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How to block v2K/Voice to Skull technology

There is a guy called Gary Owens, who has started up a group called Targeted Individual Awareness, or TIA, he is really interesting to listen to and knows what he is talking about - please join this group, a lot can be learned. This is what he said could be shared about how to stop v2K:

There are only two ways to block Voice to Skull, and you can spread this around and maybe someone with sort it out and help me! You can block the signal with a jammer, you need a broad spectrum jammer same as the prime minister users to clear an area of all potential phone calls so a bomb cant be triggered, this works. An anti RF fabric round your bed in a frame, you need to use several layers, each layer weakening the signal top and bottom as well as sides, no gaps.

Or you can block the signal by matching the resonant frequency of your body with and exact same match opposite in nature, this will cancel out the scaler waves leaving it neutral and so no sound.

It depends which version of voice to skull you have as to what you do to stop it. I are working on several methods but i dont have the funds to mess about experimenting etc. There are earthing issues re the bed cover idea must be earthed to drain it.

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Stop 007 - Dear victims

Deca posted an excellent video, which I can't seem to comment on, but this is the title, please everyone do yourself a favour and watch it, it is very informative, it is very honest, and detailed.

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Amazon says about this book: by Rosanne Marie Schneider

There exists a whole new class of technological weaponry which can be used covertly, right through the walls of your home, to cause physical and psychological damage even death

Innocent victims of the weaponry are now being reported globally. 

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The death threats to my step father who had just come out of a huge cancer operation of 5 hours, started to be implanted into my head via female voices, that started in February at about 9.00pm at night, the voices told me, that 'they have come to give me their condolences, that I should read my last will and testament, given to me by a family member, should they pass away. I ignored them, thinking they were just trying to scare me, however two hours later, my step father started to battle to breathe, and his heart was battling, he was rushed to ICU, where they managed to stabalise him, but they assured us then and a month later, that they had removed all the cancer, and it had not spread.  Again in February, they attacked my step father and he was rushed to ICU, where he had a stroke, his son and daughter flew out from Australia to see him.  He was frail, but they thought he was getting better. I read today the number of times in my journal I mentioned after that that my perps told me that they would still give him another heart attack, and I wrote letters of complaint to the police, with no response.  Then suddenly last week I heard that the cancer had come back and that he had 6 - 9 months to live, however this last wednesday morning, the 5th October, he was assessed by the nurse at the medical centre, and she said she could not get a reading on his heart or his lungs, as they were 'all over the place, the reading was jumping up and down, he was rushed into hospital again, and although they stabilised him, his heart and lungs gave out, and he passed away.  My perps, started to immediately tell me that I would have to move from where I am down to look after my mother (this is what they have been aiming for, since February), as they are going to continue to block my efforts to make money if I stay in Johannesburg. However, all my friends, and a full life with wonderful people are here, so it would make no sense to move down there, to a place which is a retirement village, where I will be bored out of my mind, and give up all my furniture etc, to live in a place that would kill my soul, however my perps want me away from my church and my christian friends and pastor that have stood by me through thick and thin, they can't stand Christians, and have also threatened to kill my Pastor, and suddenly he has started to have heart problems.  It is all very disheartening indeed.

I don't wish well on my perpetrators, I have sent them and their demons to Jesus for Judgement, I have prayed that God expose who they are and the crimes they are committing to the right people in authority, but I am extremely angry and bitterly sad right now - I have an appointment with a Senior Police Official this week, but I have so much paperwork to show him, that I'm not sure I have too much, and that maybe I should keep it shorter?  I need to get this accross in a way that keeps me looking sane and determined to get to the bottom of this - for this I am now being tortured, but this cannot stop me, this has gone as far as murder (I know they murdered many birds in my garden as target practice, but now they have murdered my dad, and they keep telling me that it was a revenge killing, based on the fact that I am exposing them to everyone. They say it was my fault, and I feel bad, for not having stopped them before now, in some way......I continue to pray 'Lord, release Your glorious power against my enemies and expose them to the authorities who are willing to arrest them on their crimes, as well as expose them to the media, that are willing to investigate this story and publish their findings, in Jesus name, Amen

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I had a wonderful experience in church yesterday - I have been praying for angelic protection for quite a while now.  Yesterday, while in church I was in a very negative frame of mind (I know it was a form of mind control, because they turned their voices down so I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I know it was upsetting), anyhow, I was swearing under my breathe at the preacher, thinking I would not come back to church if these attacks on me don't stop, when lo and behold, a white feather fell off the very high ceiling onto my lap. Anyone that has studied angels, knows that this is a sign from the angels, that they surround you - I was blown away, it changed my mood completely. God Bless all genuine TI's!!

