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The Colony

In the country where I live and in its capital, where I live, a long-announced “ecological uprising” or protests against serious environmental pollution are being prepared. The day before that event, they published my next comment on a column of “gloomy” content by a great journalist of rare independent media:

“On a foreign portal, when asked if we already unknowingly live in the nightmare world of Margaret Atwood’s story, my answer was – yes. I wrote that the space, content and the time in which I live are scarier than the content of a series and a book that has upset the world. The reason why I want to upset you is related to the topic of your column. In the second part of my comment, I stated that I see the country I am calling from in the future as a Colony, which is ‘there somewhere’ in the world of Margaret Atwood’s dystopia and to which those who oppose the new system are being sent. The colony is a huge, uninhabited landfill, full of all kinds of garbage, nuclear, chemical, biological…It is clear to everyone that life once existed there and that some civilizational breakthrough, some crime must have taken place …

Apart from this gloomy vision of the future, this will be my contribution to your bells. Let the bells of the ‘uprising’ ring if they have anyone!”

On September 11, I planted some more rosemary and lavender seedlings in the cemetery. As always, I would say that I know that I should never give up.

On September 11. protests were held in Belgrade against environmental pollution. Several thousand people were present. They said that 15.000 people die in Serbia every year from polluted air.

On September 11, repeated protests took place in Sarajevo, “Justice for David, Justice for Dzenan”, where several thousand people demanded the discovery of the killers of young men in two separate events, a Serb and a Muslim. Police and judicial institutions tried to heal those murders!

On September 11. more than 120.000 demonstrators protested again in a number of French cities over the introduction of the so-called health Covid passports.

On September 11, Greek police smashed demonstrations in Thessaloniki with tear gas and water cannons due to mandatory vaccination.

On September 11, exactly 20 years have passed since the deadliest terrorist attack in the history of mankind carried out on American soil. That day changed the world!

What should happen if that what we talk about in vain, why we suffer, seek justice - change the consciousness of the rest of humanity? Is it possible that no one but us sees psychotronic terrorism surpassing in many parameters and not just in the quantum of evil, this one that everyone is terrified of and condemned?


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The Army nowhere

One of the few Serbs in Afghanistan, Aleksandar Cvejic, managed, with the help of a Croat friend who worked for the same employer, to get out of Kabul and return to Gracanica, Kosovo. In his earlier appearance and the appearance of another Serb, the Serbian public feared for their lives, and most of us for the lives of innocent Afghans. The words that there is chaos, fear, horror, the coming lawlessness, the darkest forebodings sounded dramatic, and these words “and The Army is catastrophically bad”, ”the Army nowhere” sounded terrifying!

The horror that I personally know, here in Serbia, I is not the one  which is talked about by journalists of independent media, even those who were professional soldiers who suffered from delinquency of opinion and who announce the collapse of everything in this area and at this time “which long ago turned into Joseph Conrad’s vision ‘The  heart of darkness’”. If I see the reality I am surrounded by, in the same way, and I see it, I could say and “The Army nowhere.”

My “The Army nowhere” is perfectly personal and is related to what is called decades of torture, surveillance, Goebbels propaganda, mind control, directed behavior, destruction of health, leading to suicide, gruesome persecution, engaging the public in bestial complicity, the most horrific abuse of science, dream programming, revelation for breaking  and humiliating my target family.

The following are the reasons why I call out The Army:

  1. Persecution by high military technology, and not just the illegal exposure of the public, my family and me since 1986, begins with “minor patriotic wars”, as irresponsibly interpreted horrors seen in Europe for the first time since World War II. My position, very open and well-intentioned, was that it was the worst possible option for solving political problems. This provoked the anger of the notorious government in the world against all of us. Because of that, we have experienced various forms of persecution and disavowal and I was presented as a traitor. Upon the return of the old authorities in 2012, my older son, a like-minded and rebel, became again their target. In his persistent resistance, he was forced by high military technology to choose between life without freedom and freedom without life, fully aware under the treats of “hearing voices” of the growing horror that awaits him!
  2. If in one country there is a public persecution of civilians in peace, high military technology, which in much of the world is called psychotronic, digital, black or electronic terrorism, is not among the other duties that The Army has and that – the fight against all forms of terrorism?
  3. Studying ganstalking or psychotronic terrorism on the Peacepink website, I found that in 2016. Mr. Antoni Macierewicz, Ministry of National Defense (2015-2018) held a meeting with a group of citizens of his country who claimed to be targeted individuals, promising them support, investigation and cooperation, knowing that when it comes to high military technology it is the duty of both The Army and the Ministry of National Defense. On several occasions, I have written to the current Minister and the accompanying of the Army.
  4. A serious reason why I address The Army with accusations in the data from my son’s life. In 1999. when Serbia was bombed as a high school student, my son thought that it was his duty to defend the attacked country and to play around the military checkpoints - in vain! It was forbidden to mobilize teenagers. On the shelf, in addition to other photos of my child, there is also a photo from the later obligatory service in The Army, on which it says “I swear by honor and life”! The defense of the country is implied! On one occasion there, he put the fire in the barracks with his bare hands and received ten days of rewarded leave. They kept him to stay as a professional, but his job at the audit firm was waiting for him.
  5. The next reason I turn to The Army is – I am a military child! My father fought for this country as a partisan, he was an officer of the Yugoslav Army. He was very honest. He had problems in his career because he was a whistleblower. He would be called a fool today. My grandfather, a resident of Bosnia after the assassination carried out by Gavrilo Princip to avoid being mobilized in the Austro-Hungarian army and sent to Serbia to fight against the Serbs, in the military camp where he was housed, starved himself and brought up to 50 kg. He was very handsome and 190 cm tall. He drank tobacco at the same time – he dipped the tobacco in water, waited a couple of hours and drank it! They told him he would get tachycardia that way! At the examination, they stated that he was a “scrap”, that he was not for the Army. My grandfather, the Serb, managed to find a way not to shoot at Serbs, but he remained seriously heartbroken. His son, my uncle was in the partisans all the years of the war as well, and died just before the liberation. I live in a country where they would say about them – they are some fools!

