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Scarborough, ON


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  • Grace

    Robin Yan, a number of years ago I read about the Scarborough Boys & MK Ultra. Since you live in Scarborough, can you tell me more about it? I unfortunately can no longer find the article I read. Probably pulled by tptb.
  • ghstdtnee


    Seek Special Senate Investigations Committee.

    Use proper terms.

    One reason is misuse of terms. They alienate the Public and will get everyone nowhere.

    It is Human rights violations

    It is Cyber terrorism.

    It is done by those having "Public oversight" Engaged in Abuse of power/ tyranny.


    I will obtain Accountability...if I have to go it alone.

  • ghstdtnee

    For thise inundating the rest with "technology"

    No one ever sued Technology.

    It is the people Abusing it.