Wayne Morin Jr


Calistoga California

United States Minor Outlying Islands

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  • Port Alberni is targeted

    I'm a Trump fan Globalists hater from Canada I think we all know why they are here. Hiding covering their tracks by tourturong us at home keeping us off social media. They delete all my online posts. Accept here. Weird or coincidence you decide. Glad to see fellow Trump fans trying to speak up. Keep it up.
  • Jeremy C A Paul

    Hi Wayne, thanks .. hope we stay friends for a long time...
    As you’d know “emf mind control is not limited to the States..
    .. Regards Jeremy
  • Nicole

    Hi Wayne, sorry it's been so long since I've been in touch. I had moved several times, before finally settling down in one spot a few years back. I had been doing well for some time, unfortunately I've since been found, and am again experiencing manipulation of my thoughts, and emotions. I am now concerned that if I do not run again that I will eventually be inflicted with bodily control, and torture once again. I am reaching out for support, and any thoughts you may have that could help. Thank you for being a friend.