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Hi Mind control friends: A person is a person not a company.

I am a mind control monitor and victim. I save myself and in the conditions that I live which are irrefutable a mind control issue. Eh when the tables turn victory is sweet though. There was a mind control scam that was used by a group of religious lawyers that are apparently unaware of the criminal code? Unbelievable their human rights scam on self proclaimed interest rates and how we bank, how tough. They called me a heretic, a prostitute without public notary being involved and I am pretty sure they are aware of their criminal acts and that it is one and about 18 other crimes all in a loop.

There public role definition included a self proclaimed little perverse sexual attitude.

The criminals did not even bother with helping with the gendercide issues they caused self and sent me their bizzare hate campaign, illiterate by mail and it had stamps on it to prove the purchase and the health related issues that were caused as a result.

I have had some help now with a parapsychologist, a psychic healer and she did a prayer for me. I even envisioned her in the house and she is a woman whom is a psychic and after my own heart She is good, she walked through the house earlier and the day before I met her even. .

Have a great day folks it is warming to be back to the right place a mind control lawsuit, a place where human rights is no longer of concern and as I said, priori.


Karen J. Dawe

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Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty:Thank you for your children message. The place I live in is a detrimental hazard. It doesn't like children or their moms or grand moms. It hates the world. I am glad you reminded me of this and my soul can be at peace amd this as applies to me as I am a single grand mom. I know the heartache of this house and some days it makes me feel poetic. I will look for you in the future and now and I will remember your mind, your true thoughts are the more for me.SincerelyKaren Dawe
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Hi:I read your message and was so glad to hear from you! I am experiencing a number of attacks as well and I feel I might die right away too or perish or turn up missing.My daughter and my grand babies do not know.Do you have anybody to trust that can do special things for you, or help take care of you?I would like to correspond and hear about your difficulty and share back and forth.SincerelyKaren Dawe
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