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  • A.

    Dear Sue,

    G-d loves you so much. Here is a powerful affirmation of truth you can say and it will protect you. "Adonai Hu Hahelohi. Ein Odd Milavdo"  meaning G-d is the creator of everything. There is none else but him" say it over and over again when ever you need. G-d loves you because g-d created you. When ever you need a boost read genesis first chapter over and over again. See what is good in g-d's creation and remember g-d blessed the light because it was good. Nothing comes into being except at G-d's command and not human being's commands.

  • A.

    correction the word should read Milvahdoh

  • A.

    Oh my computer does automatic spell checker. Let me right the phrase again.


  • A.

    sue we need to get a bunch of activists together. I am thinking about 5 to 20 in melb

  • Joseph suazo

    Thanks for the support sue, and hope u find ur answer in life. A saying in my country once says " there is no slavery if no one will serve as a slave. "
  • hassanmcv

    Red Ribbon
  • Farkas Ferenc

  • Farkas Ferenc


    This is a computer.
    That it will conduct a police officer by the hand, and its victims.
    trying to destroy you by 15 points. Each drug / sex / Crime / diet / psychological problems / family / own health / occupational and personal environmental, and these are broken down. What can you do?

    This is the question .
    I Felder, I am seeking. I see other destinations. Conciliation, we pass each other our stories, ideas, everything around me take notes on paper, the reality will not let slip apart, I try to recognize who is the enemy and who is allied. Constantly long talk with him.

    Where to look?
    Look at who you are vested with jurisdiction. There will be your destination.

    You will not find information about it, because this machine does not leave any marks. The purpose of telling you, let him little if scamming you'll be dead. Then you'll know what the end goal, but beware lest the second or third occasion derülljön out. So far, I found one survivor, I do not know how it ended. If you read my side all the properties described above.

    No matter what you try to convince you. You can see whether a hologram / hallucinations as well. Read your mind when you were a child, everything over to break.

    You do: Never give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And look for in the law enforcement agencies, the police who monitored. Collect as much data and precise words, write down what you are doing and for what reason did this voice. But first meet a person who has caused serious damage to this activity, called police corruption.

  • Jarkko Ronkainen

    Hello Sue!

    The things are same situation here in Finland. They don't even want, that i write here in peacepink. I think, all are only fakes in our Finnish group, except me. It's better be alone. They also use mobbing in our school, which i've told you before. You know, they are horrible persons. How about your situation? They use long distance technology here everyday. It's all time harassment 24/7. Could be remote neural monitoring technology in long distance.

  • Anneline Harisunker

    Hi Sue. I have read your posts. Keep your head up and don't give up. I am also being accused of the most sickest, heinous and vilest things ever. There are days when I feel extremely low too. But never give up dear. These "Perp's" will always latch onto the things that affect you the most and use it to victimize, harass and break you down. Whatever you have a mental reaction to or an emotional reaction to, they will torture you with over and over again. This is the way they operate. Watching / listening to stand up comedy or comedic videos helps me keep depression at bay - laugh away your depression. I have been abandoned by some of my close friends and family members as well (they know what's going on), but realise this - it's a reflection of who they are not you. As long as you have your heavenly father, father in heaven and you - you are good girl. And most of all you have us who are in the trenches with you, so chin up. Take it day by day.

  • Anneline Harisunker

    Hey Sue.

    Thanks for the compliment. I try to be as strong as possible. I am a new TI, it started covertly in the beginning of 2016 and then went full swing overt around October 2016. At first I thought that maybe I am misinterpreting the situation or I may be going a little "cookoo for coco puffs"... LOL. But unfortunately this is all too real. I believe that it is a private company for whom I did some contractual work for that is responsible for this. 

    I have come to realise that the perps are following a torture script to bring you down mentally and emotionally. They do that whole street theatre crap too. Basically everything I think - they say I am lying or embarrassing myself apart from all the vile sick comments. But I remind myself that my thoughts, my life and my opinions are none of their business and they are the true slaves in this situation. Everything these idiots say to you is a lie. They mix half truths (based on your thoughts) in there to get your attention but ultimately it is one big lie.

