Richard H. Lovelace Sr.


Kings Mountain, NC

United States

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  • God's Grace

    Richard, please let us know what device you are using, and how it works with the supplements....thanks

  • God's Grace

    Richard, if cannabis oil I legal in your state, I read somewhere here on Peacepink, that you can mix it with coconut oil (more coconut oil, much smaller amount of co.) and take a magnesium tablet with that, a spoonful in the morning, and at night, apparently this is a good detox.  I think Sue would have seen this, maybe even tried it, so it would be best to ask her, hope it helps, alternatively use Hemp Oil.

  • Sally

    Thats terrific Richard. I so hope it works for you. Please let us know how you go. Ps- take note of Gods grace message. I have read cannabis oil can be very useful....not legal here. God bless