he calls a friend, what else does he tell you that is bullSh*t??
He calls me a perp troll and you know Thats a lie. 
Please be careful in dealing with him

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Mike LeBerg saying that anyone who doesnt believe him is stupid andca troll


trolls don't honour bets the scars are posted for anyone to see not too many members have been stupid enough to challenge the facts, and no one but a troll would have any reason too
that's "lobotomy" scars however, the Delgado procedure is obviously a little more complicated than that, as the fact that there are no hospital records attests to all by its little own lonesome

Vernon said goodbue 4 months b4 I got here liar

Hecwas innocent. ...a bystander
Why then do you call him me???
I im copy pasting where you just admitted vernon left. Thus he wss never me, or vise versa

LaBrat admits in open chat tbat he doesn't receive torture, Nov. 25, 14.

  • LaBrat

    if I got real pain torture i'd probably try relocating I hear south America has a different situation

This is a blog where labrat highjacks a blog and discusses Heikki and scaring him off;


Katherine Friedli
6:32 AM

me rita
hi rita
hi me
how r u
not doing very well
r u guys going to let me talk to myself
help me, anyone
7:02 PM

hi richard
r u real or fake
no answer
i take that as fake
7:05 PM

helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooothis my final time in here. i cant never have anyone to talk with me
lebrat this is rita
r u there
i think she or he is also fake
im done of talking to myself
7:07 PM

hi thepropector!
I remember you rita something "fishy" you said - and I agreed!

i dont trust anyone in here

i didn't see this till now

including u, sorry

big lebowski is pretty consistently full of helpful info

like what

no offense taken, i commend your wariness
three are other websites that propose alternative hypotheses

on what

but (i'm not good at tech) ther is the question of Robert Duncan's shielding methids
for example which is being discussed on deca's bogus g-s discrediting site "perp hehind every mailbox"

i have no clue what ir talking about
it doesnt matter


im leaving
theres nothing in here
is there anothere site like this one online

tha discussion i cited is interesting
7:15 PM

c u labrat
what r u anyway
male or female

i don't know about any like this there probably are some for sure are 'controlled' but without the flavor of opposition you may find here
isn't my picture there?

im going blind
ok thanks for the talk

thai is tragic i am very sorry to hear that it must be overwhelming
anytime, rita


7:17 PM

That newcomer didnt bite....
8:41 PM

Why are you trying to catch newcomers like a fly in a web?
8:43 PM

Is it because the long timers are aware of your disease, and thus ignore you? You have repeatedly openly responded to statements that Deca and I are known by many long timers to be true TIs, with, 'Well im oing to tell the newcomers tbat your perp trolls'.
Thats the very definition of Preditory behaviour.
8:47 PM

To try and Target newcomers with slander tgat tge longtimers dont buy.
8:51 PM
LaBrat scares off another member with slandering 3 TIs

I dont know how much more obviously destductive you could possibly be! Its sad tgat you're allowed here. You scared off the protector/rita, by instantly offering negativity
8:53 PM

She already doesn't trust anyone, and you offer you psychological projection of who You are by ofdering negativity. She split because of You LaBrat. Soon, a moderator will notice.

LaBrat admite to bashing Sanjuro, who had made a comment to me, tgat was erased. Most likely by a moderator. Several moderators on this site are biased against MI TIs, most likely due to cultural stigmas and prejudices, as i notice tgat most European members show abject disdain for the mentally ill. When this war is over, new wars for freedom will begin. Such as equality and freedom from oppression for the mentally ill.

Here is Labrats open chat admissio. To bashing Sanjuro because he was supposed to be me. Then he tells Ernest that this is a CIS site, and Ernest is now gone from membership.

Hello Christine!