My husband’s father, my children’s grandfather, was a royal officer. After the capitulation of Serbia on April 17, 1941, he was captured and spent all the years of the war in a concentration camp in Lowe Saxony. When the Americans liberated the camp, they called on him to go with them after a new state was established – the socialist republic! Although from an educated and wealthy family, he played the violin, and even a royal officer, he refused because he was attracted to the idea of social equality and justice, and he loved his country. He made a mistake! They never trusted him, although he had a job as a former detainee. Everyone would say about him now – what a fool. He will never know that his grandson who bore his name Dusan will spend five- sixths of his life in a digital concentration camp, the Auschwitz school, where he will die so young in the country he returned to.

  1. Thanks to high military technology. I heard the threat of being shot in the legs and my son being shot in the head with the qualification that he was a fool. To my warning, my son had an answer that Serbs would comment on – what a fool! He said, “For freedom, life is worth giving!” This country and this people did not deserve us. Recently, the famous rocker we all listened to for decades had a concert. Sang the song:”Fools die for ideals”. At the time when his old song was being written, it meant condemning such an attitude, and now it means recognition, since he also sided with the authorities and the time that swallowed almost everything worthwhile.


Am I blind? Do I have the illusion that such an old woman and my older rebellious son should have been protected by the Army both in their duty, because of our human values and because of our ancestors. Was I naïve? What is there to think about? What nonsense! The Army nowhere! Still, I am hurt by the answer that is being imposed on me!

The Army behind everything 


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My Taliban


Holed Hosseini, one of the world’s most widely read and influential writers, said he watched the events in Afghanistan with great sadness and prayed that the international community would press for respect for basic human rights, especially for women and girls, and refrain from using violence against Afghan citizens. This was published on the portal of one of rare media that are not under the control of the governments in the country where I live.

My comment that was published was as follows: “We whined to the Thousand Splendid Suns and The Kite Runner! Now we are with them there again in uncertainty and suffering! And on the other hand, in relative and parallel worlds, we hope that our pain, discovery or experience to shake the world one day!”

For a very long time, I did not even know that the persecution I was suffering, which I Immediately recognized as an abuse of science, was suffered by other people around the world. I really thought that this was just happening to me. That started before 35 years ago. I thought that someone from the deep state of the country where I lived got hold of some secret documents of Nikola Tesla, a Serb by nationality, so I was being persecuted. I always knew that the persecution was the result of revenge for my “unpatriotic” speech and opinion and the way they interpreted it. I especially did not believe that any experiments or persecutions would be carried out on my family members, especially children.

During 2018, I searched and found a lot on the Internet. I joined Peacepink and kept quiet. I researched and read about the members of this organization. In researching those stories, I remembered the confession of an Afghan. The voices that warned him were these: “Don’t mess with us! Don’t use the fact that we can’t kill you since you’re someone’s son, father or brother!”

I started writing about me, when it was too late for my unusual, defiant son who, in words, rushed against evil, unstoppable, not sparing himself! My child, I now face reconstructing everything – was a guinea pig from the age of seven. He never  lost his characteristics, and above all costs choose the right side, with justice and truth. He never lost his soul.

The number of those who grumbled at him was huge. It was a crowd of people at the cave level armed with high-technology, ruthless and with a huge need to prove loyalty to the authorities. Some of them watched him grow and knew whose son, father and brother he was. That did not stop them from bringing him to be forced to give his life for freedom.

 I listen to those people now. They program my dreams. Sometimes they program my dreams about my son and when they bring me to tears they say with great pleasure:”We fucked your mother”. They are my Taliban, they are Serbs.

