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commites for the bioethics committee

 i as a T.I. fully understand that the bio ethics committee is there to sort out who is being targeted by gov.testing but how does that make the rest of the targeted T.I. any less a victim the people that are doing the actual targeting arnt going to tell us if they are gov.sponsered or not if one has a implaint and is being targeted no matter by whom that case should be thuroly investigated just for the human rights violation alone and for the human suffering that person is experiencing alone if for nothing else even if the person is being targeted by gov. sponsored experimentations that are not going to volinteer the fact that they are gov.sponsored all cases that can be proven should be investigated we all  are being treated subhuman no matter by whom gov.sponsored or not all in violation of the constitution and the geniva convention or anything radified by the united nations human rights organazation when will we all be reconized for the victims of socitity that we are  by the stalkers that choose to victimize us weather they be the naborhoods we come from like in my case the gang stalking communitee of the city of lake elsinore califnia or gov. sponsored T.I.Manuel B.  Vega mental prisoner FOR THE REPUTATION OF THE CITY OF LAKE ELSINORE CALIFORNIA im sure they wont volinteer the fact if they were gov.sponcered or not i dont think they want to volinteer anything or else my case would be in on open court by now to my brothers and sisters who are victims of this type of persicuton keep your head up dont give up threw suicide dont make it easy to cover there tracks god bless
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