4:46 AM

5:34 AM

Good evening everyone.
5:36 AM

Hi Grzegorz.
5:51 AM

Were being spammed! !
9:17 AM

man where is david staying
the times are good now
ppl feel well
one by one
is there anyone still ill?
12:30 PM

4:52 PM

Someone remoced where LaBrat made fun of Sanjuro by asking if he had taken his meds
4:54 PM

Ernest Hart II
Hello alll
5:09 PM

sanjuro didn't used to use multiple exclamation points like you do he also didn't used to threaten members with embolisms, the way you do you are fooling no one, troll ha ha!
5:15 PM

Ernest Hart II
Go ahead

you would think someone one this site would have found a solution, but a lot of new members are unaware of how unlikeky a site like this would not be corrupted or contaminated by the cointelpro apparatus
for instance, deep thought, author ot the synthetic teleahy satellite mind control series, says this is now a c.i.a. front
and soleilmavis herself report being blocked from the site fo months on end
so those who may have found solutions will be detected, collected, and 'corrected', which may be why the site is here in the first place

Ernest Hart II
collected? corrected? what do you mean?

i always highly recommend franky's 'the disinformation train', where he descreibes bring set up by a lomg-timne on-line 'friend' from this site you ought to read it

Hello Ernest!
5:29 PM

Ernest Hart II
Hello David
I go by J.R.
5:31 PM

Ernest Hart II
Have you found any solutions to the remote torture David?
5:32 PM

Ernest Hart II
You still there Mike?
5:35 PM

oops I forgot to say brb i'm back sorry
david is a troll be very careful with him and do not belive anything he says

Ernest Hart II


Ernest Hart II
What did you mean by collected and corrected earlier?

detained or killed

Ernest Hart II
How do you know that?

silenced one way or another from reducing the overall effectiveness of the program
i do not know for sure but certain members who are particularly troublesome do not return
noshitsherlock was mentioned as one such
jake maverick has been subjected to extreme deterrents, and is expecting not to live out the year
I myself just posted about how my g-f and I rgegularly encounter threatening, dangerous and occasionally potentially lethat traffic encounters
on my blog 'laBrat Sass!' it will come up in sidebar
5:42 PM

when the real sanjuro was here, he wrote in such a manner that only the war room supercomputer could attempt to mimic he also warned all real persons to flee this spiders nest
5:43 PM

Ernest Hart II
Why did he warn people to leave?

it is a good question you ask "how do you know that?" you cab only get a feel, really but the feelings divide quite clearly as each issue lines up
because t is a c.i.a. front populated by fakes out to keep us from forming an effective pool of knowledge and resources (what this was before the alleged infiltration)
(2nd para is response to sanjuro question)
5:46 PM

the idea is that there would be a contingent of online agents, doubtless the same operating ffchs (free long-distance target call center - paid for by whom?) which has been identified and analyzed in the informative aricle 'a dozen reasons why it is obvious that ffchs is a disinfo front group organi
ized by gang-stalking perps...'
5:49 PM

whose 'philosophy' happens to coincide point-per-point with the main discussions currently occurring here, and the house's 'take' on it
5:50 PM

the difference being that at ffchs the moderators play certain 'members; as well, whereas here, as you can see by all the spam, they have their hands full (ie: this place DOES have real mods, so it is subject to disruption)
5:51 PM

Ernest Hart II
Do you have any suggestions for a site that is more secure?

and, of course, in case these words WERE appearing on-line and not just before a select group of just such personnel 'playing' me in this, this is better just for that I don't tnnk these opinions would be tolerated or even seen there
5:56 PM

there are a few sites, I have not collected them as I promised someone else, thanks for the reminder, they are all to be found in the posts of member 'big lebowski' and of non-member Anthony forwood
one even has a list of green and red lighte g-s sites, about 300 fake and 17 not
I think the idea is that any public online gathering wil attract disinfo agents
so those which acknowledge their presence, as this one does (troll warnings at th e door) is a step up (but it's not on the 17 ok ones list! ;-)
I do not recall offhand but I think it was also lebowski who suggested that s. America is feasible - but then of course it is itself 'divided

12/17/2014 Labray bashes Tom Elij after calling him an idikt for no appearant reason.

Comment by Tom Ehaj 6 hours ago

Sonique, it's just a distraction, they're messing with you're head, race doesn't matter...