If my Afghan was accidentally tortured by the Taliban, I would like these words of mine to be an appeal to them – don’t hurt men, women, children! By doing so, you are definitely killing yourself!


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Dreaming of Gavrilo Princip

Gavrilo Princip was a Bosnian Serb, member of Young Bosnia. At the age of 19, he assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the Archduke wife in Sarajevo 28 June 1914.  At his trial, he said he regretted the killing of the Duchess and meant to kill Potiorek, but was nonetheless proud of what he had done “I am a Yugoslav nationalist, aiming for the unification of all Yugoslavs, and I do not care what form of state, but it must be freed from Austria.” The Black Hand was implicated in the assassination which led Austria-Hungary to issue a demarche to Serbia known as the July Ultimatum which led up to the outbreak of World War.

Many Serbs regard Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb, as a pan-Slavic hero, with the shot he marking the death knell for centuries of foreign occupation over the various nations and faiths that would make up the Yugoslavia that emerged. To others he is a terrorist, a nationalist fanatic whose act triggered a war in which 10 million soldiers died and the world order was rewritten.

 Depending on the circumstances, the angle of observation and the experience, the same person can be a hero or a terrorist. When I was a student in the former Yugoslavia, I learned that he was a hero.

When I read in Nicosia, what my younger child was preparing for graduation for the chosen work “Serbia in the First World War” in the American high school, I saw Gavrilo Princip as an idealist, a victim of different strategists who used his youth and libertarian ideas. At the time, I was severely tortured by high technology. Somehow I dealt with that parallel life. Then, in addition to all forms of abuse, I listened to all the terrible threats and consequences that my children will bear as their hostages if I seek asylum at the American embassy. It really didn’t even occur to me. I was there for my younger child to graduate. The moment I read during the day (torture and voices usually occurred at night) I heard a very clear male older voice: “I like what you read”. I was reading at that moment about Gavrilo Princip’s dreams.

After a trial in Sarajevo, Princip was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment, the maximum penalty allowed for a person under the age of 20 on the day of his crime. Princip underwent amputation of an arm because of tuberculosis of the bone and died in a hospital near his prison. Princip met with a psychiatrist in the Austro-Hungarian army, four times. He wrote that Princip believed the World War was bound to happen, independent of his actions, and that he "cannot feel himself responsible for the catastrophe. Gavrilo Princip died on 28 April 1918, three years and ten months after the assassination. At the time of his death, weakened by malnutrition and disease, he weighed around 40 kilograms..

He also talked about his dreams, real dreams. Dreams of living in freedom, dreams of nature, the sun, dreams of love. He said:”I dream wonderful dreams, amazing…Thanks to them I survive. I would not survive without them…” It made me especially sad. For me, dreams have always been a particularly important part of my life. I thought I was even gifted with predictions through dreams. At that time, I did not register that my dreams were being programmed, don’t remember that at all. Now yes. I am sure. Almost regularly. I may have been sold by some side of the Mengele beast or mass exploration of programmed dreams in the time of Corona.

 In Gavrilo Princip’s poem, these words are “Who wants to live let him die, whoever wants to die let him live”. My son said “Life is worth giving for freedom” but my son said of dreams quite differently: “I have passionate dreams, strange ones. I wake up and fall asleep again and continue where I left off. They are so intense that it’s hard for me to tell them apart from reality”. They programmed dreams for him in his country, his own people who pushed him not to live but to die. I am only now aware of everything and because of that I suffer a lot.

Whether the hero is, a terrorist or an idealist, I have vague feelings for Gavrilo Princip but even then and now I think – he could be my child.  It’s been 100 years. One century. Today he would definitely be with the same idea as my son. He would show resistance to this morbid way of enslaving man. He would rise up against the monster. And here, the same ones my son fought against and lost his life, erected a monument to Gavrilo Princip in that park near our former apartment where he liked to walk his dog a Labrador Casper. The other day I passed by, stopped and said: ‘The world is uglier and your people are different than in the time of your ideals that shone in your eyes”

One should not be deceived by lies. Behind all our persecutions are only our governments. Other explanations are only the use of Pilate’s washing of the master’s hands and the use of shameless associates of the authorities in these heinous crimes. In dictatorial regimes, that story is as clear as day. Let the mark of shame remain on the UN, which does not react to these terrible tortures and murders…Yes, the project of torture and experimentation, according to what is happening to me and what I discover by researching other confessions  is now mitigated and reduced mostly on dream programming. It’s not even the scariest thing they did to me, but I remember my dreams from my childhood. They were a real treasure of beauty and foresight…Let them be damned!





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There are many men and women living  in the Handmaid's Tale. There are, above all, the experiences of those who survived the camps during the wars. Special attention should be paid to the experiences of targeted individuals in digital concentration camps  whose persecutors already had some experiences related to real and not digital crimes. Electronic terrorism or our gang stalking are  a bigger nightmare off the future than the world of dystopia Margaret Atwood.

