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  • Thomasa Clements

    My story is one of the worse I've heard. I've been gang stalked by Predatory Stalkers, for almost 23 years. I know some people will stop reading at this point, but I'm not lying. I wrote a book to try and get help and my stalkers got my publisher to mess it up and I had to take it down. A small part of my story is on YouTube. When the Morning Doesn't Come. T. Clements. Check it out and give me a like and get others to look at it please. I need help just like many others. My son and I want to get a community together where TI's can live safely. Contact me if you need to talk at my pen name between 2and 3:00 eastern time. If you try at another time I may not get the message. My stalkers erase messages and do many other things to make my life a living nightmare. Don't give up if you're a TI! Their trying to take the good out of the world. We need you.
  • ghstdtnee

    Hi Thomasa-. As are many others you are a Federal crime victim. No one has the Right to do this Abuse. We should go Mainstream with the Media but Terms used will have to change. Unfortunately, terms used now alienate the Piblic. And the taxpayers pay for this abuse. Tech was developed at Public expense ( Theft of services).

    I intend to obtain Civil and punitive redress. Issue is Human rights/ Telecommunications fraud. Has the FCC done any investigation?

    We have to work as a unit for Accountability ( not splintered).

    Also seek a publisher. Collect Data re statements/ times/ dates made, any documented "police" report,photos damages.

    21 year subject of Abuse of power

  • ghstdtnee

    Thomas a- people are doing that to you?

    Carry a disposable camera or a Whistle. 

    Pepper spray may work for the Assaults ( I have otherwise).

    Immediately contact police if an Assault.