Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Hello from the USA my name is Sarah Mitchell, and I am a targeted individual, and the V2K is very real, and very frightening, this happened to me, when I was first being targeted, I was unaware of what was happening, I was experiencing some very strange things ringing in my ears sometimes one ear sometimes both, I was having real bad headaches the ones where you feel like you could just blow your brains out, along with being extremely nauseated, I kept thinking something was real bad, maybe I had some kind of illness, my husband and I was constantly trying to figure out what was happening, we started shutting down the electric at the main, and we covered our walls with aluminum foil, all this did nothing, then one day I told my husband I will make a pallet inside our new van and sleep out in the van, I went out to the van at 10:00 PM I got in and laid down, at around 11:00 PM I felt an enormous energy, it felt like it was inside the van with me, I asked out loud who are you? and what I heard next was shocking to say the least, the voice said Edison, I asked why are you doing this, and there was no reply the energy Frequency got very loud, I jumped from my vehicle and ran into my home, the device being used on me was a targeting device by my very own power company, and by my own Government. The world in which I lived before all these horrific attacks, was one of peace, I worked a good job, and was going to college, all that has changed, my husband and I battle just to get some sleep, clean, and have meals together, everything has been altered, it has got a little better, sleeping in a Faraday Cage, using DE,diatomaceous earth, and using carbon, lead, aluminum, and copper, magnets, and  Far infrared, I have also learned that that 2 way transmission allows me to fight back, and the weapons I carry are more than they want to deal with so they don't open the door no more, I raise my frequency by singing songs of Praise to God, I know that he is with me, and I am not afraid, I know what their bag of tricks are. God will direct my way, he has given me strength to see right through this deception, I know there will come a time when these devices will be forced upon all mankind, this is the New World Order plan, the elite do not want us to be free, they want to control us, and make us all slaves. God described these type of people he called them men of depraved minds, and that he would hold them accountable for what they have done. Like Moses said to the Israelite's stand back and watch the hand of God. For all those out there who feel they have no hope stand firm, you are not alone, we are one together Christ. 

Thank You

Sister Sarah.         

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