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  • Music Teacher

    Hi Sue, How are you going? I am just checking that you are ok? I have been quite worried about you since last email. How is it going with your mother? I think if our families knew what we were really going through they would go a bit easier on us. They don't understand because it is not happening to them


    I was thinking if you don't want to take the Silicea maybe you could try Magnoplasm on the hollow of your right cheek to try to get the voices out  of your head at least? I would be happy to send you some if you are comfortable emailing me an address to post it to you. My email address is I would like to help you if I can. 

    The perps can't really do anything to me anymore as I don't have the implants in me. You do not need to worry about me. If I do need to have a needle at some point I will just take the Silicea again and the chips will all come out again. 

    Also I did some research and apparently Silicea is good for improving immune system against Morgellans. 

    How you are ok .

    Music Teacher

  • Music Teacher

    Hi Sue,  I am just checking in with you and making sure you are ok. How was your Christmas?  Are you feeling any better than last time? I see the weather is so hot down where you are. I know you we're hoping for warmer weather but this is a bit extreme!

    I hope you are not upset about some of the comments made on here lately. Some of the people are perps so it is to be expected from them. Don't listen to them. 

    I hope you are feeling well.

    Take care of yourself,

    Music teacher

  • Stephen O' Neill

    Did you change your profile name from Sue to Sally?