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  • Soleilmavis

    I have no idea who had been torturing and harassing me with remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. However, I had urged the USA, China, Australia governments and the UN to investigate my case.


    Agree. I have tweeted (@ProtectPatient1) about how the Country is de facto run by the military and CIA. It is absolutely horrid - most people don't realize this or even know about neuro-torture (all rape) by the DOD... Scarily, many may be captured and not even know (just being watched at this point). MIC may be collecting everyone's DNA at birth -- Stazi State, absolutely. It is my thought we should ALL be peacefully protesting, and shutting down the economy to demand captors cease and desist, all unique data back to victims, no other copies, and a Nuremberg II Tribunal. (This is worse than Iraq and the Floyd death - horrid as they are - and many mobilized...) Presidents and Senate/House Intel Reps already know and are scared to do anything (and/or too comfortable to)... Reps bought/paid for - lobby $$ should be out of politics, along with parties. 

  • Tom

    Hi steven . Apologies for late reply. I hope you are well. 

    I was targeted at poipet border Cambodia- i kept getting same taxi driver.

    I experienced surround sound of peoples voices i knew. I had constant sound at a word a second 24/7 for around 2 years. 

    Don’t worry about being stalked it is all fake and created with the sound capabilities. 

    I think Australia is the place to look for who responsible. 

    I am unable to reply properly as I can’t see your message.  

    Kind regards tom