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  • AtlantiTeo

    I received an email, but I'm not sure of the news: Karlheinz Croissant a TI from Deutschland - Germany) is did in juny 2017. The list of T.I.s deceased is to be upgraded:-

    Alfredo Nieto - foundator A.e.s.v.a.e. in Spain - Espana [Deceased 2010] 

    Maurizio Bassetti year torture began 2004 decesead in 2010 (Roma - Italy)

    Markus Bott [Deceased assassinated on July 11th 2009 in Karlsruhe/Germany] 

    Paolo Sacchetto - Male (Veneto - Italy) year torture began 1995 [Deceased in 2007] 

    Karlheinz Croissant year torture began 1999 [Deceased juny 2017]

  • Music Teacher

    Hi John, I hope you are ok. I am very sorry that you are experiencing this situation. I don't know if you remember I messaged you from Brisbane 2 years ago that I was having some success getting the chip implants out of my body. I am now completely out and not a TI anymore. I am wondering if you would let me send you the remedy I used to try and help you and get you out too. My email address is Let me know your address if you feel comfortable doing so and I will post it to you plus some magnets to help you. Here is my story:

    was a TI from 2012 to 2018. Just by chance I happened to be stung by venomous insects exactly on the places where the implants were. I think the insects could sense them. The wounds were quite deep and one day as I was trying to pull out stingers, I happened to pull out an implant which was like a transmission device. Suddenly my vision was clearer, and it was like a fog lifted from my mind. It was then that I realized if you have V2K then you have implants that cause the voices and harrassemts. I sought help from my very supportive sister who is a trained homeopath. She told me about Silicea 30C homeopathic remedy that would bring any foreign matter to the surface of the skin. I took it probably 10 doses of 3 pillules over 10 weeks before anything happened. It is important to be consistent. (I have been taking it for 3 years now.)Then the implants started coming to the surface. Gradually over time my harrassments reduced. Within 6 months the perps didn't really have a hold over me any more. The gang stalking stopped. Within 18 months the voices stopped (it was the best day of my life!) and now 3 years later I am not a TI anymore. I am so grateful that I got out. Please read my page for further information. Also there are hundreds of implants, not just one. 

    Please note that you must not use Silicea 30C if you have a pace maker as it can dislodge it.

    You are a good kind person and do not deserve what the perps are doing to you. Once there is no payment for them they will give up. They are only interested in the money. They are greedy and mean. Hang in there. I would be pleased to help you if at all possible. 

    Best wishes

    Music teacher

  • Stephen O' Neill

    You have been M.I.A of late John I hope that you are ok , don't let the fuckers grind you down.