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I would like all uk citzens to put there names down so we can find each other, to help anf surport each other and may be arrange to meet at some time

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Started by ROBERT WILLIAM MATTHEWS. Last reply by ROBERT WILLIAM MATTHEWS Mar 1, 2020. 1 Reply

First of all I have suffered from a mental debility for some time now.  I gather most of you are youngish?  However the problem with this kind of thing is it is difficult to find direct evidence that…Continue

ti's all over the world need to unite and sign this petition so the federal judge can investigate this matter like he promised

Started by Miss_Nice. Last reply by ROBERT WILLIAM MATTHEWS Mar 1, 2020. 2 Replies

 my petition is at 241 signatures... please share my petition so we can get a fair investigating into gangstalking.. im sick and tired of living my life like this , im sure u are too , so please…Continue

Mind Control Frequencies Searches / Spectrum Analyzer

Started by Oliver. Last reply by Debbie Kent Jan 24, 2020. 5 Replies

Hello,the mind control is obviously carried out remotely by electromagnetic waves.I did a lot of research on internet to know what are the frequencies used by the perps for electromagnetic torture…Continue

Everyone from UK need help!

Started by Alels Sep 28, 2017. 0 Replies

How to detect microchip and block Remote Neural Monitoring?Continue

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Comment by luck on August 27, 2012 at 5:54am

any one from Liverpool?

Comment by Jake Maverick on July 30, 2012 at 8:40am

??? um, are you Soleilmavis or Paul or both? Muad'ib?

Comment by Soleilmavis on July 30, 2012 at 6:18am

I think victim can join this activity and meet more people, and bring their concern about the mind control abuses and tortures too.

Below is a message from Paul: 

To all concerned sufferers of the banks and lawyers and courts (all these and more are interlinked, it is the lawyers who find dubious means for the banks to circumvent the laws), our battle bus is visiting London on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Pics attached so you can see what is on the bus. Any one is welcome to join the party, for information call 07751338916 (not before Monday). This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to put our grievances to the World and have some fun doing it on board a Routemaster London bus. Let's cause maximum embarrassment while the Olympics are on. See you soon.
atb Paul @force4justice

Comment by Farian on July 29, 2012 at 1:15pm

@ Lenny & Jake.... I also agree with you both, it would be good to meet, i know of one other who is not interacting because of fear of perps, but wants to meet other TI's. ...... I believe we all have to get over the 'fear' , they are relying on you being scared of a group of individuals or electronic weaponry.. people who target you are living in fear, they are scared and need to control everything, they are manipulated by other very scared people who have the money and power to pay for you to 'tow the line' , to not upset the apple cart... once you accept they are very scared individuals and you, the targeted ones are very brave ( you go about your lives not knowing whats going to happen next, anything can happen ) ... so it seems 'self-empowerment' is essential... i believe my attackers have backed off, and they only come out to play very very occasionally nowadays and it is from a distance with DEW's.... I was very very vocal about what happened to me ( 1 example : had 3 red dots just below my left temple, in a perfect triangle about half a centimetre between each dot, it was diagnosed as a shaving rash, by a 'medical' person i had never seen at my g.p.s , i was homeless and had a regular homeless peoples doctor, this one day, i had a completely different person... it got diagnosed as a shaving rash on the hair line ( i wet shave my head and face, so that does'nt fit, there is no hair line wear i stop shaving ) 1 year later i had a skin cancer operation, where that red dotted triangle turned into basal cell carcinoma, i had it cut out, and found info on how in Brighton ( where i was ) the police were using microwave weapons against environmental protesters ( due to the heavy weapons manufacturing that goes on in brighton ) common sense tells you and me , i was one of those people... .... i have had people acting out stabbing me in shops and then acting like they were mind controlled and didnt realise they had 'bumped' into me ( with their fist clenched and punched into my ribs ) ...... so , i turned the tables, became more vocal, sent lots of info to the military, mi5, police, basically started calling their bluff, based on media reports where it is proved they are corrupt and targeting people , for example with the Porton Down facility... within weeks, instead of being followed around shops etc by what look like clear 'hooligan types' , i noticed the guy who is 'always' there was surrounded by about 5 old ladies, they were talking to him, and you could see he was trying to be polite and get away form them, but they would not let him go... it was really funny, as i left the shop i could see him trying desperately to break out of this circle that the old ladies had him in, he could not and looked really really frustrated.... by the way the guy that acted out stabbing me, i called him a spook to his face, and he does not appear any more, just rarely and i always make an effort to make contact and say hello to hiim.... it makes him nervous ;')..  i am not your average person when it comes to being intimidated... i am happy to confront people, say hello... i can have conversations that mean nothing to shop keeper and mean evrything to the 5 people that suddenly come into an empty shop and stand behind me in the que... which is really obvious tactic... they need to 'hear' everything you say, so make sure you say stuff to mess with their heads ;').. seriously guys, you need to turn the tables on these people, they are living in more fear than you... thats why they do what they do... if you do not conform to what they want, then you show them you are free minded, unlike them, who were to weak to refuse the offers giving to them.... so they end up targeting you to prove they are not weak, not because you have done something wrong.... please start reacting on them, say hello to them... smile.. tell them they are being sprayed with weather modifying chemicals daily, tell the to research chem trails... anything.. good luck

Comment by Jake Maverick on July 29, 2012 at 8:23am

@ Lenny, i agree and understand your concerns....but on the other hand....when you're desperate what other choice is there?

none of us have the power to put a stop to it anyway...and no doubt there are perps on also see the irony of this site being administered in china but hosted in the states?

it's the only form of contact some of us have, i've been in isolation really pretty much for 7 years....give it a long you been targetted for?