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Letter sent to Pope Francis

Dear Pope Francis,

I would like to express my great respect for your unusual personality, which I learned about through the press, Serbian and abroad.

I loved reading about your ring-kissing controversy which I was trying to explain to myself. I read the articles “Pope washes the feet of prisoners”, “Pope washes feet of Muslim migrants and refugees”, about your modest living arrangement…

I came across this article in the British Guardian by chance:

“Pope Francis kisses Holocaust survivor’s Auschwitz tattoo

Pope Francis has kissed the tattoo of an Auschwitz survivor during an emotional meeting at the Vatican.

Lidia Maksymowicz , a Polish citizen who was deported to Auschwitz from her native Belarus before the age of three, showed the pope the number tattooed on her arm by the Nazis, and Francis leaned over and kissed it.

Maksymowicz, 81, told   Vatican News she did not exchange words with the pope. ‘We understood each other with a glance,’ she said.”

There is a strong possibility that I missed your statement about digital concentration camps scattered around the world, which are school examples of digital Auschwitz where people whose contemporaries you are, right now are suffering severely and that the number of those exposed as their defenders is shamefully small. As a member of the Serbian Orthodox Church, I felt a great obligation to inform the Serbian Patriarch too about the suffering of targeted individuals, because my persecutors are from his flock and also because I am a member of the Peacepink organization (in addition to some others) who constantly emphasize these words – God bans this.

I have never visited the Auschwitz Museum. My children are. They told me about the heavy sadness they felt there. I had the opportunity to see an exhibition dedicated to Auschwitz at the War Museum in London and I couldn’t separate myself from the photos of beautiful, skinny faces of children with big, dark eyes. I still remember them.

We were all convinced that the Holocaust and genocide would never happen again in history.   

I do not want to sadden you for facing the fact that your struggle and hope (and many like you, victims and descendants of victims) with the goal not to be forgotten, not to be repeated - failed.

I am a targeted individual for 34 years for political reasons, My older son was targeted individual too. He is no longer with us.  As an opponent of the ruling dictatorial regime in our own country, he was “driven” to suicide a year and half ago.

It can be read on the pages of our activist that “the proliferation of mind control and their accompanying abuse has become one of the twenty-first century’s greatest violations of human rights Thousands of innocent victims across the globe have become activists for their freedom. We are demanding an international investigation into these crimes which constitute immense violations of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

I remembered these sentences of the victims of gang stalking or electronic terrorism about the perpetrators, persecutors and abusers: “Their unethical go beyond the Nazi…”, “They realize the unfulfilled dream of Josef Mengele, torture the body and follow the mind…”.Some of us say that we are the greatest martyrs and saints in history.

Digital concentration camps with the aim of punishing, humiliating, trafficking and kidnapping people in digital, leading to murders and suicides are the nightmares of the future of us and all those who follow us. That is what we who are fighting this evil are convinced of. Many are no longer among us and have given their lives in that struggle for essential freedom.

In the hope that in the near future you will be one of the new defenders of us “most modern” detainees and slaves in sophisticated digital torture chambers,

Thank you and Best Regards

Yours sincerely

Gordana Filipovic


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Since the place of my story is in a digital concentration camp that is still visible, my words to members of my people are: "We are your children  from the nightmare of the future. We are a warning among you. You did not recognize your child  by killing mine. You don't recognize your girls  by abusing me. We're just prototypes of your loved  ones coming". In vain. They look at me but  they don't see me, they listen to me but they don't hear me...An indoctrinated bunch of  blind fools...Nowhere man, there are no people who would understand that.

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“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything” Albert Einstein

Good day,

I feel a great need to send you my sincere greetings and support to realize your ideals from a country so far away from you. 

I feel an even greater need to send you a part from the Facebook page of my beautiful, unusual, smart, brave, honest son who is no longer with us.

He showed his commitment long before the tragic event related to the death of George Floyd by setting up this post. He did not face Floyd’s suffering, but he visionary placed himself among those who always chose the right side and the side in favor of justice and humanity!

The post was posted in admiration and I will translate the content for you:

“Eh, what a weird organ called your balls.  NFL in spite of Trump – black players kneel while whites stand. The “war” between athletes and US President Donald Trump continues, and a new blow was dealt by the players of American football."
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“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything” Albert Einstein

Good day,

I feel a great need to send you my sincere greetings and support to realize your ideals from a country so far away from you. 

I feel an even greater need to send you a part from the Facebook page of my beautiful, unusual, smart, brave, honest son who is no longer with us.

He showed his commitment long before the tragic event related to the death of George Floyd by setting up this post. He did not face Floyd’s suffering, but he visionary placed himself among those who always chose the right side and the side in favor of justice and humanity!