    No normal person (whether it be friend, family, acquaintance or stranger) follows a torture script day in and day out and harasses a person 24/7 for months even years on end. They are definitely making their everyday about you even if it's in a negative way. And they are doing this willingly whereas you are an unwilling slave to this torture machine.

    Everytime you feel down just know that you are an unwilling pawn in this game and the perps are willing zombies and slaves to this shit. 

    Honestly, I haven't prayed in a couple of months because prayer is sacred and should be between you and the one above. Knowing that these vile evil creatures know what I am praying about and may use it against me is unnerving. But I plan to get back to my spiritual self soon. There were days when I was down and I felt I could not make it, but when that happened I was always reminded that I am not alone spiritually in some way or form. Knowing that I am not alone and all TI's are going through this is comforting. 

    Thank you for the advise. Like I said I am just going to go through the motions.



  • Sarah G Mitchell

    Hello Sue I am glad you asked we are still dealing with the artificial intelligence AI Beast System, and the Military NSa CIA DIA University, google, tech Co, and those Companies Obama Congress NDAA allowing torture on innocent civilians, it is a constant discovery of what their doing, and the tricks are many, mostly slight of hand, but mostly Satanist based, yes these use rituals and Satanism to torture, the directed energy weapons., allowed by Congress and Senators, and Obama, clearly says what is happening, a takeover of our Country has happened, and this is the fallout, now they are injecting their ideology of Transhumanism into our daily lives, and using televisions mass media to do it, just look at all the Satanist shows, and advanced exploration, claiming we will go to Mars by 2024, its all planned out, and has been for years, we know what the Bible says about all this, and that Satan will be like a roaring lion out to destroy all he can. The end is near and this will get worse. We can only hope pray the people will wake up and see what this Satanist world is and turn the God. Savior Jesus. before its to late.. Love Sarah

  • Sarah G Mitchell

    Hello Sue I am glad you asked we are still dealing with the artificial intelligence AI Beast System, and the Military NSa CIA DIA University, google, tech Co, and those Companies Obama Congress NDAA allowing torture on innocent civilians, it is a constant discovery of what their doing, and the tricks are many, mostly slight of hand, but mostly Satanist based, yes these use rituals and Satanism to torture, the directed energy weapons., allowed by Congress and Senators, and Obama, clearly says what is happening, a takeover of our Country has happened, and this is the fallout, now they are injecting their ideology of Transhumanism into our daily lives, and using televisions mass media to do it, just look at all the Satanist shows, and advanced exploration, claiming we will go to Mars by 2024, its all planned out, and has been for years, we know what the Bible says about all this, and that Satan will be like a roaring lion out to destroy all he can. The end is near and this will get worse. We can only hope pray the people will wake up and see what this Satanist world is and turn the God. Savior Jesus. before its to late.. Love Sarah

  • Amber Wilson

    I've tried to send you a personal message but it's blocked some how......I really need help, I'm in a bad way and they are attacking ....I need some justice......a good advocate, detective......I need help and someone who will believe me
  • Amber Wilson

    Thank you for your post, I can only find information on TIs that's says we are crazy, no help
  • Wayne Morin Jr

    Nina Duval interview-will go after the perps and gangstakers ! Share

  • Wayne Morin Jr

  • elizabeth king

    Hi Sue thank you soooo much for your kind words It just shows than even when people are in dispair themselves they can still offer some confort to others in need The best acheivemnt i have done so far is that i am still alive its 2018 now and i do know if 2018 is anything like as bad as 2016/17 i wont make it to even spring I am fighting but after 48 years a TI and 14 years now a constant hammering im totally worn out But again I hope you are doing better than me and may 2018 bring you some peace Be well Elizabeth 