Comment by Gabriella Hafner on July 28, 2012 at 11:43pm

Comment by lenny bruce on July 28, 2012 at 6:53pm

Hello all. I have just joined and just browsing below it is quite clear why TI mutual support remains ineffective. The internet is the most dangerous place to have open discussion. Of course there are perps here. Many sites have been created with the specific purpose of identification, containment and continued harrassment. I reserve judgement on peacepink but the merew name of the site strikes a degree of fear in me. As long as this communication is happening via the internet we will never ever know who is genuine and who is not. THE most important thing that we, as genuine targets can do, is provide mutual support. 43 people in the UK is a tiny number and no doubt there are many others who are too afraid to reach out.  Please think long and hard about how to overcome the suspicion. The only real way is for subjects to hold a conference and meet face to face where with an exercising of perception it will be easy to identify the perps if they have the nerve to show up. WE cannot do this on the net so consider where and when we can get together and share real communication links and set up systems of support that let the evil bastards that sre conducting this persecution that we are no longer in isolation and that our connections are strong and effective in preventing them getting away with it.  Thank you

Comment by ELISEO PEREZ on June 29, 2012 at 12:59am










/ - - / - - / - - / -

 / - - / - - / - - /



                  WHILST OF NIGHT



 Whilst Caught In The Stern Solemnity Of Sleep;

 Whilst All Malevolence, Filled Fill The Air;

 Whilst The Evil's Of Nightfall, Time Did Reap;

 Did Tenebrosity In Laughter Stare.


 Whilst Quiet Incubus, Caught, Sought, Ought For Naught;

 Whilst With All Machinations, Screamed The Night;

 Whilst The Yearn For Little Peace Reckoned, Silence Did Wrought;

 Did Enmity Soon Eclipse Dim The Right.


 Whilst For A Time, Physiognomies Shuffled;

 Whilst With Eyes, Nonchalant The Octet Skies;

 Whilst Occult The Forlorn Ostentation Foed;

 Did The Night's Distortions, Conspire The Wise.


 Whilst, For The Angels Did Twinkle In The Night;

 Whilst Didst Elves A Fixed Dark Night Wrest A Fee;

 Whilst With The Obscurity Culprits Rid Light;

 Did The Writ Speak On With Philosophy.


 Whilst The Air Like a Seoul Swags, Swathes, Swoops, Or Swoons;

 Whilst All The Stygian Winds, Voids, And Oaks, Sing;

 Whilst The Nightmare, As A Black Widow Cocoons;

 Did With Spite The Abnormality Sings.


 Whilst Of The Aberrant Wit, Stills Enmity;

 Whilst With Their Rogue Senses, Anger Sought Might;

 Whilst Is Dark Woes The Injurous Equity;

 Did Of The Dark Sayings Awesome Hate Rise.


 Whilst From The Twighlight The Spirits Say For Souls;

 Whilst For The Inkness Of Night, The Ghouls Klutz;

 Whilst Will Cacophonies Prance With Pride Their Souls;

 Did The Nigh Deep Of The Seas Join Hands Clung.


 Whilst Of Night, Egyptian Spells Smell Of Secrets;

 Whilst Invisible Leviathans Loathe;

 Whilst In The Night, Melanism Chains With Fetters;

 Did Many Mephistopheleses Loathe.


 Whilst Of The Obscure Winds, Darkness Envisions;

 Whilst Of The Book, Whispers Loudly, Their Rhymes;

 Whilst Of The Dreams, The Night Mare, There're Sweet Inclusions;

 Did Of The Riddles, The Night Prowlers Say Rhymes.


 Whilst Of The Likes Of The Dawn Of The Dark Swung;

 Whilst Of The Likes Of The Dead Of The Night;

 Whilst Of The Likes Of The Eventide, They Sung;

 Did That Old Black Hour, Meet Nihilists Of Night.


 Whilst With The Clangor Of Horrors Of Clangs Still;

 Whilst Of The Chink Of Shackles, Sounds Clutch;

 Whilst For the Cklink Of Night, Irons Says Its Clings, Still;

 Did the Wiles' Nocturnals, Whilst Of Night, Much.


 Whilst With The Clamor Euphony Entails Night;

 Whilst Of The Clack Of The Silence So Rings;

 Whilst For The Clank Often Clangs The Dead Of Night;

 Did Tenebrosity With Laughter Sing.




By: Eliseo Perez

June 24, 2008

Poem I began since High School.

Dedicated to all victims of electronic harassments and surveillances.

Written during and about the surveillance interactions I encountered that encouraged me to finish my poem that was only 1 stanza (4 LINES) then.


Comment by Farian on June 28, 2012 at 4:39pm

Annie, what does "overrepresented" mean ?  ? i am new on this group / site and have no idea whether there are perps hanging around on here, although i get daily messages asking me to contact people via e mail. so it speaks for itself.. but please can you explain your comment ? cheers and best wishes ;').

Comment by Monica Rey on June 28, 2012 at 1:55pm
Interesting, what' s your opinion?

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