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Thank you Carl for your response, you are quite right, there are a number of God's out there, some of them are considered to be demons actually.  It is each persons RIGHT as to which one they believe in, however I know that most people here believe in a Christian God, who is completely different from other God's out there, and who gives us free reign, but very definite rules to live by, if we are to be saved or protected by him, that includes the 10 commandments, it is not on to say you believe in God, without clarifying to the Christians on this site, which ONE you are referring to, as it is directly and deliberately misleading otherwise. My prayers to my Christian God are powerful Carl, and this is the reason I promote the same prayers to the same God to other TI's, because I believe it will help them IMMENSELY, with the targeting, because I believe this is a war between GOOD and EVIL, I cannot speak on behalf of the other God's out there, I just want to make this point clear, and ask you to PLEASE clarify which God you are referring to please, otherwise this is misleading.  Thank you again Carl, and sure, I will stop commenting on your posts, and you will ignore me as well. Works for me!!

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About 8 - 9 years ago, I was on a business website, where I came across a man who was presenting his music to buy.  He was extremely charming, had all the girls clamouring after him, putting up very good looking pictures of himself when he was younger - red flags should have popped up, when these changed regularly (typical psychopath, very narcissistic) He was particularly attentive to me, however avoided certain subjects such as drug addiction etc. (turns out he was a crystal meth user and dealer for years), but boy did he know how to charm the women on this website, told them everything they wanted to hear from a man (only problem he didn't mention that he was bisexual, and liked porn, threesomes, he liked to promote pedophilia, incest and bestiality), He even had the cheek to say that he was a gentleman (one of my male friends warned me afterwards, that no one who is a true gentleman ever has to say that), and everyone fell for this amazing man/woman hook. line and sinker (even a married woman). He also didn't say he was married, not that it mattered, because his wife is also bisexual,  so is his sister (who ran/runs a brothel, his brother is a drug dealer, and from what I can gather, his mother worked in a brothel at some stage (who knows?).  Only after I started hearing voices, and had sexual images streaming at me all day, and at night in my dreams, did they mention his name, Charlie (male/female), and the push to make me bisexual was INTENSE, he also talked a lot about Aleister Crowley, and I realized, and when he said he was a warlock that had been inducted into the hall of fame, I realized that he belonged to a family of Satanists.  He is pure evil, and has his entire family working for him against many TI's,  He laughs his head off at the fact that he gets away with it all the time and that people are so stupid, he puts on social media that he is a writer as well, he just forgets to mention that he writes the scripts that the perps use on all of their victims. He sometimes uses make-up, for his photographic sessions, of which I think he probably has in excess of 1000 photos of himself. He likes to pretend to be someone he is not, and gets off on the fact that people would never believe he places all these evil spells and curses on them (as does his wife, who apparently does voodoo spells on people as well).  Because I know their power source, I know the ONLY way to fight these bastards, that put me through 13 hours of a satanic attack one night in 2014, as well as severe torture to my mind and body, until I landed up in a clinic on suicide watch, is to fight them for what they are - sons and daughters of Satan (I believe they like to refer to him as Lucifer), is via the Christian God Almighty, Lord of Lords, and King of Kings, as this is more of a spiritual battle than it is a physical battle, and I know that prayer works, real prayer to a Higher Power than ourselves, one who's vibration cannot even be measured, because it is above all measurements.  I have had experiences with Jesus this year, and other experiences, which have convinced me that God is a living God, his words are the living word, and you cannot go wrong, in arming yourself with his protection!! Whatever happens, God will always be there for you, as long as you have FAITH.  God bless all TI's!! 

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Targeting Must End (Youtube)

Yesterday, I had a VERY strange experience, I was communicating with someone who claims to be a TI, we were discussing the fact that I was being tortured.......in the meantime, I sent a letter to my PERPS to inform them that I had been tortured from 2.00am the previous night until 4.00am, and again later etc.  Within 10 minutes of sending this to my PERPS, this guy above on Youtube responsded under the following title (Gang Stalking - How Much Does a Stalker Earn - Organized Stalker) - that he finds it hard to believe that any gay person would be up at 2.00am torturing someone for a job.....I responded by saying that I never said ANYTHING ON YOUTUBE about being tortured at 2.00am, but only said this on a letter to my perps.  What do you think - I think this guy is one of my perps!!!!

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This week the UN Human Rights Committee has issued recommendations to the Governments of Namibia, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Africa, and Sweden to reform and strengthen surveillance and privacy protections.

The Committee recommendations touch upon some of the fundamental issues of surveillance powers and the right to privacy, including mass surveillance, retention of communication data, judicial authorisation, transparency, oversight, and regulating intelligence sharing.

These recommendations are yet another confirmation that the human rights provisions contained in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provide an effective framework to assess whether modern communication surveillance laws and practices comply with the right to privacy.

Now the ball is in the Governments’ court. Will they choose to reform their surveillance laws and subject interception to judicial authorisation and oversight? Will they protect and treat personal data in accordance with human rights standards, and without discriminating between nationals and non-nationals? Will they adopt comprehensive and effective data protection regimes?


