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  • John Keddy

    Hi Please call me John I'm not a publisher but I have been thinking of writing a book on my experiences over the last 10 years
    Even today I have found out more about these systems
    I have enjoyed what you have written to me so far it's so Interesting as your looking at it from a different angle
    Sorry for taking so long to reply back as this phone is a second phone as my main phone is always being monitored
    Write to you again soon as I have been in contact with Europol to
    name one... As for publication I have a look
    Kind regards
  • Stephen O' Neill

    Yes you can make a video on your phone , or you can use the webcam on your computer. I did it both ways in the past.

  • Soleilmavis

    You have the permission to use this website as a referral Only.