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Perp's Location and phone #

Well, was attacked today for no reason by my perp's transceiver to my RFID microchip implant. 16 1/2 years of this. I'm sick of the childishness. Location Marty Buss 2204 Jackson St Bellevue, NE 68005 USA. Landline 402-291-3072. All kinds of physical

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My bitch cousin Joni L Barrett Martin 3614 Gertrude St Bellevue, ne 68147 usa perp. She has told me that this implant equip came from the Church of Scientology. I DONT KNOW IF IT DID. If it did, she is seriously Abusing it on her drugs. She actually

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Mobile phone Jammer

The other post won't let me reply! So my question is Where can I purchase one? just last night i was thinking on subject. I have Advanced Class Amateur Radio License and this sounds FEASIBLE. Marty Buss, my perp said his Implant Transmitter to my Nas

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