The post was posted in admiration and I will translate the content for you:

“Eh, what a weird organ called your balls.  NFL in spite of Trump – black players kneel while whites stand. The “war” between athletes and US President Donald Trump continues, and a new blow was dealt by the players of American football."
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It is with great pleasure that I have joined those who support the #EqualEverrywhere pledge. I am really happy taking a stand so that girls and women can be equal everywhere. I am honored to be a part of this global movement.
I am already part of a global movement whose members are both  men and women from almost every country in the world. These are international organizations to combat gang stalking or psychotronic terrorism.
I think that women by their nature are always affected by this most horrible form of human rights violations, even if they are not victims (otherwise  a higher percentage of women are targeted individuals). When the victims are their sons, husbands, brothers, fathers, lovers, friends, grandfathers... - they also suffer badly then. In this kind of new enslavement of people by high military technology  women are usually systematically raped and turned into sex slaves.
On the pages of sites dedicated to this serious form of human enslavement, one can read that digital kidnapping trafficking brings - billions! This can be especially intensified at this time of the Corona pandemic and the demand for social distance. Is the greatest evil that men has devises against himself when used as torture and control of mind and behavior. One definition of these crimes is: gang stalking is organized murder.
I expect that will best present me and my painful experiences. I think that what I am informing you about is  directly related to your interests. 
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An open letter to Angela Merkel

Dear Mrs. Merkel,

I can’t imagine what it feels like to be the most powerful woman in the world according to the Forbes list and according to other assessors of power.

I can tell you that I feel very powerful as I write this letter to you.

I am the target individual and I think my life is in danger at the moment, but I do not give up on delivering this letter to you, posting it on the pages of Peacepink, of which I am a member, and delivering it to several German media together with an open letter to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, sent to Sputnik and published on the pages of that portal, which is fighting to stop this horrible persecution of people.

In Serbia, you have a great reputation and the President of the State especially praises your friendship.

Personally, I have always liked you with your decent style and peace and self-confidence. I am one of those who does not criticize your attitude towards emigrants. I was in Corfu when your campaign was broadcast on the programs there in the late summer of 2018 and I was impressed.

I was a fan of yours because of your words last year in Auschwitz. I read the article in DW.

At Auschwitz, Angela Merkel expresses shame over barbaric crimes

"To stand here and speak to you today as Germany's chancellor is anything but easy for me. I feel a deep sense of shame," she said. Confronted with such "barbaric crimes" can leave a person without words, Merkel said. "But speechlessness cannot be our only answer. We must remember these crimes."

I want to tell you that neither you, as the representative of the people who created Auschwitz, nor President Putin, also one of the most powerful people in the world, the representative of the people who liberated Auschwitz, have successfully passed the history test, turning a blind eye to digital concentration camps around the world in its form and power more terrible.

I wouldn’t want you to misunderstand me. Bertolt Brecht was my consolation during the 1990s when I thought my country was on the sidelines. For me, the consolation in these days of internal emigration are all the films that talk about that dark period and the history of Germany, but also about the existence of those who were against it. I’m looking again and I remember: Shchindler’s list, Labyrinth of Lies, Prague Duet, A Hidden Life, The Tobacconist, The Boy in the Stripped Pijamas, The Reader, The Pianist, Life is Beautiful, Sunshine, Downfall...

Above all, I appreciate German courageous confrontation with the past!

And finally a very personal reason why I am addressing you. Those who have criminal responsibility in the chain of responsibility, very similar to the one Hannah Arendt wrote about and in the fact that my brave son is no longer with us, told me these words:”Don’t worry, this is a project funded by Angela Merkel and some Rothschild”! To be honest, those words didn’t fool me! I know that you are not the mastermind of our persecution. But I know that you know many things about my country that some interests do not allow you to react to properly. They were a mockery to me who believes in European, American and democratic values. I am not naïve, I know the difference! When something is revealed and proven – it’s over in yours countries! Institutions do their thing. I do not live in such a country!

As for the terrible torture of people and for the idea of enslaving man, I am an optimist! In history, good has always won over evil!

Thank you

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I have to leave written on the pages of our Peacepink with absolute responsibility that I am  sure that what  happened and is happening to my family and me, and above all to my fallen son is - the greatest human rights violation in the world. When I say that, I mean about: the idea, the concept, the duration, the interactivity, the proven falsifications, the reasons for doing so, Goebbels’ propaganda, the war environment, transparency, mass complicity, the audience, the users of torture, the bestial abuse to be continued of high military technology, the darkest scenarios in one visible concentration camp and preserved, and the most importantly that fact of evidence that would  be obvious to any target individual, investigator and prosecutor . All this with the existence of thousands of witnesses! This is the biggest human rights violation so far, but it doesn’t have to mean it’s the last similar if a horrible society of dystopia develops! In the last ten days, I have sent about seventy letters to the addresses of those who should respond. I expect that our criminals are tried before the International Court of Justice, and I hope it could start changing  the lives of all of us targeted individuals.

