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  • silvia miras sanchez

    Salvador dali, thalamic egg,Create ideas,Psychic rape,Radio, psychic telemetry.

  • Born in an Air Force "hospital"

    Hi xixi,  I remember you and your background there living with family who doesn't believe.  I totally understand; my family is the same and I had to live with one of them for over a year recently.  Their lack of faith and accusations are such a sad part of our lives.  I have no one for the most part, so I can't always stay in touch because I have to support myself with no good support system.  I don't know when I will be on this site again but I wanted to say hi to you.  You were loyal but I was incapable of maintaining friendship due to survival issues.  Lots of love, you female friend Airforceborn.

  • xixi

    Hello Born in an Adair Force Thanks care about my life.many years pass by , attack still works to my time , even it made heavy problems to me then ever , recently months , recently year it back to me at night to deprived my sleep , I often sleep only one hour or two hours or lose sleep all night , so I had to listen MP3 at night to protect my sleep a little longer then no listen anything ......many change with my life , my parents has already leave the world, some reason cause me to move the another area to live but attack still follow me .they threathen me and they also said that they plan more problems stolen my health and destroy my life till they “feel ok “.I had to struggle with this very worst attack every day ,it is really terrible attack in the world , it a little luck thing that I often remind myself to be more positive attitude to stay with negative world . I prayer fair back to stop secret war forever and I hope that you and every Ti Has better new year to go through each obstacles. Much love to you and to all Ti .yours friendly xixi