"Penetrate the Smoke Screen I See Through the Selfish Lie"

Clues: Metallica

Comment by LaBrat 3 hours ago

tom ehaj, you're an idiot   i read your stupid blurb and you claim that this torture is being done by psychologists, and that we "should try to be like them"   nothing personal, but you need to go take your head outside for a poo     and echoing 'full name's' sentiments about 'just ignoring it' doesn't look too troll-ish either    that is the main most obviously suspicious position by ffchs, that they don't seem to be interested in identifying and stopping the culprits    YOU"RE messing with OUR heads, race DOES matter to the cowardly racists doing this (check out the documented nazi-c.i.a. and -n.a.s.a. connections) - and it is easy to see through your "smoke screen"     it's people like you that give metallica a bad name lol!   :-)

1w/18/14, labrat openly admits to bashing Tom Eliaj.He claims that somehow its justified.
Comment by LaBrat 3 hours ago
when stupid trolls lie... here are a couple of items collected from sidebar:
2 hours ago
LaBrat commented on Sonique's blog post No Title
"tom ehaj, you're an idiot i read your stupid blurb and you claim that this torture is being done by psychologists, and that we "should try to be like them" nothing personal, but you need to go take your…"
soon followed by this:
(quoting tom's words, but 'skipping over' my clearly expressed stipulation of my "apparent reason":
"12/17/2014 Labray bashes Tom Elij after calling him an idikt for no appearant reason. Comment by Tom Ehaj 6 hours ago Sonique, it's just a distraction, they're messing with you're head, race doesn't..."
to the uninformed reader, it might appear that i am bashing 'tom' without just cause
i suppose this is an attempt to mask such flagrant trolling behind the 'T.I.=M.I.' cover he likes to hide behind to 'excuse' his shameless excesses, death and rape threats, dogs eating members' kids, etc
perhaps one of the hundred friends he claims on the site will gently inform him that taking words out of context with the intention of twisting their meaning is lying doing it here is lying stupidly in public ty!

LaBrat lies to a member about me, and peacepink. ( the number was 12 last month, 25 now....i windef if it will ve 50 next month)
Comment by LaBrat on Monday
welcome carlos reading 'a dozen reasons why it is clear that ffchs is a disinfo front group organized by gang-stalking perps...' may help explain some of your treatment there all support sites will be staged or targeted, but at least here the moderators warn us fairly about trolls at the door
family members are targeted, for eg. my g-f has come close to death a couple of times from traffic since i (now we) have been openly targeted
and one 'member' (the only one with 25 different members accusing him of being a troll) has actually threatened violence against different members and their families those posts are still up, too! sad to say, the attacks on your mother are typical of these shameless sniveling cowards
Comment by Carlos Ponce De Leon on Monday
Hi everyone, it's great to hear that there is a forum affiliated to the survival videos with Dr.David Moss Posner on YouTube. I have been a TI for 5 years and have to say, after contacting many other groups, mainly Freedom From Covert Harassment Surveillance and Dr.John Hall, I have been blocked and not replied to, without reason. I have experienced everything you can think of, even having my mother nearly killed when she was run over by a car, I have been in a facility with a diagnosis, and been criminally harassed for 5 years. I am interested in speaking with other TI's about their experiences and also about questions I may have, and I'm also aware that the internet is full of people claiming to be TI's especially on YouTube where people will tell stories with many times the intent to scare, demoralize, and frighten real TI's.
Some of the questions I have is, has anyone conducted MRI scans to check for grey tissue loss, like real mentally ill people would have.
& how prevalent is direct actions of violence, in my case they have already attacked my mother and on one occasion made sexual references towards her alone in an elevator, and she is in her 60's.
if anyone would like to talk about their experiences and share information on their beliefs my e-mail is or we can discuss this silent crime here on the website.
thanks everyone & Merry Christmas


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My neighbors,  Philippine couples ...

My neighbors,  Philippine couples ...who can enter my house any time  without opening any doors, hang Canada national flag over their house every year, are foreign agency? Robin YanCanadian victim of tortureSee More
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"Biden is deep state 100% and won't do anything, Trump was our best hope for justice. Lets hope that he really is starting his own new party , the PATRIOT PARTY who will be countering the deep state."
22 hours ago
Wayne Morin Jr commented on Miss Sickofit's photo

Money stolen and replaced with 50 pennies

"Sorry for your stolen monies Miss Sickofit's and all the damage and break-ins you go through, people do believe you and know your not lying, I only pray they Stop and leave you alone."



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