I sincerely hope that the comment will not be yours and mine for a while: this is an example of how easy  it is to go from dystopia to utopia!

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I know we should trust each other! I know that we believe unconditionally when we read about that we survive and that we know, that we have already experienced or are experiencing.

The   reason for my letter are the words of empathy of our Soleilmavis addressed to Tiffany.  “I am sorry to hear your suffering. Until today, victims still could not get evidence to prove that they were being tortured and harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. However, the UN and USA government had admitted the exist….”

I note with great regret that you do not believe my following words:

We, my family and I are exposed to the public, turned into predecessors of reality shows, turned into a TV station, 34 and a half years ago! All this was done against our will, without our consent in own country from our own people. I recorded it with fear, so to speak, from the first day! Distinct persecution began with years of war in the disintegration of the state – the former Yugoslavia. My anti-war commitment has made us all targets, targeted individuals, victims of Goebbels propaganda!

Fake porn movies have been made about me, using only my face, and this was proven by the American Embassy in 2002. Porn movies were done by the security services, the army, the police and the nationalist - populist government Serbian during 1991 - 2000! My entire family has been persecuted with various scenarios… My son was driven to suicide a year and a half ago in their persecution by opposing them! I have met almost all kinds of persecutions that Tiffany is talking about!

After the democratic changes in October 2000, our persecution continued by the unlustrated security services! During my stay in Nicosia 2003 - 2004 with a younger child who was attending the fourth year of American High School, my persecution was terrible!

After the arrival of the old structures 2012, the same people who ruled 1991 – 2000, our persecution  and especially the persecution of my older son was terrible! The last four years have been creepy! He left with the words – “life is worth giving for freedom, all our ancestors fought against Nazism”! My persecution with voices and the most primitive swearing, dream programming, sexual harassment continues despite the fact that I am suffering severely due to the death of my son. I am 69 years old and have had bilateral breast cancer surgery! My torture takes place in my bedroom where there is a shelf with numerous pictures of my beautiful son including pictures when he was a child and became a guinea pig for some Mengele  Serbian! I successfully defend myself against their attempts at my humiliation by waking up and not allowing them to deceive me in my sleep. That is left of the land which created a long time ago – heroes and saints.  

And now about the evidence and witnesses! These are thousands of Serb witnesses from security structures, including  many thousands of citizens from Serbia who, with Goebbels propaganda, played the role of accomplices in the school example of Nazi persecution for decades! In addition to Serb witnesses, there are thousands and thousands of non – Serb witnesses, all of whom were employed in the security structures of the former Yugoslavia at the federal level, as well a large number of members of the people who made up the former SFRY. Witnesses are also the diplomatic staff of all embassies in Belgrade in the period from 1991 until today! These are all foreign embassies in Nicosia during the period 2003-2004. Cypriots are members of a truly religious people and residents of Nicosia who watched my torture live will not hesitate (I believe) to testify before the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague!

Dear Soleilmavis, we cannot say that “victims could still not get evidence to prove that they were being tortured and harassed by remote electromagnetic mind control technologies.” Each of the target individuals can demand from their governments that the embassies in Belgrade that are witnesses find a way to speak out! UN Secretary Antonio Guterres has reason to say – we finally have a case for The Hague! Do you think that targeted individuals for political reasons in dictatorial regimes should not be recognized in our persecuted community.

I have a feeling that the target individuals scattered around the world do not believe me. You can’t believe that it can happen In a European country belonging to Christian civilization, my persecuted family and I lived in a visible (not invisible) digital concentration camp! Sometimes I say, knowing that the very obedient inhabitants of this space occupied by the internal occupation are watching and listening to me, the following: “We were slaves and free and you are free and slaves”! I believe their answer is – “We are slaves but we are alive”! These are the descendants of those who carried slogans on the streets of Serbian cities and Belgrade (among them my children’s grandmothers) on the eve of Hitler’s occupation: “Better a grave than a slave!”

If, after this letter of mine, (which I will send to Mr. Nils Melzer, the Hague International Court, to Mr. Antonio Guteres and the US Government - because of Tiffany), there is no prosecution of my persecutors in the UN Hague International Court of Justice, I want to tell you that we should no longer have any hope that anything can be achieved. It is an absolute sign that humanity is in the final stage of enslavement. That means - it’s late. We are witnessing the realization of the pure Nazi idea of enslaving people on a global level with high technology! It is passionate what kind of world a modern man is ready to leave his children, without resistance!

I hope you will understand everything I have written as my sincere, true and well- Intentioned contribution to ending our suffering and the suffering of those who come after us! My goal is for all who are no longer among us to rest in peace by discovering and prosecuting their persecutors!

Gordana Filipovic

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Dear Mr Guterres,

In Serbia, some publicity was given to your words on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz Birkenau camp! Today, on the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, flowers were laid at the monument to the victims of the genocide at the Old Fair in Belgrade. The president of the state wrote on his Twitter – Serbia remembers!  And I think – what? Let that remain a question for historians!

