Port Alberni is targeted


Port Alberni BC


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  • Port Alberni is targeted

    So the pedophiles behind my house got scared and left their house as I was headed over to see why they had 5 or 6 under 10 girls inside their house. As I head over I see one of the perps taking off fast in a white Kia soul with the kids inside. The perv 24-7 brainwashed I have earned his faggot friend ( they are fags talking fag to me ass licking etc etc ) to leave fast. A sick Pedophile network is right behind me. Port Alberni , any child save groups call me at 250- 731- 1981 I can point these perverts out to you. Good cops welcome.
  • Port Alberni is targeted

    Pedophiles with kids in their house. Anybody have ainterset in catching these creeps ?
  • Port Alberni is targeted

    IMO ,  things will improve when Trump is re-elected (he will be) and gains the majority in Congress. Now he has no ability to change the laws previously made in Congress that has allowed ( the corrupt justice systems ) the Cia FBI to exist.

     Wait for him to win Congress this  November. Things could improve for alot of people.. Keep happy , despite them