  • elizabeth king

    i have  no family or friends at all in UK let me teel you sue I researched TI for a decade read all the books and all the youtube videos i gave all that up last FEb 2017 onw thing.,  i did learn You know they can mind control us TIs well I can 100% assure you they can mind Take Over all your friends and family too that is they  ( the AI ) can totally take over what your family and friends say to you and the way they behave towrds you this is FACT I have expereiced it for decades before i cottoned on ( also i read about it ) so please DO NOT think all you family and friends are agaist you its the AI computer remote controlling them Then it memory blocks them so they have no real idea why they behaved in a abusive way towards you I have know this 6 yeears and it helps to know that the vast majotrity of people arounf you are not perps They are simply innocent bystanders who are totally taken over and remote controlledm Its all very conviencing when they behave in this abusive way but believe me its not the real them A lot of long term Ti s have figured this out Its wont stop the tortiure but it can restore your fasith in humanity I have surgeons and doctors and members of government all taken over over the years SO remember its not them no matter how conviencing it may appear to be them its not its the bastard AI comuter at their minds and its will fool you time and time again As soon as i realised this withina week asll my harrassment had stoppped never to return Unfortunately no sooner  had that stopped than my physical and mental toerture was badly increased i hope this eases your mind but truely your family and friends are NOT in on it NO WAY Its a very conviencing AI take over of their minds OK 

  • Amber Wilson

    There is no help....none, no hope....I wish they would kill each already...this life fucking sucks so bad 

  • Amber Wilson

    I'm so sorry I'm so negative....I'm just in so much pain, I can't take no more and they r just slamming the shit out of me. 

  • elizabeth king

    hi sue thank you for the advice but i have tried every tryp of shielding know to humankind  to begin with they let same work for a while but im very far down the targetting programme and nothing works Ive tried all day now i have utter misery dispair and deprression this is not me its  a frequency dew elf all day then at night in a split secpond they change it to utter mind blowing terror torture last night i took 2 boxs of valium and it made it worse at my stage they willl override all  meds so they have no effect there are different levels of targetting most TIs will never reach my level of extreme 247 i can only find one other TI at my level and she is in NJ usa i sit paralyzed to my chair 98% of the day in serve torture try try as i do i am frozen in torture the nights are even worse with the terror all night its relentless now i am terrifed to get up in the morning and terrified to go to bed IM sorry to be so negative but after 48 yeras im finished I wish yiu all the best and pray you will never experience this Take care Liz XX

  • Amber Wilson

    Thank you sue but it's over for me, I am unable to even do one single thing I enjoy doing, I just sit and take the beatings ....there is no hope for me
  • Amber Wilson

    I just can't record any of it, it's too much....they won years ago....people have to die for justice, I can't handle it...I just can't, I'm not strong enough or even have the desire to anymore, there's nothing left to live for and all they do is take....
  • elizabeth king

    hello sue Sorry for the long delay in reply but ive been hit pretty hard and on the fews hours ive been ok I could not face anything to do with TI ....Yes i get the nightmares too IN one i was cooking one of my small dogs in the microwave then i took him out while he was still alive and ate him Its appaulling what they put us thro They dont hit me so hard with the emotional stuff as they do you Mine is mind and body torture like agony tortures The mind tortures are worse than the physical ones by far I dont know about a after life i hope your right a nd one does exist as this life we human lead is so unfair with some people having a life of happyness while others like us lead lives of everyday misery surely the cosmos cannot be that unjust 

    I agree theres more going on here than simple experiemntation with me they take me to the brink of death then esae up then repet that constantly its been going on since 1975 the year you where born whatever they are doing its hell on earth for me anyway with no happyness or even normality left in my life a long time now 

    Do you hjazve any pets ?? theyve killed so many of my pets iover the years ive lost count maily kittens and puppies ( i bred them ) but alsdo my adult pets Tho sine last year( sorry 2016) theyve left my small dogs alone 

    Do you live alone ?? ive been alone 20 years now i dont really  know if your any better alone or family since they can mind control all your family to turn againmst Beleive me thay can mind control anyone at all around you literally anyone Ive had it done  yo all sorts ive people all professionals Like dioctors and menbers of government and you d be amazed been going on decades Since i cottoned on it rerely happens anymore 

    Dont take to heart what your fAMILY DO and say to you because its 98% a AI computer taking over their minds they are helplesss they even tamper with their memories while mind controlling them 