You Mr. Gutteres, for us, the targeted individuals, represent the hope, albeit still weak, that the whole world will learn about our sufferings in digital concentration camps! For me, these words of yours are much more than just spoken words, for me they represent both a decision and a promise!

“I was honoured to join Holocaust survivors to mark the 76th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp. Holocaust denial, distortion & minimization are resurgent. We can never let down our guard. We must continue to stand against lies, bigotry & hatred.”

”We will never, ever give up making this world better for everyone, everywhere.”

“The opportunity to end the spiral of destruction is in our hands.”

“Our best tribute to those who died in the Holocaust is the creation of a world of equality, justice and dignity for all”

We (the members of Peacepink and the members of other organizations fighting this form of the twenty-first century’s greatest violations of human rights, the proliferation of mind control technologies and their accompanying abuse and torture), know that with the report of the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, Nils Melzer, our letters (mine from February 2004 and several letters in the last years) were pulled out from the carpet of United Nations and set on your table.

Many of us will not be satisfied the judicial epilogues and condemnations of our persecutors. My son was the direct grandson of grandfather (my father) who was a partisan during the long years   in World War II and he was the direct grandson (according to his father) of a royal officer who spent all the years of World War II in the American liberated Nazi concentration camp in Germany (Concentration camp Osnabruck in Lower Saxony) will never find out about my struggle to prove the hell he went through, turned into a guinea pig in his own country, among his own people as a child. Unfortunately, I have somehow become completely sure of it now that he is gone!

I would not want my suffering friends to misunderstand me, but if you were engaged in activating the United Nations Court of International Law for targeted individuals, you could say for us – we have a case! Primarily because of the very large number of foreign witnesses and Serbs in Serbia and abroad! We, my family and me, have been illegally exposed for 34 years, persecuted by manipulated citizens (initially mostly because of me), falsified, ugly, subjected to mind and behavior control, exposed to Goebbels propaganda... The essence of our persecution was to disrupt and disavow those who do not follow their nationalist and populist policies, who do not agree with them and who can be an example of civic courage! We were slaves but free and around us so many free people turned into slaves! My older son has surpassed me in recent years in showing courage! His words are: Life is worth giving for freedom!

Finally, this is the basic idea why I am writing to you on this Holocaust day. I will explain this to you in the words I have written in my letter to Mr. Piotr Setkiewicz from Auschwitz Museum “We were all convinced that the Holocaust and genocide would never happen again in history.  I do not want to sadden you for facing the fact that your struggle (and many like you, victims and descendants of victims) with the goal not to be forgotten, not to be repeated - failed. I know you know about the existence of digital concentration camps around the world that are school examples of virtual Auschwitz.”

And here is my basic thought and wish: I personally, and all of us (I deeply believe in that), would be immensely grateful to all the victims of the Holocaust and their heirs, if they would show solidarity with our sufferings, the suffering of us from digital concentration camps as we most sincerely respect their innocent suffering!

Thank you and Best Regards!

Yours Sincerely,

Gordana Filipovic







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Letter to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg


Dear Soleilmavis, I remind you of yours words: “Please keep faith and keep working! Together, we will make a difference!”

As for your letter to the President of the United States I must say that it is also my idea. If we write to certain people, famous people, the excuse that they were uninformed will no longer exist! I am glad you wrote to President Biden, I am looking forward to the return of democracy in the United States. I hope the hopes will not be betrayed in the future.

Continuing your idea, I am enclosing a letter I recently sent to Mark Zuckerberg that may sound naïve and maybe not at all!

Dear Mr. Zuckerberg

           I’m Gordana Filipovic from Belgrade. The reason I am writing to you is related to the fact that you are the creator of Facebook. Two days ago I watched the movie Social Networks and I don’t stop thinking about it!

I will list you the direct reasons that inspired me or this act:

-          Facebook is very popular in Serbia, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have it and doesn’t use it, except me! As a “Review of International Affairs” journalist in the 1990s, I was among the first to use the Internet for research. I still do that now as a pensioner, but I have never used Facebook under my name (very briefly under another name) because the deep Serbian state and the police, among other forms of my persecution, falsified porn movies with me to disavow me! In Serbia, Facebook is used not only to maintain mutual contacts but also to expose, mostly superficial and insignificant content. Facebook is also very valuable for Serbs for placing ideas, ingenious settings, comments from talented and witty people, as well as research.

-          Watching the movie about you, I compared the life of the carefree and relaxed American youth of the 1990s to which you belong with young Belgraders, students and even children, many citizens and  myself, who resisted the nationalist and war – mongering policies of the in this time notorious regime in the world.

