Kimberly Kay Rawlimgs


Oklahoma City, OK

United States

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  • Kimberly Kay Rawlimgs

    Thanks for letting me join,Target Individual for 14 yrs v2k, Gangstalked, troll, street theater, hacked severely I have been trying join Peacepink for yrs every time it would come up Error.
  • Annie

    Welcome to Peacepink, sorry to hear about yr troubles, both with joining and the harassment.

  • Wayne Morin Jr

    Welcome to Peacepink, the TI Community here has a lot to offer, we have 24hr chatroom, we have hundereds of different TI Community Groups Support, have millions of pictures and thousands of videos, but most of all other TI's to help if they can to make your daily gangstalked tortured life a place where others understand you in way nowhere else on the internet is found all on one site, once again Welcome.
    In Jesus Christ Service