    I hope your ok where do you live im in UK Devon 

    Take care of yourself and every TI programmme is different yours may end up moderate and never reach the very servce level you just dont know 

    Bye for now 

    Liz XX

  • elizabeth king

    sue i got  your email it came tho as a email so like a idiot i replied to it thro email Then i saw no reply so you wont get it I will do you a reply as soon as they give me some respite last 2 days have been hell on earth I never had the like of it before 24/7 non stop barbaric they only eased up at 9pm UK time tonight Also they wont let me sleep last night had me in a waking trance I will reply to your message as soon as i can 

    I hope you find some peace soon 

    Liz in UK  

  • Ms. K.

    Yes, Sue James!!  Hi, thanks for response, my time is short, so I effect and help more victim's through my Youtubes, I found there is way too many perps on here, and I was reaching few TI's, but I met some great TI's and people on here too!!  It is faster to make my own Youtubes, I reached a 100 subscribes they congradulated me today!!!  Remember for fast contact I get my Facebook daily, a few times a day or Skype calls are FREE and world wide, as me to your Tweets ( I don't use too often) or FB or YT...Thanks and keep in touch!!!  See the youtube on the "5G Death WiFi fake cell towers too!!!" remember to add me to your SKYPE connections!!!  Have a great 2018!!

  • Ms. K.

    It said I have to download Java Scripts here too, my computer hard drive is getting full, don't know if it will let me download any I could not comment but a to a few people...but keep in touch the other direct email too is: the YT's on the "Death Towers" and spread the word, fast!!  See the YT on "the USA Military wants a coup of America!!!!" also..Later dear, stay strong, Blessings!!!

  • Carl

    Thanx Sue for ya msg. Glad ya still fighting the battle. We will never give up HOPE! ;-)
  • Tee

    You asked what I meant by body puppetting. It is the worst possible thing. it means they are using transhumanist techniques. I am asleep but wake up with my clothing changed, have had signs of operations, sexual abuse and my body changed. You see, I was completely unaware of targeting but had my mother turn against me calling m crazy and a conspiracy theorist before I even move to her town an before I knew such a thing existed. They had been studying my family for a long time, evidently. We are from the east coast but ended up out here in Phoenix through various means, away from the rest of the family. I am aware that the people in the environment are not aware, except that we have a criminal element that actually moved into the block, sit in cars outside when I am home and come in the house ALL the time. They turned the house into a giant microwave, and tunneled under the house from the houses across the street. So what they have done and planned is huge with important people involved. They disabled my car and hooked the electricity up in there when I tried to get away and would drive down the road to sleep. They hacked my car daily (hacked the locks) and changed the engine to remote. I have had hackers in my phone so very at least 2014. I moved here in December 2014. I was wondering why I was so tired for years. Finally, they started going very Ng me "psychological survey questions is" when I would apply for jobs online on y phone, the public library or the state employment site. They once asked "Do you believe that what a person doesn't know won't hurt them?" I rpli d yes, not exactly agreeing but knowing that I knew some things that if people knew, they would only have trouble living there lives knowing that some things from the past were deliberately done. So, I believe they had the capability to manipulate my body fo sometime, but put some sort of unconsciousness or memory blocker mechanism in me, an once there was enough electricity in the house and in my car, they have been able to transmit signals. I Kno hat before I moved here, my daughter's mother in law said that she got up in the middle of the night and one night and my daughter was awake, standing over a guest who was sleeping in the living room, but she was not sleepwalking. I also hear one guy(a target) say that when he was talking to the V2k voices in his head, they threatened to zombie walk his young child to do something while they were asleep. I believe they have a had this capability for some time, and that there is some mechanism whereby they can disengage our own thought and selves when we sleep and use the computer to have someone else do the thinking walking and talking, IF the right paraphernalia is in place. I would much rather b wrong about this. I have tried to film myself before sleep and they always turn off the camera, or I have found that whatever device I've use has been turned off. Now they say thing like (once through my mother, as I don't have V2k, though I believe I get subliminals from them), you need to go to the mental health authorities an turn yourself in voluntarily. Now, I went to them once and was raped and assaulted, with no sign the next day that I was given a bed, which is what went there for, at the suggestion of a local religious shelter that said they had no beds available. I have tried repeatedly to get a place outside of this house is with my mom her. They are using millimeter waves (might be called a Lilly wave or a "D wave") to completely control all narratives with humans. Whatever it is that enables it, it's electrical and, it seems that for it to be sustained, it requires an implant of some kind because each person in my life regularly since I've been here has either had a stinker in the hospital, has had to have a dental procedure requiring sedation or a gynecological procedure. A year and a half after I got here, one of my teeth began to degenerate in a matter of days, requiring removal.
  • Ari




