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USA Racist Civil War

US racists are planning to start a new civil war. They plan to green screen all our news with fake ai generated content or take down the internet and zip tie key officials/people and keep them hostage in underground shipping containers. They have bred pit bulls for killing humans. They have dug pits where they keep hungry dogs and feed live humans to. Most humans are of african descent. They are led by a mental deranged person at the top who has his own agenda. Some have jackets made of human skin and oils made from the scalp of african humans. They paint their faced black and apply oils and where these jackets acting like black people. Their network comprises of French Canadians because of hate for British rule, Germans, Polish, Americans, some Canadians, *South Americans (Brazil, Argentina, Uragway, *Mexico, Iran, Mughal muslims, and many more. Their crimes are unthinkable. They have the highest level technology .
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Murder for white power

Blind Americans. Its such a coincidence Supreme court justice died to allow Trump to select a lifelong justice before a election. DEWs and you wouldnt know otherwise. Persons sick, just amplify it with DEWs. Murderers!!!!!!!! Their also using DEWs to change your mind to push their alt right agenda. I predict Trump to win 2020. Suprise? Watch and see the cheats in action. They are brutal con artists and murderers. Watch and see! Wait I suppose murdering few to change things for the benefit of white privilege is ok. Watch and see whst happens. Orthodox Church turned to the devils ways. Mark of the Beast!
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Lucky Elon Musk

Lucky Elon getting rich off the backs off TIs tortured to death to develop this tech. So there must be a whistleblower giving him miltary secrets were patents are hidden. I assume its a beneficial for the public to know what the miltary has done since 60s "really". What about compensation to familys whos child was driven to sucicide by the brutal torture to develop this. Again I guess having the public know the truth is compensation . Done believe me. I will tell you something you dont know right now. You can record all your telemetry eyesight taste hearing feeling thoughts and save them on hard disk. Then with dream programming you can relive that again like reality. For example record your vacation and relive it like reality again later. Its already been invented. CIA dream programming. Its not virtual reality. Its beyond virtual reality. You heard it from me first!!!! Want to know more? PM me. FYI with AI and Dream Programming you can create beyond virtual reality experience. It would be like Star Trek Holodeck but via Dream Programming and implants. Guess what? Its already invented long time ago. Eventually most people will spend all their time doing this when commercialized. Its not like a video game its like an alternate reality. Public sector already has AI that can generate youtube videos.B2B communication (Brain to Brain). See through the eyes of another person. Feel what it's like to be another person
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Truth or not?

So in the 70s they can easily do B2B EEG mapping. This tech is in the hands of corupt garbage. He in my opionion worked for the CIA and got access to this tech. He being occasion mapped profoundly retarded and quadrapelgics to some TIs who belong to minorty groups. He convienced these pathetic people they can live their lives like in the movie Avatar where a handicap person takes on an Avatar. My guess if you were quadrapelgic who can move his eyes it would be appealing. Now this person who did this pride is swelled beyond comprehension. Why? Because in 60s he had access to tech that to rhis date is still more advance than tech in 2019. For example remote control animals and insects in the 60s would make a person think that Noahs Ark was fake. It might even swell a persons head so much with pride that he thought he was better than others. Almost God like. Also though there was true CIA experimentation besides electronic rape. Thats why you see many other victims from different ethnicities. To clarify electronic rape is rape. The person EEG mapped B2B to the victim feels everything when you have sexual intercourse. Its rape and this garbage is a serial rapist and murder!!!
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