-          There is one sentence in the film that relates to the use of Facebook in Bosnia in 2004. I thought that my older son, who was in our apartment with me across the street from the US Embassy during the NATO bombing, could have used Facebook if you had discovered it earlier and not just chatted on the Internet  with his (and your) peers from all over the former Yugoslavia. They showed solidarity with him. I was especially impressed by the support of innocent young people from Sarajevo (over whom Serbs applied urbicide) who supported my son and informed him about the planes that were flying over those territories.

-          When the film mentioned the significant April 2004 for you, I was thinking of my days in Nicosia where I was with my younger son who attended the International American School. My older son was then on regular military service, already married. It was during those glorious days of yours that I wrote to the UN complaining about the severe persecutions that I did not know at the time called gang stalking and that I was the target individual. Very clear “voices in my head” threatened to kill my children if I sought asylum at the US Embassy.  That is exactly what I stated in the UN letter. I must admit that I did not intend to do so at all at the time. So, I have been a target individual since 1986.

-          I just couldn’t believe the possibility that my older son was a victim of gang stalking even when there seemed to be some signs. He is no longer among us. He committed “orchestrated” suicide as an opponent of the current dictatorial regime a year ago. Now, I am sure he was a guinea pig as a seven-year-old boy and all the way to the end of his life. Now I am afraid that our whole family was targeted because we were already illegally exposed to the public. We were persecuted by the deep communist state. His death was announced to me! “Voices in my head” from the very top of the government threatened to shoot him in the head if he did not stop exposing himself and me in the legs if I appeared at the demonstrations. That was in April 2017. When I warned him that they were killing, his answer was old- fashioned in today’s world: “Let them kill! Life should be given for freedom.” I have been driven to suicide by high military technology on several occasions, and I know how difficult it was to oppose that. I am now absolutely sure that the dictatorial regime was especially annoyed by the content of his Facebook page.   In Serbia Fecebook, other social networks and telephone messages are politically controlled by police and the army, and as I inform you, they are killing because of them! If you are ever interested and want to translate and study the content you can see! - Dusan Filipovic (with the logo of the Partizan, the father of the girl Zoe). If the content seems inappropriate to you, know that this is answer to criminals and persecutors of the dictatorial regime! This is how in the heart of Europe the use of your discovery can end for the free-minded people! Of course, I don’t blame you for that!

-          At the time of my abuse, which is still going on and while my son was alive, I often spoke loudly, knowing that they heard me that my children could never take part in the persecution of people by Mengele methods (but now they are realizing Josef Mengele’s unfulfilled dream torture the body and follow mind with the most disgusting words) and especially for political reasons, in order to stifle freedom of speech and opinion! I repeated, perhaps pathetically, but it really is true, that my children would not do that even for the total money of the sixty richest people in the world among whom I know you are! It be foolish to ask you if you could do that, but I know answer – would not. Gang stalking is the scariest thing that can happen to a person. Especially in the performance of psychopaths and primitive criminals who Pilate wash the bloody hands of the dictatorial authorities!

-          This would be all about you, your Facebook and the money you made on your useful invention. As far as I am concerned, every day I find personalities who, by their function in society and the international community, should react to this greatest evil that man has devised against himself! I do not stop fighting for truth and justice for my unusual, brave, smart, beautiful and completely slowly and for a long time destroyed child!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I wish you all the best!

Gordana  Filipovic


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Letter to James Pollard

Good Day,
The reason I did not respond to your address to me on December 27, 2018  is - at that time I doubted almost everyone. Unfortunately , I still have that suspicion. I cannot understand the evil in  man and especially not the public manifestation of that evil! From then until today, terrible things have happened in my life. As you can see, my profile is no longer short. Did you have anything of such vital importance to suggest to me? You don't have to answer me! I just wanted to explain to you why I didn't  answer you and apologize for ignoring!
All best!
Gordana Filipovic
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This is for you, son

              I do not give up fighting to expose everything I know. At the moment, while I am accusing the highest authorities of Serbia of torturing and killing my son, I am personally constantly tortured (mostly and most often) by programmed dreams. I wake up listening through the “voices in my head” the most primitive Serbian swear words.

               My son was not aware that this form of torture was being destroyed (among other things), but he told me about his dreams: “I have strange dreams. Unusually alive! Nightmares! I wake up, then fall asleep again, continuing where I left off. Sometimes I wonder if I dreamed it or it was. The intensity and strangeness of those dreams are frightening”. For these 34 years of getting to know the Serbian obscenity, I think (I doubt) that many of us Serbs, opponents of the Serbian dictator, for the most part, were sold as guinea pigs (to much more powerful than cowardly Serbia) for Mengele’s experiments in a project called – “programmed dreams”. I see no other reason for this persistent form of torture. Or, perhaps,

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Answer to Stephen

Thank you for your interest! I know that as a European and a soldier, you are familiar with some of the circumstances in my country. My answer to your question is: Serbian Government on their own, pro - Russian oriented! I am enclosing the letter that I failed to send to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, which will explain everything to you!

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