  • cait

    Thanks Sue for the info.  I really aappreappr it.  Have a nice day.   Hey can I ask you a question...?

  • VM

    Hi Sue, Don't worry, I'm not disheartened at all, just got busy doing other things. Thanks for reaching out with your kind message anyway. I'll be back!

  • Stephen O' Neill

    Hiya Sue, how are things down unda. Yes my family put me in front of a GP who put me in front of a mind Dr who locked me up after telling him about what my harassers were doing to me. He wanted me to take meds and I said no so he locked me up and forced me to take the meds anyway. This happened twice. Yes it is scray how easy it can happen to victim of targeting. The meds made zero difference to my targeting , the Dr told me that it would but it didn't. Well then when I tried to come off the meds the 2nd time my harassers attacked my mind very badly so now I have no choice but to keep taking them, whenever I try to come off of them my perps attack the living crap out of me. I hope that you are OK Sue

  • Stephen O' Neill

    It is like they are mimicking mental illness, I guess they just want me on the meds , my attackers that is.

  • Stephen O' Neill

    In my opinion Sue , it suits their agenda to have their victims on meds , as far as the people around us go , they just think we are nuts when we are on meds, and that suits our attackers just fine , it gives them cover to do whatever they want to us then, and the people around the victim will just dismiss everything they say when they are on meds.

    I know I am 110% sure that there is nothing wrong with me but whenever I try to stop taking them my attackers hit the roof and attack the living crap out of my mind and body. So it is far easier for me to just take the tablets, as in my attackers only attack a little bit when I am on the meds.

    They do this thing to me where they force me to think violent thoughts while I am in the company of my loved ones, well I can control it just fine when on the meds , but the last time I tried to stop taking them they made it so I found it much harder to control, and attacking my loved ones isn't an option for me so I have been on the meds ever since.

    I fear the damage the meds are doing to my mind and body but at the minute there is little I can do about it, my Dr tells me though that they are very safe. My advice to every or any TI is never and I mean never agree to go on the meds , no matter what, yours is the second case now where they won't let one come off the tablets, mine being the first. I'm sure it means something , and I am sure there are others that the perps force to take meds.

    I had one theory, maybe they are trying to see the effects of the meds in the long term on the mind of a normal person to gadge how it effects the minds of mentally ill people, ie does it do harm in the long term, it would be hard for them to gadge what is the effcts of the harmful meds and what is the result of the mental condition , so they need normal minds to gadge how harmful it is on a healthy person, do you see what I am trying to say?   Thank you Sue.

  • ghstdtnee

    Sue -

    Tell them NOTHING

    Refuse any meds.

    You are not ill. It is Abuse of power/ tyranny and again telecommunications fraud {i have the tech}. Its used for Character assasination.

    They try to do that again state " I will File a Civil action against you for Criminal Fraud".

    Its also Assault and a Denial of the freedom of expression.

    Wait until i publish the crap said about me. And the police incident reports { and evidence civil conspiracy]

  • ghstdtnee

    What is a "morgellon"?

  • ghstdtnee

    People have to Stand up. Whether seeking Special investigators, making Complaints in Court {against UK GCHQ} or seeking Media.

    It is YOUR rights they strip.

    Trust me. Its done by GCHQ in UK [aka Telecommunications Fraud} at taxpaer expense. Why?

    Public is exploited for the development of tech [Theft of services].

