Wayne Morin Jr


Calistoga California

United States Minor Outlying Islands

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  • Sarah G Mitchell

    Thank You!
  • God's Grace

    Just gone onto that Russ Dizzdar page - it's powerful!!

  • Johann E. Lopez P.

    Thanks for the welcome Mr. Morin.
    I'm very worried aboout this happening to me Sir, let me know if you could have any guideline, contact, or whatever might lead to save my little daughter from being harassed the same way masonry it's doing with me or at least to leave stated everything I need in order to avoid them from prevail in their plans.

  • A.

    Wayne I would like you to make connections with the guy who created the website take back your power.


    He knows about electromagnetic radiation frequencies because I emailed him about that. You have to be creative and network with different organisations. 

  • God's Grace

    Hi Wayne, Hi, Please take a look at the piece I've just posted about the 6 terrifying weapons police are using to crush protestors, it has a bit about the machinery being used to torture us!! thanks, God's Grace

  • A.

    wayne check out ophir flomenbom on facebook and tell me what you think about his involvement to campaign on behalf of victims. I hope he has the strength to carry this through till we see results.

  • A.

    thank you for welcoming me onto this site by the way.

  • Juan E

    Thank you for the welcoming. It's been three years for now since I started feeling this way and It goes worse and worse every day. I'm from Argentina, but I'd like meeting other people to share personal experiences. Does anyone knows some case that as it started, it stoped?? Who else is feeling ciber thoughts like me? It's a really bodering situation is hurting me and my entire life. Does anyone know of a group or a committee where we can share our situation and try to solve it?? Thanks again, Juan

  • Nik

    Thank you so much Wayne, I really need more answers. So many T.I.s and all different stories. Mines different as well but also very similar experiences. Who are these people and why are they doing this to us? How do they just pick us out ? I'm really hating my life more and more. No privacy. They gang stalk me. Caused me to get fired from my job and continue to play mental games

  • Karen Stewart

    Thank you for the invitation and friend request. You're a good guy, glad to know you.
  • Bonnie

    Happy Birthday Wayne:)
  • Nina Duvall

    Hi wayne its nina , i represent ms Massie Munro , for her book , if you have any question on the questioner form please contact me if you have any questions my email address is: ninaelhawary.ne@gmail.com

  • God's Grace

    Hi Wayne, Please read my latest blog on the possible murder of my step dad by my perps....thanks

  • George Crosby

    Hey thank you for your comment. I'm still trying to make sense of why exactly this is happening to me. I haven't been able to tell any family or friends because I know they would just assume I'm schizophrenic.

  • God's Grace

    Hi Wayne, Please read my latest blog about Surveillance, Torture and control in the Modern World, Thanks, God's Grace

  • God's Grace

    Thanks - we're praying for you to - have you seen the Youtuve video wher Anonymous have come out saying they support all TI's and are working to end this for all of us? 

  • Boris A Patino

    Thank you so much am here to make a difference in our cause