The Committee noted with concern that interception centres seem operational despite a lack of clear legal basis, as well as the lack of clarity regarding the reach of legal interception possibilities and the safeguards to ensure respect of the right to privacy in line with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

New Zealand

The Committee echoed Privacy International’s concerns about New Zealand communications surveillance, namely the lack of safeguards in the interception of so-called foreign communications.

The Committee recommended that “sufficient judicial safeguards are implemented, regardless of the persons’ nationality or location, in terms of interception of communications and metadata collection, processing, and sharing”, confirming previous concluding observations by the Committee for countries like the UK and the US.


The Committee expressed concern that the law regulating the interception of communications permits the interception of communications without prior authorization of a judge. The Committee recommended that “the interception of communications and use of data take place on the basis of specific and legitimate objectives and that the categories of circumstances in which such interference may be authorized and the categories of persons likely to be intercepted are set out in detail. It should also ensure the effectiveness and independence of a monitoring system for interception, in particular by making provision for the judiciary to take part in the authorization and monitoring of the interception.”

South Africa

Privacy International, together with the South African campaign Right2Know and the Association for Progressive Communications, raised significant concerns about the laws, policies, and practices surrounding surveillance by intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

The Human Rights Committee was concerned “about the wide scope of the data retention regime” and “at reports of unlawful surveillances practices, including mass interception of communications, carried out by the National Communications Centre”.  It called on South Africa to “take all necessary measures to ensure that any interference with the right to privacy complies with the principles of legality, necessity and proportionality”.

Further, the Committee called on South Africa to “refrain from engaging in mass surveillance of private communications”, to “consider revoking or limiting the requirement for mandatory retention of data by third parties” and to “increase the transparency of its surveillance policy and speedily establish independent oversight mechanisms to prevent abuses and ensure that individuals have access to effective remedies.”

These recommendations should form the blueprint for a long overdue reform of surveillance laws in South Africa. It is now up to the Government to show that it is acting in good faith to implement its obligations under international human rights law by engaging South African civil society, and beginning the reform process.


Despite the Swedish Government’s reassurance, the Human Rights Committee remained concerned “about the limited degree of transparency with regard to the scope of these surveillance powers [under the Signals Intelligence Act], and the safeguards on their application.” And - reflecting a concern shared by Privacy International, Civil Rights Defenders and DFRI - it criticized “the lack of sufficient safeguards against arbitrary interference with the right to privacy with regard to the sharing of raw data with other intelligence agencies”.

The Committee called for increased “transparency of the powers of, and safeguards on the National Defence Radio Establishment (Försvarets Radioanstalt - FRA), the Foreign Intelligence Court and the Data Inspection Board” including “by considering to make their policy guidelines and decisions public”.

Notably, the Committee confirmed that intelligence sharing with foreign agencies should be regulated in “in full conformity with its obligations under the Covenant, in particular article 17, including the principles of legality, proportionality and necessity”, including putting in place “effective and independent oversight mechanisms over intelligence-sharing of personal data” and providing affected persons with effective remedies in cases of abuse.

The full text of all recommendations made today by the Human Rights Committee can be found here.

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How the perps get paid.....

Here is some info I got on Youtube about how the perps are paid, possibly true or not -

I am a perp controller. I get $482 per hour for my own work and am paid 10% of each direct perp reporting to me. I get 10% of 10% of each level. I have perps working for me at the 32nd level - over 900,000 people now in my pyramid. There are about 100 of us working at my level. You are an idiot - we make MUCH more than you state, and have everyone on earth under surveillance, by an average of 20 stalkers for each victim. There is nothing we can't see and nothing we won't do to control you.

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Right when I realised I was a targeted individual, someone pointed out to me that I should look out for the good cop/bad cop scenario being played out to me by those that are reading scripts all day long into my head.  I found out that the bad cops, just spew for forth vile, nasty c$#@& into my head night and day, whereas the good cop, will tell me she thinks what they are doing is ludicrous, that they are out of control.  I even get love songs played to me, while I am being submitted to some of the most severe forms of torture, and the good cop will talk me through all of this, as if it's a normal day at work, not really horrified at my pain, just endlessly talking it away, as if it's not really important. I think this is nothing more than a form of trauma bonding, such as a pedophile giving sweeties to his victims, so that they can't distinguish if he is a baddie or a goodie to them, the part being that the actions don't match up with their words.  Be careful of Trauma bonding, it's meant to keep you HOOKED into the program, shut it all off, think only good thoughts about your future, pray a lot (positive prayers), and try not to listen to what is being said to you, your life has nothing to do with criminals, you are the innocent law abiding citizen, and you owe them nothing.  Push yourself to concentrate on happy things in your past or present, imagine a happy future for yourself!!  Don't get drawn into their dramas, your life is more important to you!!

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