    How to File and where against England as a soverign nation exporting global terrorism is next

  • Stephen O' Neill

    Sorry to hear that Sue, it is not the news I wanted to hear. Coming off of the tablets isn't an option for me right now. They (my perps) are mimicking mental illness so I get electronic induced psychotic  type of  a situation when I try to stop taking them. I take 10 mil or one tablet and 5 mil of another. I will ask my Dr about this the next time I see him. Thanks for the heads up Sue.

  • Stephen O' Neill

    Ah thank you so much Sue. As unlucky as I am I am luckier than some. I don't get morgellons for example, and I get very little V2K, I would not be able to deal with that, the only time they do it to me is when I am fallling asleep. I can't remember if I told you this before but I have been targeted OVERTLY since 2005, though I feel that they were always in my life , since birth is what I mean, and I am 41 now. Thanks again Sue.

  • Stephen O' Neill

    Yes I went on disability too, I was on the dole (having been harassed out of my job in the Army) and they were pressuring to get a job and with the mind control and dew attacks and lack of sleep  I was unfit to work so I went on disability , well in a way I do have an induced electronic disability. So I thought what the hell.

    My family are there for me but only as someone going through some mental health issue (and not as someone that is being targeted by shadowy forces), and I have one friend left and he doesn't believe me either, he says to me "BUT YOU SEEM SO SANE" lol and I say well that is because I am. I only see him once a week as he works full time , we have a few drinks every Friday night.

    Yes I live with my mother too , but it is in the family home as in her mother and fathers home but they are dead now and it is just her and I living there. And you are right I cringe to think that I have to live with my mother, but there isn't a lot I can do about it right now.

    Yes you are right their capabilities are really scarey, they have done some really freacky things to my mind and body, generally they will just give me a slight taste of what they can do to me as in they will do something to my mind only for a second or two and then they will stop , but the second will be enough to shake me for the day wondering are they going to do it again. Thanks again Sue, take care and God be with you.

  • Stephen O' Neill

    Yes it is Summer here now , but it never really gets all that hot, I spent 6 months in Africa so I know what hot weather is like or what Summers should be like.

    Yes my attackers have robbed me of so much, and like most TI's I have been deeply scarred by what they have put me through over the last 14 years. Lets hope that these crimes are exposed soon.

    Good luck with the meds by the wayI hope that you can get the better of the perps. Me though I am not ready for that just yet. I would imagine that the meds wouldn't harm 100% of the people that take them , if that was the case then they wouldn't have us take it IMO. Good luck with it, keep me posted on how you are getting on coming off the meds. Thanks Sue

  • ghstdtnee

    For Sue

    If none believes you use words like

    Cyber terrorism

    Transnational organized white collar crime

    Business/ Intenet/ Telecomm fraud.

    word Terrorism works as well. People will be surprised at who is doing this

  • ghstdtnee


    Im looking for a Publisher.

    Also looking at Supreme Court in UK.

    Has to wait until i get a response from the IPT

    A response i has gottens stated my compliant was "frivolous and vexacious" {load od crap} So i resent Complaint last may

  • ghstdtnee


    I was subjected to that Trip.

    No clinical exam

    Its Criminal Fraud what those morons do.

    Its documented

  • ghstdtnee

    Its also a Denial to Freedom of thought and Speech

  • ghstdtnee


    its spectral imaging

  • Harry

    CALL ME ON 0411583049

  • Music Teacher


    Hi Sue, How are you going? I hope you are ok? I have been reading some of your blog on your page and I am really sorry this is happening to you. It has to be one of the most awful things to happen on the planet. 

    I am wondering if you would reconsider and give the Silicea 30C a go to try and get the implant chips out. It would really help you and you would feel so much better. If you feel comfortable, email your address to me at and I will send you the remedy and some magnets to help you. That would get you started. Chris Kitchens and Snoopy are going to have a go. I have posted the stuff to Chris but Snoopy and his girlfriend who are both TIs are going to order it themselves. 

    You seem to be having a really hard time. I would really love to be able to help you. You are a good person and deserve the best.  Let me know if I can help.