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Eugene, OR

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  • Mark Iannicelli

    July 30 2008 Executive Order13470 amends Executive order 12333 is most likely being produced and signed labeling targeted individuals "terrorist so their associates can use us for human experimentation and then murder us. Trump could be worse.
    After a targeted individual's death their data detailing their health debilitating torture and murder is for sale to other contractors.
    Targeted Individuals are most likely cremated to hide any foreign matter like probes and tissue damage.
    The only way to stop the assaults is to kill the doctors that inject the probes for self defense.
    Hypothetically speaking such an act would have to be done anonymously because an assailant would never get a fair trial and would be targeted by contractors, law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
    If someone had assasinated Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado in Spain when he was affiliated with Franco their would be a lot less pain , suffering and murdered targeted individuals.
  • jane

    hi, been through the lot, for 17 years, know they pysch surgery planned for me, I don't know what to do, any advice???


    Any government that is complicit in committing crimes against humanity, including Russia should Not be trusted.